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    Adobe confirms it won't support Flash on Jelly Bean

    So, is Flash on its way out? Is Adobe shooting itself in the foot or what? I don't get the rationale.
  2. Nice! I have to say, I am somewhat impressed at the coverage area of the individual cells.
  3. I'm sure this has been mentioned deep in a thread somewhere, but I really don't know where to start so I thought I'd ask directly. First off, I haven't posted much but am a long-time lurker, I've been kind of a closet mobile network technology geek for quite a while. My question is this: does LTE have any inherent technological advantages that make it a better choice over WiMax? I know there are advantages now because it's become the de facto standard for 4G around the world, so there are many more products being developed, but, all other things being equal, was one better than the other, did one technology have better signal propagation than the other (if both at the same frequency?)? How robust is the signal propagation of LTE at 1900mhz compared to that of CDMA at 1900mhz? Also, how different will LTE-TDD be from WiMax at 2500mhz in terms of signal propagation and throughput/consistency of service/hand-offs/etc? Once again, sorry if this has all been answered before, but I appreciate any insight all of you experts can provide! Thomas
  4. It is and has been the most dangerous job in America I believe for at least the last few years. If you think about all of the things those guys (and gals) have to do, and how often (think of all the towers just in your area), it's actually not as much of a surprise. The other thing I think people forget is that they're working with big honkin' pieces of equipment - I know I'm always blown away when I see the antennas, etc, up close because I'm used to seeing them way up on the tower where they somehow look much more manageable.
  5. LOL, I thought the same thing, especially in SF proper. EIRs and NIMBY neighborhood meetings galore put a real damper on my 4G satisfaction I have no doubt the same individuals call to complain about bad coverage too.
  6. I hope the wait isn't bad but mostly I hope the COVERAGE is better. WiMax is a disaster in the South Bay unfortunately, the coverage is so incredibly spotty it's depressing.
  7. I was just going to open a similar thread that was a little bit more general - does LTE comport any increase or decrease in signal propagation vs. CDMA, WiMax and/or GSM/UMTS deployed on the same frequency?
  8. Out of curiosity, is there a map that shows what Sprint considers to be the SF Bay Area? I'm curious as to what the southern cut-off is between it and the South Bay.
  9. Thomas L.

    LTE devices to have Sim cards?

    Migrated from Original Forum. Originally Posted 16 January 2012 I asked Verizon specifically about whether I could switch the SIM card between Verizon devices and have it work. They said yes, including the voice/3G (CDMA and EV-DO Rev. A) service. The person checked to confirm that LTE and CDMA would transfer when moving it from one Verizon LTE phone to another.