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  1. chamb

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Yep, Sprint's CDMA 1x800 is GREAT. I sure hope they keep it around as long as possible. Right now, VOLTE will not have the same coverage that the 1x800 does. Band 26 LTE(800) will never match the coverage provided by the 800 1x coverage, not even close.
  2. chamb

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Try 844-463-3194.
  3. chamb

    One Way Messaging

    This may give you a start. Might not be exactly what you want. http://new.monitorsanywhere.com/ Several different things here.
  4. The solution here is to check prices at Amazon BEFORE you even think about going into Wal-Mart
  5. Great Find concerning the Shentel LTE Plus Coverage. The jwMaloney maps even show the difference between inside and outside LTE Plus coverage. You now have one vote for making the jwmaloney maps the official Sprint Maps. The B-41 coverage shown on the Maloney maps appears to be fairly accurate too. How can the Sprint managers see these jwmaloney maps and then look at the official Sprint maps and feel good about their products they place out for public consumption?
  6. Central Pennsylvania - Harrisburg, York, Carlisle, Chambersburg, Waynesboro. Maryland - Hagerstown West Virginia - Martinsburg Probably more than I mentioned. Does not look like any Shentel data has been upgraded for a long time. That is a shame since the service is great. The mapping should reflect that, but it does not.
  7. LTE Plus coverage not showing in Shentel territory
  8. chamb

    Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    You must have a lot of Square footage, because an Airave will normally cover a fairly big home.
  9. chamb

    Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    No. The Magic Box will only interface with a Cell site.
  10. 20X20 on band 25 could be possible in some of the rural areas but I have not seen it anywhere. Some of the more populated areas that I frequent do not have it either, probably because CDMA voice is still needed.
  11. Sure it would be nice to have Band 41 in every corner, but if you saw how rural some of these areas are, you would not spend the money to activate band 41 either. When you have more cows and cornstalks than people, you need cell service but you do not need 3xCA band 41. if you have two band 25 channels running at 20 down each, would you spend thousands to add band 41?
  12. We have Band 41 on sites that need it. Have some 10X10 band 25 at some places. Some of the Shentel territory is rural, and it just does not make sense to activate everything that may be possible.
  13. OK, I thought they were gone. They probably should be gone. To be fair about it, I do not travel through the Swiftel area or live there, so I should not be commenting about their service, good or bad.
  14. The results Sprint is getting out of Shentel is excellent. It would never make sense to tear up this agreement. Actually Sprint and Shentel are expanding the territory Shentel is responsible for.
  15. Yeh, SURPRISE. But not really for the residents that live in Shentel controlled areas. Shentel does get things done and done correctly. The affiliate arrangement of years ago was mostly a failure. Shentel was very very different. The other affiliates cut corners and never done the job correctly. Shentel was just the opposite. They stepped up, did the job and are the only survivor out of all the affiliates. Not only did they survive, they built an exceptional network. The Sprint Network would never be as good here if Sprint was controlling it themselves. Sure, somebody, somewhere in Shentel territory is going to complain. There will be a spot somewhere that is not covered perfectly.