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  1. Why am I like this though

  2. Pretending to not be sick is difficult when I can’t even breathe 🙃

  3. I’M SCREAMING 😂 https://t.co/a1UCzIYspr

  4. RT @Madbhillin: My tio on the roof of the garage lifting up the piñata every time I take a swing so I will miss smh https://t.co/uGH2wP20Jf

  5. You know you have a problem when all the employees at @ElPolloLoco know you by name.

  6. Don’t take life for granted.

  7. RT @aaronpaul_8: This younger generation is making me so proud to be alive right now. What a beautiful example of people to admire and look…

  8. I still can’t hear anything

  9. My Bitmoji can finally reflect my fabulous hair y’all https://t.co/InhpDCv35L

  10. @christinoflores Meet you half way! 🚗

  11. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  12. RT @BeyondWland: Down the rabbit hole we go! 🌳🎶🍄 THIS is your full artist lineup for #BeyondSoCal featuring over 60 artists! 🙌 Join us on…

  13. RT @shellywelly53: After a direct deposit I be wanting another direct deposit https://t.co/Cs3vVvFK7n

  14. 3 people followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/4A5xcRJ7iO