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  1. RT @LonghornPHP: Andrew Cassell (@alc277) will be giving the talk "Immutability to Save an Ever-Changing World" at Longhorn PHP 2018 in Apr…

  2. RT @ManishEarth: Decided to write up my notes on the iOS crashing string(s) https://t.co/XwlZ3LTSWG

  3. RT @googledevs: We've released cpu_features, a small, fast, & simple open source library for determining CPU features at runtime. It can be…

  4. Going through various attack surfaces in @mbniebergall's Defensive Coding tutorial at #SunPHP18.

  5. RT @nomadphp: PHP 7.2.2 released! https://t.co/b89aLea8Du #PHP.net

  6. Hashtag Follow Friday: @diskpics

  7. @ramsey "If I have money in my bank account it burns a hole in my pocket" is what this sounds like. Me? The vast ma… https://t.co/c9pSTNw7KL

  8. @SoutheastPHP Maybe I'm the only one, but white links on a light background on the site is...a bit difficult to see.

  9. @MikoQuokka I mean, the ninth cicle is ice. So...pretty solid.

  10. @jimbojsb I need to swing by there at some point when the tots guy is actually around.

  11. RT @MalwareJake: Rob Joyce said "NSA didn't know about Spectre and Meltdown" - I call shenanigans. If NSA didn't know about a vulnerability…

  12. @coderabbi Pump and dump, but for things you can buy on Robinhood.

  13. RT @runasand: Absolutely. And to the engineers who are now working on pushing out patches for affected applications and systems. https://t.…

  14. @whimsical_turd I'd unfollow to help out, but it's forbidden.

  15. RT @gabidavila: What would you like to learn Database/Storage related in this 2018 year? RT for reach?