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  1. RT @MKBHD: This man is not human. https://t.co/HU759j5IvB

  2. RT @daldridgetnt: A sliver of hope for humanity: https://t.co/kHqKSGczqe

  3. RT @BiIIMurray: Word of advice: Never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs.

  4. RT @RandGetlin: Jarvis Landry || Pain Comes Before Glory Incredibly proud to share a few chapter's of @God_Son80's story with y'all. Hope…

  5. Sucks so much watching @OrlandoMagic games knowing that #SuperMario Hezonja will be a star for some other team next… https://t.co/PC84vygmyg

  6. RT @BleacherReport: Russ is fed up with Zaza’s antics. (via @royceyoung) https://t.co/pKc5TmE5Mo

  7. Thanks for the reminder Piers, only people born in america can be american citizens, which reminds me, when are you… https://t.co/l9lsgnImMN

  8. RT @EvanFourmizz: Dont let that dunk contest distract you from the fact that @Double0AG got robbed

  9. RT @braddybb: we are all going to die https://t.co/fAUyR2S9hX

  10. RT @SacramentoKings: Alright already, we'll listen to the mixtape. Just pls stop, @Dame_Lillard

  11. RT @TorreySmithWR: I shouldn’t share this but I have to because the love for this team and @cj_wentz is real! I stopped by a school today t…

  12. RT @DustyEvely: From another angle. This isn't fair. https://t.co/gCvgr82XRa

  13. @wojespn In todays NBA, cant he easily sign for more next year if it doesnt get picked up? 6'10 26 year old averagi… https://t.co/3WZlt6UwCg

  14. Serious question, has @CoxComm already started with the bullshit throttling of websites? Because my internet seems… https://t.co/GFr8GGOvop

  15. @Alex_Rod2324 @michellezoura Reminds me of someone @ChantelA809