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  1. @teens4weenz you forgot i live in oc...she's doing a show at the constellation room!

  2. RT @jdawsey1: Trump aide tells me he frequently mentions in meetings about the Japanese dropping bowling balls on cars. No one knows exactl…

  3. RT @GlennF: Trump promises to repeal Daylight Saving Time, saying it steals time from American workers

  4. RT @jbarro: Maybe it’s a really big door. https://t.co/Zlh3KqEwV7

  5. RT @LosEddy: When you're standing behind the birthday kid & he's ready to take a mordida to the cake https://t.co/9HKIETwSEu

  6. RT @MikeIsaac: .....same https://t.co/yKB9yeNZlC

  7. This is Alexis here, changing Johan's twitter password because he has confided with me that he has a social media p… https://t.co/Ifs2OKyyrT

  8. @katherinephan_ 😭😭😭

  9. RT @Latina: Not one to forget her roots, Camila Cabello gives an emotional speech in tribute to #DREAMers #CamilaCabello @Camila_Cabello ht…

  10. RT @very_tall_man: I found the best gender reveal video on the internet https://t.co/2i1Vp0nCNM

  11. RT @krbronson: News: Omar Apollo (@_omlar), @Brainstory00, @Temporexxx, @SinColorMusic to play #SolidarityforSanctuary Quince Night 1/28 @L…

  12. @blobtower do you think there are too many music festivals these days?

  13. RT @ianbremmer: NORWAY Happiest country #1 (US #14) Most gender equality #2 (US #49) damn you, Iceland Most political freedom #1 (US #45)…

  14. RT @anthonyvaladez: #INTOACTION is a celebration of community power and cultural resistance taking place January 13-21 in DTLA and is free…

  15. RT @elonmusk: Gonna put an old school drive-in, roller skates & rock restaurant at one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in LA