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  1. 03/04/05 are coded as third carrier, and your report showed sector 00 which should have showed you regular B41. You are likely getting victimized by the bug that has been driving me insane for a couple of years where things go south when the PLMN changes on the fly. Some devices suffer more than others. Essentially the band stops appearing until the PLMN changes again.. something is getting hung up momentarily on the OS side, and SCP chokes on it. It's related to the glitch that causes the PLMN and GCI to fall out of sync when switching cells, which also wreaks havoc and creates duplicate (bogus) database entries. It's maddening and I have tried all sorts of hacks i in the background to address it -- and I will continue to try, because it's a priority. I'm hoping to keep it simple.. essentially by checking if it's a T-Mobile connection, and if so, checking if it's a band that T-Mobile actually uses. If not, assume it's a glitch and add 65536 to the EARFCN. I've spent the past few weeks trying to bring SignalCheck Lite up to speed and I have to finish that first, but it's not going well since it's been 3 years since that was updated and a lot has changed since then. Hmm, that's an interesting thought. It would only make sense for Sprint, since most other major providers stick with one PLMN.. I'll look into seeing how feasible that is. What device do you see Clear neighbors when connected to Sprint, and vice versa? My Pixel doesn't do that. -Mike
  2. I have Samsung B41 second carriers as 03/04/05, but perhaps things changed? The "TB" indicator was implemented (and has been discussed a few times) because it wasn't consistently deployed as a specific carrier. -Mike
  3. I have received a lot of messages over the past 3 weeks regarding improper LTE band identification for T-Mobile users. There is an Android bug that causes EARFCNs assigned to newer LTE bands (>46) to be reported incorrectly, such as Band 66 and Band 71. SignalCheck is showing Band 2/3/5/6/7/etc. because that is what the OS is reporting. For more details, please see this bug report; I encourage everyone to 'star' it and/or adding your own report to try getting it more attention: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/37136986 I am trying to implement a workaround that will at least help T-Mobile users until Android fixes the issue. -Mike
  4. I don't know if it's definitely the second carrier (that should be 03/04/05), but it is an additional carrier that varies by market. -Mike
  5. Yep, it's been popping up on a lot of sites northwest of the city over the past few months. Nearly all of the sites in my area are now showing it and performance appears to have improved! -Mike
  6. mikejeep

    Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    My Pixel is refusing to drop fringe 1X800 and connect to my Airave 3 again. It was an issue when I first received it, but resolved itself and has been awesome for months.. all of a suddenly it's doing it again. I left it plugged in with SCP running for 6+ hours about 10 feet from the Airave tonight and 1X would not connect to it. EV-DO and LTE grab it almost immediately. I know wifi calling / VoLTE is coming, but in the meantime I hope they don't give up on the Airave, some of us need it! -Mike
  7. Band 41 on a high-capacity mini macro! I've yet to see that in the wild myself.. a rare bird, indeed.. -Mike
  8. mikejeep


    You can just log out of S4GRU in Tapatalk and that should stop the blocks. That worked for me. -Mike
  9. mikejeep

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    New update just pushed out.. no changes from yesterday's release other than the version number, necessary because otherwise beta users would end up getting the public release that went out today. I know some people like having the "Diagnostic Mode" screen that is exclusive to the beta version. Thanks for all of your help! -Mike
  10. SignalCheck Pro update was pushed out a few minutes ago! Not a huge update, but laying the groundwork to be able to raise the minimum Android version so I can move forward with new features I really want to add. Trying to tie up loose ends by fixing all significant bugs I am aware of. Grab the update on Google Play, should be available shortly if you don't see it yet.. Added additional indicators for Sprint LTE band 41 Magic Box cells (up to 0FC). Magic Boxes are confirmed up to GCI prefix 0FA as of right now. This will continue to evolve as more Magic Boxes are deployed. Internal development changes. Stuff nobody would really notice without seeing the source code, but important nonetheless. Resolved force closes on certain Android 7 devices with the 1X status bar icon enabled. (Pro) Resolved force closes on some devices when Location Service is stopped before it finishes initializing. (Pro) Resolved issue with CDMA BSL display failing on certain Android 8.0 devices. (Pro) Resolved issue with missing Wi-Fi data on Android 8.1 when location permission was not requested. Bug fixes, more bug fixes, yay bug fixes! As always, please let me know if you have any issues, and thanks for everyone's support! -Mike
  11. mikejeep

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    0FA is included as a MB GCI prefix in yesterday's update.. extended all the way up to 0FC for now. Hopefully it maxes out at 0FD, because 0FE and 0FF are used on macro sites in Shentelos-land. My Airave has been sector 4D since I received it last fall, but I've seen several reports of changed GCIs over the past few days. -Mike
  12. mikejeep

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    New beta just released a short time ago. Minor update, making sure it's good for public release soon! -Mike
  13. mikejeep


    I got blocked again a few hours ago. After talking to other users, I'm apparently not alone, several of us suddenly got blocked this afternoon. It had been awhile since it happened to me. I received a Tapatalk notification for a new post in a thread I subscribed to (http://s4gru.com/forums/topic/5806-lg-google-nexus-5-users-thread) so I clicked on it.. got the usual Cloudfront error. I switched off WiFi and tried using my Sprint connection, and was able to browse normally for about 60 seconds.. then I got a Tapatalk notification for a different subscribed thread, and that IP got blocked as well. I'm mobile now so I have a different IP. I am on Tapatalk 7.2.2, last update was about a month ago. -Mike
  14. I'm still 50/50 on whether or not these are a glitch (scan?) or actual connections (however brief they may be). I kept seeing quick flashes of B17 in an area with no usable Sprint signal so I took my AT&T test phone over there and confirmed the PCI/GCI/TAC of B17 there, and it matched what I was seeing on my Sprint phone. On at least one occasion I did have an active data connection that held for longer than usual as well. My thinking (whatever that's worth) is if you get an actual legitimate GCI, you connected. If not, it was a scan. (Might be worth moving this discussion to the SCP thread or a new one, this isn't specific to MI nor do I want to clog up the thread..) -Mike
  15. mikejeep

    SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    A beta update was just released! Android 8.0 (Oreo) users, I need a hand: please check and make sure CDMA BSL display is working properly for you. Force your device onto 3G if necessary. If it doesn't work (You'll see "Click for map" forever), please let me know what device and what Android version you are running. If you are running anything pre-Oreo or 8.1, you shouldn't be impacted. -Mike