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  1. This has dragged out a bit so I want to keep everyone else in the loop.. just about everything is ready for release. However, I discovered a significant bug in a permissions library that SignalCheck uses. I am working with the developer of that library to get it fixed before I push out a public update. Without the fix, some of the ongoing issues with Android permissions will continue to persist. -Mike
  2. I have B5 as 17/27/37/47/57/67 (dec) from @Trip but that's the only confirmed B5 data I have received. The 15.. 16.. 18.. 19.. examples do not conflict with anything else I have noted, so all of those might be accurate. Have you definitively confirmed each of those? I can't wait for the day when every device reports EARFCNs.. @david279 mentioned above that Samsungs are reporting on the Oreo 8.1 preview which is huge. Keep me updated.. I just have to be careful to assume that something deployed in one market is going to hold true elsewhere (i.e. T-Mobile's mess). NSG is not a good comparison, because they do not use native Android API methods, they communicate directly with the modem using routines not available to anyone else. It results in great data, but for now it's not the type of information within my reach. But I should be able to do anything CellMapper is showing -- could you give more details? SCP should show the same data. Sure, so GCI like FAxxxxxx / FBxxxxxx? Can you confirm any other details? PLMN 311480 I assume? Nobody has mentioned them. -Mike

    I'm going on 48 hours without being blocked.. hesitantly optimistic.. -Mike

    No, only on my Pixel.. it's rooted but otherwise nothing crazy installed on it. I got another Tapatalk update to 7.1.8 this morning but I haven't tried using S4GRU with it yet because my home IP is still blocked and I want to wait until that clears just in case I get blocked again I will know it's something new. I replied to the support email I had going but now they're not replying to me. I had the Pro version before they changed everything to VIP, didn't realize you could ask to get it back.. I'll have to do that. -Mike
  5. Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    Is the macro site 1x800? This happens with my Airave 3. I force it to 3G mode, then go in a corner of my basement where the 800 macro site completely loses signal.. once that happens, it will flip to the Airave and won't let go until you go out of range. It's disappointing. The old Airave had a 1x800 beacon that prevented this issue. -Mike

    I tried this, and was hopeful since I was able to browse for a solid half hour last night with no issues.. buuuuut when I woke up this morning, I was blocked again. 😞 -Mike

    The update I got last night was 7.1.7 (970) dated November 12. I just logged back into S4GRU with Tapatalk and Cloudfront blocked my Sprint IP after a few minutes of browsing. I'll reply to the Tapatalk support guy.. -Mike

    An update for the Tapatalk Android app just dropped too. Perhaps these two updates will do the trick.. -Mike

    I've been going back and forth with Tapatalk support, first they said an app update went out last week to resolve this, but I pointed out there have been no recent app updates. I just received a reply stating that the issue was actually resolved with a recent forum plugin update and they asked me to give @S4GRU a heads up. So Robert, see if there's something to update on your end I guess.. -Mike
  10. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Another beta just went out, but the only noticeable changes on the user end are for AT&T users. But who knows, I could have broken something else.. For those of you following that are not in the Beta Crew, everything is looking good but there is a bug in a permissions library I am using. I am waiting for that developer to fix it before I push out a public update. Once that is fixed, I'll be pushing out public updates of both Pro and Lite. -Mike
  11. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    New beta just uploaded! Should fix the missing LTE extras and also hides individual "Unknown" neighbor cells by default. Option under Display Settings if you prefer to see each one. -Mike
  12. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Whoops. It's hiding all "extra" indicators (second carrier, MB, Airave, etc.). I believe I fixed it but going to do some more testing to make sure. Expect an update this afternoon.. -Mike
  13. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Another beta just pushed out! More crash fixes, and a LOT of changes for AT&T users.. this will be it for this version, if all proves stable it will go out to the public within a few days. -Mike
  14. Ahh, didn't know Airaves dipped below 500.. good to know, thanks! Could be an Airave too though.. my Airave 3 is 501, I have heard of 502-503 as well. That's what the CDMA NIDs are/were too. -Mike
  15. I am fairly certain that 0F0 = Magic Box (that's what I have in the current SCP beta). I only have 0E8 and 0EA reported for Airave/S1000 cells. Airave will have a PCI in the low 500's. -Mike