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  1. Android has assigned someone to investigate this issue and they are asking for specific information from users experiencing this problem (@ingenium @lilotimz and others). They need to know what devices are affected as well as OS bug reports taken while the problem is occurring. I do not have DFS so I can't provide any direct feedback for them, but if anyone experiencing this could visit the link above and post their device information and attach a bug report (see below for instructions), they will investigate it. I already replied to their other questions. Let me know if you have any questions. If you prefer not to post directly to the Issue Tracker, send me the bug report (support@bluelinepc.com) and your device details, and I'll pass it along. Thanks, -Mike
  2. Most (all?) Huawei devices do not report valid signal information to the OS, at least not by any methods I have found. It is very annoying. Do any other similar apps seem to work? There are some non-zero numbers in your report that might be helpful, but I have no idea what they might represent. If you (or anyone else with a Huawei) want to try sending a handful of diagnostic reports from areas with varying signal data, I can compare them to see if they match up with anything useful. You'll need to be somewhere stationary with a fairly stable signal, because I'll need any signal metrics you may be able to gather by other means at the time of your report by either the data on the stock Settings menu (on Oreo it's buried under Settings > System > About > Status > SIM status > Signal strength), a dialer code, or another app. For example, if you say your RSRP is -94 and RSRQ is -3, I can look at your report and see if any of the random integers appear to match, and then we can work from there to confirm things. -Mike
  3. It appears that Oreo is not reporting valid Wi-Fi frequency information when DFS is enabled (thanks @ingenium). Please 'star' this issue if you feel inclined, and add any comments with your device and exact OS version so hopefully it gets some attention: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/66697994 Thanks, -Mike
  4. You probably need to raise the status bar icon priority within the app. Preferences > Status Bar Icons > Notification Icon Priority.. if you select Minimum, it will never show on the status bar, only in the notification pulldown. Other than that, the higher priority you select, the less likely it will get bumped off the status bar by another icon. This setting does not change what the app does in the background, it only changes where the icon(s) will land in the notification list. -Mike
  5. SignalCheck Pro update is finally out! Should be available on Google Play within the hour. I believe most of the changes should be self-explanatory. 0E8 appears to be for Airave 3's, not Magic Boxes. The biggest difference is Airave 3 or S1000 B41 connections will now show as "Airave/S1000" because I have not identified a way to differentiate between the two yet. Added additional indicators for Sprint LTE band 41 Airave/S1000 cells. Added additional indicators for Sprint LTE band 41 Magic Box cells. Added indicators for T-Mobile LTE band 4 Cellspot and In-Store Pico cells. Added support for LTE band 71. Improved identification of mobile network type on IWLAN connections. Resolved issue with invalid GSM neighbor cell PLMN/CID/LAC information displayed. Resolved issue with IWLAN signal strength missing from notification icon. (Pro) Updated provider database. Thanks for everyone's support! Holler with questions anytime.. -Mike
  6. Official Airave 3 LTE / S1000 NSC Thread

    I snagged an Airave 3 this week thanks to a timely heads up by a friendly S4GRUer! Sounds like inventory is still sparse, but I got lucky. Had to set up an RMA for the broken 2.5 before they would finish processing the new order. Arrived a few days later via UPS Ground and working ok so far. Biggest difference to me so far: the aesthetics. It is much larger than I expected; I knew it was bigger, but it still surprised me. All of the wires connect on the bottom. The data LEDs are on one side of the housing, while the voice LEDs are on the other. None of this is really a problem, just unusual. -Mike
  7. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Beta update 4.453b uploading now! Just some little stuff.. but little stuff is good. A few more changes than I initially expected, so I'm gonna let you guys play with it for a couple days before it goes to the masses, just in case I missed something. -Mike
  8. HTC/Google Pixel and Pixel XL Users Thread

    I flashed my Pixel manually and it is OPR3.170623.007. According to Google, it should be the same for the XL. The alternate, OPR1.170623.026, is labeled for "Fi/Canada": https://developers.google.com/android/ota#marlin -Mike
  9. Yes as I mentioned in a few earlier posts, I'll be adding 0E8, 0EE, and 0EF to the Magic Box list. A public update with those changes and a couple other minor tweaks should be ready by tonight sometime this weekend. I don't need more examples of those, but if anything else is spotted in the wild, please let me know. -Mike

    Earlier this week (in this thread), Robert stated that Tapatalk was not compatible with the new forum software yet. You can use the mobile site until Tapatalk resolves the issue. -Mike
  11. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Curious.. have you peeked at any third-party apps (SignalCheck, Signal Detector, LTE Discovery, etc) while "off" network to see what provider and PLMN are displayed? -Mike
  12. 1) Got it, thank you; I will add 0E8 and 0EF for now then. I suspect this will continue to evolve as MBs start spreading, but I don't want to speculate without confirmation in the wild. My code is sloppy enough as it is.. 2) It's driving me insane. From SCP's standpoint, 8.0 has brought no improvements, only setbacks. Logcat is a mess now.. lat/long on BSLs is swapped.. some permissions are now out of reach.. annoying. Some of these bugs they were aware of in beta testing too, they just didn't fix them. -Mike
  13. I was out of town this past weekend and saw a funky B41 GCI starting with 0E8; I was parked in front of a Sprint store. I just looked through my SCP logs and found another 0E8.. coordinates were right in front of my local Sprint store. Do Sprint stores deploy Magic Boxes? Hmm, I hadn't noticed that, thank you. Looks like most of the system shortcuts fail with a security rejection. Apparently Oreo does not let third-party apps trigger dialer codes, rats. I'll see what I can do. -Mike
  14. Battery usage is a common question on this thread and in my inbox.. I understand why some people raise concern, but a lot of it has proven to be due to misunderstandings. If you leave the app running on the screen for 2 hours, will it impact your battery? Of course. The screen eats a tremendous portion of power, but also the Logger, Location Service, background process, Alerts, etc. This is tricky to explain clearly, but hopefully sums everything up. I need to fine tune and put this somewhere permanently to reference.. Please remember that the Android battery usage stats do not show the percentage of your battery that SignalCheck has used; they show the percentage of your overall power consumption since last full charge that SignalCheck is responsible for. (In previous Android versions, it may measure back to your last reboot, but I am not certain.) For example: Charge your phone to 100%, turn it on, and immediately launch SignalCheck. Leave it on screen for 20 minutes, but don't interact with any other apps. If you look at your battery stats, SignalCheck will appear to have a very high battery use. If it says 20%, that is not indicating that SignalCheck has used 20% of your battery; it has used 20% of whatever battery usage has occurred. This is expected, because other than some system and background processes, you haven't used any other apps on your device during that time period. If your battery charge is down to 95%, and SignalCheck shows 20% usage, that means the app was responsible for 20% of 5% -- aka 1% of your total battery usage. In addition, some devices attribute battery usage by the display to individual apps. I have observed that this varies by device. Of course, leaving your display on will consume battery power; some devices report that under the "Screen" category, while others do not. Same for location/GPS functions; sometimes those are separated, other times the usage is attributed to the individual app requesting location information. It varies by device, OS version, and battery optimization settings. None of this is meant to claim that SignalCheck is infallible. It's definitely not. But the core functions of the app have not changed in quite some time, nor will they. Any perceived spikes in power usage are likely due to usage patterns (you take a 50 mile drive and leave the app running in the foreground) or specific circumstances (you increase the location accuracy to the maximum setting while lingering in a basement or somewhere else with poor GPS and mobile signal). Hope this helps shed some light on things! -Mike
  15. That's the issue.. the previously known ranges for Magic Boxes was 0EC-0ED. I'll add 0EE for the next update! -Mike