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  1. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Essential's reception to the reception issues was not very receptive because their reception at the time was poor and they did not receive full receipt of the reception issues. AJ
  2. Many Sprint 2017 handsets operate in continuous SRLTE mode. For the uninitiated, SRLTE means that the handset is camped on both CDMA1X and LTE simultaneously, using LTE primarily but also monitoring CDMA1X every few seconds per the slot cycle index. Some Sprint handsets prior to 2017 would fall back to SRLTE mode in areas of low signal. More recent handsets, however, operate continuously on SRLTE. The easiest way to check for SRLTE is to use SignalCheck Pro -- if it constantly displays both CDMA1X and LTE signal metrics, then the handset is in always on SRLTE mode. To gather further info on what appears now to be permanent SRLTE operation and to allow for discussion of the advantages/disadvantages of SRLTE, we have opened this thread with an informal poll: Does your Sprint handset operate continuously in SRLTE mode? If so, what year, make, model? Also, does the handset require a new ISIM, as there may be correlation between SRLTE and ISIM? Lastly, lest this get confused with SVLTE, VoLTE, or Calling Plus, SRLTE is not connected directly with any of the aforementioned, nor does SRLTE enable simultaneous voice and data. AJ
  3. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    We probably should create a separate thread or write an article. But, yes, many 2017 handsets operate continuously in SRLTE mode. This may correlate with those handsets that require a new ISIM. Edit: I went ahead and started a new thread: AJ
  4. Great idea. How did no one else think of that? Hey, maybe Spectrum Depot is holding a Black Friday sale. Sprint should send somebody down to stand in line for the doorbusters. AJ
  5. Hyde is being let go because of anger management problems. Don Jekyll will be taking over his role at Sprint. AJ
  6. Pixel 2 by HTC User Thread

    Wrong thread. Note the title. Pixel 2. HTC. No XL. AJ
  7. Nope, not "designed," just documented. That image is an unadulterated photo that I took of a VZW store while I was out and about on Friday night. AJ
  8. If that is not sarcasm, somebody grab a shovel. Because the bullshit, er, I mean nifty shit is piling up around here. AJ
  9. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Thanks for that elaboration. But did you mean to quote RAvirani instead of me? Because I already covered everything you wrote in the simple statement "0.5 Mbps uplink...is at least an order of magnitude greater than what is needed to support Calling Plus." AJ
  10. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    From what I recall of real world usage reports from last summer, many have concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a disappointing HPUE performer. AJ
  11. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Yes, but 0.5 Mbps uplink at -110 dBm RSRP on the downlink is at least an order of magnitude greater than what is needed to support Calling Plus. Unless network congestion is a factor, uplink data speeds alone are not the bottleneck. Rather, if those uplink data speeds are low because of retransmissions due to poor handset uplink RF output, then the uplink may have difficulty keeping up with near real time Calling Plus transmissions, even at 0.5 Mbps. AJ
  12. Calling Plus (VoLTE "Lite")

    Poor handset RF performance also could be in play. A -110 dBm RSRP on band 41 downlink should be fine for Calling Plus. But if the handset is weak on band 41 uplink, it could be running out of uplink power at that signal level. AJ
  13. Meh. Free candy. But I do not eat candy. Not to mention, free candy is not really free. It costs folks like you and me. AJ