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  1. hhhhmm dunno. wifi connection was terminated so the equipment had to fail over to a different network to handle the traffic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Failover
  2. Was playing around with VCC on my essential last night. Started the call on Wifi, shut wifi off and the call failed over flawlessly to VoLTE but the interesting thing is when i turned wifi back on, the call transferred BACK to wifi fairly instantly. That part is new right? Never used to transfer back when in wifi range.
  3. swintec

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    i am beyond annoyed how essential is handling the reception problems with this phone. it is like one big screw you.
  4. swintec


    I have not been effected by this and I may be way out in left field but...why not just dump cloudflare completely, or is it built tightly into their hosted forum solutions for everybody with no option to do so? I cant imagine we will see to much of a perf. hit, its mostly just text we are pushing around.
  5. swintec

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    dug mine out and plugged it in just now, will see what happens. would be interested if someone, maybe Tim, could shed light on what may have changed to allow this.
  6. swintec

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    is nebraska a market they never worked in before because of spectrum issues? maine is in the same boat. maybe i will plug mine in again and see if i have been blessed with the same luck.
  7. for how long? it doesnt appear it is supposed to work at least according to this sprint higher up:
  8. i installed the Essential phone 8.1 beta and signal check BSL location stuff is working again.
  9. i called another sprint user tonight, with Wifi calling enabled on my account AND connected to wifi for the call and it was done in HD voice, incon showing and everything. both of which are not supposed to happen base don historical discussions. big changes afoot or just another bug with the essential?
  10. swintec

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    oreo 8.1 is supposed to be released this week which finally includes some radio fixes and or tweaks. We will see although i am not holding my breath.
  11. swintec

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Magic box does not do voice unless his phone is one of the few that does VoLTE.
  12. Ive been on the Oreo 8 beta since essential came out with it..i cant remember when that was though, december?. However, when I was on 7 for a little bit in the beginning, I want to say BSL was not working then either. That is why i thought there was a setting ive been missing all along once i swapped to this device. Dont attack this problem based off that though as I could be mistaken so hopefully someone in the essential post is still running version 7. I believe 8.1 is coming out very soon though, if we can believe the essential team.
  13. okay i sent one over. just for reference, what needs to be enabled in the settings for BSL to display correctly? i could have missed a setting migrating from my nexus device.
  14. swintec

    Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Honestly I do not think they did that intentionally. It appears they have no clue how to deal with the radio, hence why they finally posted a position for someone to come on board and do modem / radio work several months ago when complaints started piling up. I have visions of them just throwing the radio in and calling it good without any tweaks what so ever because nobody had any idea what they were doing. Some have theorized that the radio power levels are simply set to low and need to be adjusted. I do not really know but i am really starting to hate this device (not as much as the bolt but close).