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  1. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Yes, it really is (maddening to say the least), at least with 1x and EVDO and i am not sure how they can fix it. i believe its new hardware from qualcomm so no doubt it needs further tweaking but can it be done at this point with these out in the field? given how quiet they are about it on reddit versus the other problems that they publicly discuss and later fix, maybe the writing is on the wall.
  2. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    what does the toggle "enhanced 4g lte mode" do for those of us using this on sprint?
  3. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    try checking out on the website. somewhere towards the end it will have a copy of the lease agreement and costs associated, even if you have to do it as a new user it should at least show you the costs.
  4. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Whats the rush? get everything up and running, lease established, etc. then take care of paying off.
  5. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    its a very straight forward process. call care and tell them you want to pay off the ETF on the line. also be clear at the end that you want the upgrade eligibility reset so you can take advantage of a lease. if you have an older smart phone or even a flip phone kicking around, add that in place of the S6 and the ETF will drop significantly. i did this in store / out in the parking lot of the store so maybe they can do it for you.
  6. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Not all essentials have the problem? its a fringe coverage area type thing that is causing the problem. Living in a city blanketed with decent LTE all around one wont really notice it and think its a problem. EDIT- Fringe coverage, but for me, all prior phones gave me satisfactory service in the house while the essential can not.
  7. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    what is your subsidy? like under a contract or like a loyalty credit or something? i was still in a 2 year contract so i paid off the ETF and had the upgrade eligibility reset and i was able to get this deal.
  8. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    marginal differences are understandable but putting it side by side to the POS htc bolt, there is a 9-12 dBm difference between the two for 1x. EVDO is a bit better i suppose but it still doesnt feel very usable. Simialr results to my nexus 5X. In my case, i had okay service in my house with all past phones but it was usable, albeit at 3G. With the essential, im not even sure if i could walk around the house and talk on it. I think many are probably connected to LTE even at home these days so they may not notice the poor levels. Me, I am worried about what will happen when the foliage comes back on the trees in the spring.
  9. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    i hate to be the outlier here but this thing is absolute crap RF perf. wise. I got it all set up last night and just using it around the house had me asking myself how this made it into real world usage. i havent even got to really try things out with LTE. Just trying to use it for voice / evdo was a nightmare. i dont have high reception in my house anyways but all prior phones ive had before handled it fine and allowed light browsing and what not and making / receiving phone calls without issue. Now i am lucky for it to maintain EVDO while i hold it and if it does that, 10-15 second page loads are the norm. I am scared to see what happens if i try to use it in the spring when foliage comes back. Could it be because im left handed? Could it just be a lemon? god i hope so. i will try the Oreo beta tonight to see if that helps any but i am not very optimistic.
  10. This was working without wifi even on but i know what you are talking about but it was not that. this is true caller id with name. it is also listed in the add-ons for my account as a 10 day trial. Strangely, it was shown as $2.99 for my 5X but $4.99 for the essential.
  11. Sprint seemed to have updated the premium caller id service to support a bunch more handsets. What is surprising to me is that my Nexus 5X is also included. All day today calls were coming in with caller id name being shown which was never the case before. Then i get a text from sprint talking about the premium caller id add on and how its $2.99 per month and how they just added the 10 day trial to my account, which explains why the above happened. I loved this service on my Bolt but didnt think it would ever come to the nexus devices because you had to use sprints caller id app, well not anymore i guess. anyone else seeing this? could it explain why the network initiated a profile update late tuesday night, in prep for this? also, i ask this every time i talk about it, but how does this work in the background technically, since now it is being used without the caller id app? it works whether im connected to LTE or not. any reason why this has not always been available on smart devices? is this something at the network level?
  12. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Correct. Just have to pay the remaining lease payments plus $30 so about $145 out the door.
  13. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    Sprint has a deal going on, started yesterday. $25 down, $5 a month for 18 months and then the buyout is only $30. I got in on this yesterday and just need to wait for the phone to come in. Once thats set up i am simply going to pay the phone lease off immediately which will end up being $145 plus tax and then i own the phone. Pretty crazy.
  14. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    I went to Best Buy last night (in the area) to at least get a quick hands on with the device to see how it is, before I get mine. Asked where it was and told we dont have it at all (despite having a sprint display among the others). Fine. Go further into the mall to the Sprint kiosk expecting them to have it (being a sprint exclusive and all) and i get blank stares. They have no idea what it is and point me to a Moto thinking that must be it. i didnt try the sprint brick and mortar store but may head out that way saturday night (but will call first) however i dont think i will hold my breath. very strange.
  15. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    bit the bullet and ordered one tonight. cant wait to see if i can finally retire my nexus 5X.