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  1. Network Vision/LTE - Tucson/Yuma Market

    GLANCE yesterday suddenly updated showing two towers with 2xCA updates completed a few days ago. It also showed those same towers estimated 3 months for B41 though. Both on the outskirts of town, opposite sides. Me being curious, I decided to go take a look at midnight last night/this morning. I figured if they were up and broadcasting that should be a good low usage time for some speed tests. SignalCheck Pro was inconclusive, just said LTE with no Band shown on both my G5 and Pixel. GCI: 6E04E12. SignalSpy on my Project Fi phone (don't have it loaded on the G5) showed "Band 41? (2500MHz)". GCI: 6E04E12 (same as above). DEBUG screen showed a Band 25 connection on both devices, UL and DL Channel 8296. Second site showed identical info everywhere except GCI: 6E05613 I ran a speed test just to be sure, definitely was a Band 25 connection - 25.14 down 13.64 up 46ms. I took screenshots just in case, but I included the info above.
  2. Current Sprint PRLs

    It appears it was CDMA international roaming specifically, removal of all remaining international CDMA roaming with the exception of Canada.
  3. Current Sprint PRLs

    Same thing I did before, I'm a Retail Tech. BTW, got it updated. The entire PRL system is much simpler now than it used to be.
  4. In case you all have missed it. Günther Ottendorfer is doing another AMA on reddit tomorrow 12/15 between 11am-12pm Pacific. I've copied below the /r/Sprint announcement from about a week ago for those that haven't seen it: Günther was named Technical Chief Operating Officer at Sprint in August 2015. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the company’s network, technology and IT organizations, including related strategy, network operations and performance, as well as partnerships with network, technology and IT vendors. As his bio states, Günther has a substantial amount of industry experience having started his international career in the telecommunication sector over 20 years ago. In 1996 he became a founding member of mobile operator, max.mobil, in Austria. He then served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for T-Mobile Austria, as CTO for T-Mobile Germany and as European Technology Director at Group level for T-Mobile International. In 2011, Günther became Managing Director, Networks at Optus Singtel, Australia’s second largest telecommunications provider. He also led the nationwide introduction of LTE and TD-LTE which Optus pioneered as one of the first providers globally. In 2013, he joined Telekom Austria Group as Group CTIO, and drove major wireless expansion, convergence and network function virtualization projects across the countries of the group. Günther looks forward to answering more of your questions on Sprint's pioneering efforts, network performance, LTE Plus network, network technology and roadmap, LTE Advanced, 5G, Network Function Virtualization (NFV), spectrum, and its Densification & Optimization strategy. Please join us in giving Günther another warm welcome to /r/Sprint!
  5. Current Sprint PRLs

    Well, now that I'm back at Sprint again, I have access to the matrix I had before. It's a different and less user-friendly thing now unfortunately. I'll try and rework the first post with a new system and keep it updated going forwards again.
  6. Hey, I'm one of the two active moderators over at /r/Sprint. Yeah we've only got two for the place and somehow it isn't burning down. I haven't been very active around here lately, but used to be quite a bit. I'm definitely interested, just send me a PM here, a PM over on reddit, or send a message to the moderators over at /r/Sprint and we can talk about it.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumors Thread

    From my understanding, without a Nexus device, no phone can swap between Fi carriers because they can't read past the first carrier on the SIM, which is T-Mobile.
  8. Current Sprint PRLs

    Consider this your reminder.
  9. The clauses you're thinking about are the congestion clauses changing your network priority when towers are congested. These congestion clauses are network-wide regardless of your plan or account. Some plans specify a streaming bandwidth limit however that is separate from the congestion clauses, hence why the plan does make a difference in that regard.
  10. LG G3

    I had a similar issue earlier today with WiFi Calling not actually turning on. I just cleared the cache from the WiFi Calling app in settings and it began working properly, didn't even have to set it up again.
  11. LG G3

    I hear this all the time for every manufacturer. To be honest, after being in the industry and watching since before Android launched on Sprint originally, as long as you're going with a popular or flagship device, you'll have support. It's not the G3 or even the G2 I'd worry about, it's phones like the G3 Vigor, or the Galaxy Mini series of phones. Those non-flagship phones will be left behind first. Three years ago if you'd said LG and flagship Android, you'd likely be laughed at, now the G3 is one of the best Android devices on the market, the success of the Nexus 4 and 5 devices helped propel LG into the forefront as well.
  12. LG G3

    Heh, Samsung and HTC, consistent. That's never been the case. Not even the Nexus devices are consistent with updates all the time.
  13. LG G3

    I realize this is from a while back, but for the information just in case. It's because of the way Apple designed iMessage to work. You must turn off iMessage on the iPhone first, that way it sends the message to Apple's servers that your phone no longer has iMessage capability. Otherwise other people's iPhones will simply assume you still do, and never check whether they are actually going through (despite iMessage having this ability). So any friends that have iDevices without iMessage enabled will come through just fine as will all non-iOS devices. You could have simply activated the iPhone again temporarily, turned off iMessage then reactivated the G3 and it would work just fine. It's a common issue that's existed since iOS7 was introduced.
  14. LG G3

    Yeah I realized that after posting.
  15. LG G3

    I was able to uninstall pretty much everything from the factory that wasn't a basic app. A few obvious exceptions are the Sprint Zone app since it's used for the initial factory and carrier setup via Chameleon, and for subsequent things like *2 call intercepts for on-device troubleshooting and management, etc. I don't like how Lookout is preinstalled in the system partition so you can't uninstall it (I hate the app, I use Cerberus instead and find it much more capable for my uses), but I understand why it's there instead of a standard app. Box on the other hand sucks, wish I could delete it, but disabling it is enough for me. Then there's always the Lumen toolbar which is horrible but installed on everything now, luckily it's small and easy to disable without side effects.