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  1. Bob Newhart

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    What do you mean by relay module?
  2. Bob Newhart

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    How long can you use them continuously before they need recharged? Do they block out the sound from people speaking around you?
  3. Bob Newhart

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Have any specs been released by anyone yet? WIll it have CDMA voice support?
  4. Bob Newhart

    3G Shutdown

    Sites are still getting new 800 Mhz 3G voice/data installs, so they are not shutting it down. They have contracts with commercial customers to keep 3G active for many years.
  5. Bob Newhart

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    But look at these links, connect the dots. http://s4gru.com/entry/431-psa-4th-iteration-gen-3-magic-box-incoming/ http://s4gru.com/forums/topic/7758-official-airave-3-lte-s1000-nsc-thread/?do=findComment&comment=514904 Look at the spec page. https://www.airspan.com/airunity/ Look at what it can do, that it isn't doing now.
  6. Bob Newhart

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

  7. What is the reason for getting very low quality images on the chrome/opera browser, bbcnews app, engadget app, other apps? This was when connected to a strong LTE signal, also tried it on 3G, same issue. Is this a temporary problem that is introduced when a tower is testing? Why is this issue introduced? Does Sprint normally alter images to reduce the bandwidth on their servers, are all images cached on their proxies? In Federal Way, WA.
  8. Bob Newhart

    Sprints 'Happy Connecting' Event

    I'm afraid you just said what I did. Ok then, I'll change it to T-Mobile achieves what they set out to do in their realistic schedule and doesn't over promise. Which is why I feel that its best to have a 4th carrier that seems to be improving. Sprint seems to over promise and under deliver. I can have an opinion, don't start the insults please. I didn't use any sexual innuendos either, which is becoming common on here.
  9. Bob Newhart

    Sprints 'Happy Connecting' Event

    I feel that T-Mobile achieves what they set out to do, Sprint doesn't.
  10. Bob Newhart

    Motorola X Users Thread!

    Just as good if not better. The MotoX battery lasts almost twice as long too. The Nexus 5 is quite poor.
  11. T-Mobile has different packages, different plans. Don't include the scammy insurance when comparing, its a scam, don't fall for it from any cel company please. Softbank costs about twice as much as cell plans here in the US, so don't believe anything he says either. The Japanese cell market is closed to tourists, I feel until their market is open, a Japanese company should be allowed to start here.
  12. Bob Newhart

    Sprints 'Happy Connecting' Event

    Connecting....not connected. haha
  13. Remember kids, don't take vertical 16:9 photos or videos. Always use the sensor in its full mode.
  14. Bob Newhart

    Nexus 5 or Moto X [or ?]

    If you want a phone that has good hardware..mostly, and you want the latest Android (with bugs) OS get the Nexus 5. If you want a phone that just works, get the MotoX or MotoX+ etc.
  15. Bob Newhart

    Texting to Canada

    I have been on a SERO 500 plan for over 5 years, always had texting to Canada included, along with SMS texting while in Canada included. Go here, put in the country. http://internationalroaming.sprint.com/IntlCoverage/WelcomeRoaming.do It will say "Text Pricing: Plan"for Canada. Shown here. http://shop2.sprint.com/assets/pdfs/en/support/guides/services/worldwide/Worldwide_eflyer.pdf The $15 per month fee is not worth it, not to me.
  16. Bob Newhart

    Texting to Canada

    SMS/MMS to and from Canada is included in just about all modern plans for the last 5 or so years at least. This includes SMS while in Canada, to/from the USA/Canada too. MMS is included to Canada also, but it will cost data while in Canada, so just disable data roaming to stop any incoming fees. SMS to other countries costs a rip off fee of 20 cents to send/receive while in the US. Install and use google voice, this will allow free SMS to Canada from anywhere, using data (and wifi), while in the US, configure it to use GV when dialing internationally, it will give you no cost calls to Canada.
  17. What does this show though, a 1900 Mhz site or 800 MHz?
  18. IMHO, I don't thinkS and TMUS joining up will do anything for better coverage anywhere. They are and will cater to the most customers, coverage is something neither one cares about when most of the customers are in the cities. Do not fall for the sales talk.
  19. Bob Newhart

    AT&T wants 3.5 GHz band to promote small cell deployment

    Yes, they can install small cells with most frequencies, but actually installing them is another thing.
  20. Bob Newhart

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" owners thread

    I returned mine also, it just wasn't worth it, it was just too slow. There were delays of 5 or more seconds when pressing menu options. I can't believe it was ever released.
  21. Bob Newhart

    FCC votes to approve a plan to allow for paid prioritization.

    With your water, do you pay more for the water you wash your dishes with than what you pay for the water your clothes with? That is the reason people want it as a public utility. Not just about cost.
  22. Maybe not as they're being run today. Paying the executives stupid money is a sign they aren't run well at all. That is the just at the surface. Two wrongs don't make a right... they say, not sure who they are though.
  23. Bob Newhart

    Top 5% being throttled starting 6/1

    Sprint needs to be put a clear number on lots of things, for example with roaming its either 100MB or 300MB or a % of minutes used in a month. It isn't clear which plan that you have covers what amount, as the online usage amount just says '"see terms" instead of the actual number. Looking at the terms doesn't say what your exact terms are. They just need to be clear, T-Mobile spells out their numbers quite clear for high speed data usage, not so much for low speed data speeds. Straight talk/AIO are very clear with their high and low speed values. My guess is to why Sprint isn't putting exact numbers to the throttling right now is that they don't really know, a work in progress and if they put a speed number, people will complain that they don't even get that speed anyway. The Sprint marketing dept makes me think if they think these days.
  24. Bob Newhart

    Top 5% being throttled starting 6/1

    Exactly. Ask the average user how many Gigabytes of data they use per month, they will respond with "what is a Gigabyte?" This is the result of Sprint acknowledging that they have a network problem and can not keep advertizing 'unlimited data' any longer. There are users on here and other sites that will accuse you of abusing your service that you pay for.
  25. The frequency use should also be taken into consideration, if they're not using it, they can't be allocated any more until they using it. If they don't want a certain frequency, they are free to give to someone else.