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  1. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Right, we agree. VOLTE isn't easily workable due to CDMA tower spacing. Sprint has to densify it's network and it won't get there with continual capex cutbacks. Small cells and magic boxes won't actually solve this either because of their small coverage area/power. The only fix is A) more towers or B)better frequency. edit: actually mathwise I am not sure even going from 800 mhz to 700 mhz (if T-Mobile and Sprint merge) would fully solve the issue.
  2. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Well, doesn't CDMA have a coverage problem with VOLTE? With the current CDMA tower spacing I don't think VOLTE is necessarily an easy overlay of any CDMA network, Sprint in particular. It might work for areas with good tower coverage but I haven't heard how the carriers will address this gap between CDMA voice range vs VOLTE range. If that is still the case CDMA will be here for a LONG time.
  3. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Again, It will only take them about a decade or two to get near AT&T and even if they chew up every Sprint customer (doubtful) they will still be millions of subs behind AT&T (the 2nd biggest). So then what? Instead of a Sprint-T-Mobile merger now, we wait 10+ years until we have 3 carriers except the lowest place carrier spent a A LOT more money, has a less competitive network spectrum wise, while the 4th place carrier (Sprint) probably ends up leasing/selling spectrum to the big two because no one else can afford it. Perfect. This is the only way I can see T-Mobile growing to challenge the big two.
  4. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Welp. Hope we all enjoy a defacto duopoly for the next 10-20 years.
  5. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-36253 Looks to me like they pay the Netflix account cost for you. So yeah maybe they cap streaming but this also saves you $11/mo if want to watch Netflix at home or wherever. To go for the 4k streaming option you pay only the difference
  6. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Oh I am aware of the CA differences. I just wasn't expecting a 2x difference on throughput. The slow wifi is puzzling but eh, good enough for my wife.
  7. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I think that there will be a slight rise in pricing eventually. In the short term I expect AT&T to continue to be aggressive and possibly take more subs from T-Mobile/Sprint and Verizon. Of all the carriers I think the one with the most momentum is definitely AT&T. I think what is overlooked lately is that of the carriers only AT&T has a true vision going forward. They want to replace your TV connection with Direct TV Now as a $10 or $30 addon to your phone bill. They want to not only take down cable companies like TWC/Spectrum but also bring pressure on Verizon. So T-Mobile gets this and is trying to scratch around the surface of the problem with Netflix/Spotify deals for subs but I think going forward AT&T's competitive advantage with DirectTV now will be formidable. So T-Mobile/Sprint will probably seek to keep prices low(er) while trying to make gains from more cost effective capex that can be spread over twice as many subs.
  8. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    Yeah, I know, but I already swapped mine for a refurb 6P about 4 months ago and this one works fine. I suppose I could do that and then trade the phone right back in but that doesn't feel right. Google already did me a solid considering I didn't pay for warranty.
  9. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    My nexus 6p? I bought it from Google. Release day price for it really was $549.
  10. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    My wife's wifi performance with her Iphone 8 is noticeably worse than my Nexus 6P but her LTE performance noticeably better. Half the speeds on 2.4 and 5 ghz. However, her actual throughput on LTE is nearly double what I am able to get. On a tower I was pulling down 32ish she was easily getting nearly 60 down. It is kind of interesting and not really an issue (Not like either phone can hit max wifi speeds on my Google Fiber connection anyways).
  11. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I actually have visited the government anechoic chamber that did the GPS testing (White Sands) and work frequently with the group involved. Basically: Even at low power they were treading on the GPS bands and while Lightsquared blamed it on the "filter" (or lack thereof) on many devices, the reality is that they just had bad control of their signal and wanted broadcast at high power levels. They didn't properly take into account propagation and environmental effects (Swerling, etc), and multi-pathing that would often cause the signal to interfere. They refused to even curb signal on the edge to provide protection from this and argued that it was everyone else's fault. In the end they tried MANY different methods of testing and finally had to admit defeat and agree to not deploy AT ALL in 1545-1555 MHz because they could not solve the GPS L1 issues. I've heard they recently settled with Garmin and John Deere for how they can use the spectrum but my guess is that both those companies rightly told them to stay the hell away from their signals and in exchange lightsquared/ligado would maybe provide some kind of preamble signal or some kind of slight modulation that deere and garmin would be able to effectively filter. Additionally, the plans they have for the lower 1525 to 1559 mhz (I think?) block are for internet of things (LOW POWER) type of applications. My view of that is that they simply have given up on going near GPS signal with any type of power that could even come close to interfering. Lastly: It may be true that many GPS devices have insufficient filters on them.. especially legacy devices. So the Garmin/Deere agreement may make the commuters and farmers happy but there are MANY MANY legacy mil GPS devices that simply cannot be updated without huge cost to the government. Time will tell...
  12. Pixel 2 XL Preview/User Thread

    My 64 GB Nexus 6P was $549! The 64 GB Pixel XL2 is $849. Have phones really become $300 better? I personally do not see $300 in improvement here. I guess I will stick with my Nexus 6P.
  13. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Well, as I stated above: even growing at 3 mil subscribers a year, it would take T-Mobile 20 YEARS to catch up to AT&T. Simply put this is the only way for them to get to the same scale as AT&T and Verizon. Economy of scale is HUGE when considering that if you have DOUBLE the customers in an area that is immediately HALF the cost per customer to justify a build out/expansion. On the spectrum side, T-Mobile would get access to the very wideband B41 spectrum to use as mass capacity for the expected future needs that customers will have for ever increasing bandwidth requirements. I think it is a better fit than adding low-band/midband to what T-Mobile has currently . Don't forget that with Sprint, T-Mobile gets it all: Lowband 800 MHz, Midband 1900 MHz and Highband 2500 Mhz. So they would end up with 600 mhz, 700 mhz, 800 mhz. A GREAT way to build out and have more and more coverage to compete with AT&T and Verizon. Lets not forget the reason that it is cheaper for AT&T and Verizon to put up towers is BECAUSE of the low band reach that they have @ 700 MHz and 800 MHz. See Verizon's own image:
  14. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I don't believe Sprint can make it on it's own, despite being cash positive for the first quarter. TBH If I was looking at the market I would already call this a duopoly. T-Mobile might do it but the problem is the other decisions that have happened outside of wireless. AT&T buying DirecTV was huge. Almost every AT&T sub I know has done DirecTV or DirecTV Now and now AT&T is also rumored to buy Time Warner (!). Have you guys looked at the net additions beyond tmobile and sprint? AT&T had more Q1 2017 net additions than everyone else combined! AT&T and Verizon both had churn around 1.3% (Half of TMobile and Sprint), Each of them have more subs than Sprint Tmobile combined. Here is a quick example: lets say T-Mobile continues to have RECORD years of growth. Assuming they stay at 3 million subscriber additions per year then they could catch up to AT&T (the smaller of the two) in a mere 20 years. Meanwhile, Verizon had it's worst quarter or two in basically forever and still had more additions than Sprint! It is either FCC lets Sprint merge with Tmobile and we end up with 3 carriers or Sprint ends up declaring bankruptcy/selling off assets/etc and we end up with a hobbled Sprint and a spectrum contained T-Mobile Versus 2 absolute behemoths.