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  1. @chenshaoju 这第36集说了啥

  2. @upsuper @chemhack Uber

  3. Just posted a photo https://t.co/BFZvvNXheD

  4. LOL https://t.co/VqlfGYLl1b

  5. @chenshaoju GPS 随机误差

  6. @kj52 Next one

  7. @upsuper 你早餐都吃了啥啊。。。。

  8. @upsuper 五花肉

  9. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    I think that LTEiRA partner in Washington County does not sell services directly. It just builds and operate the network for Verizon
  10. RT @thecryptovalley: Following Cloudflare's #ChangeYourPassword day in February, Equifax reminds us you should change your name and date of…

  11. @chenshaoju rm -rf

  12. #AmexMarriott

  13. What app are you using that could show Bandwidth? Does it require root?
  14. DISH Acquires DBS and OTT Assets from EchoStar

    Is EchoStar the parent company of Dish? Or they just happened to be owned by the same person?
  15. RT @olesovhcom: #Ovh Merry Christmas :) God save the DevOps ! ;)