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  1. Not at all sir. But if you feel like I am then I’ll let you win.
  2. It sounds like your area is trash based on your post. Besides all that, it’s his money so who really cares.
  3. Dang and I thought I was doing something getting 209 on the download on my X.
  4. You are getting more for you money feature wise with Boost. Hulu is a perk but not nothing overly special. I'd take the taxes and fees being included in my plan over Hulu. That money I would save could go towards Hulu.
  5. AT&T and Time Warner got the green light. Let’s open the flood gates officially to buy up whoever. This ruling today gives and shows there little to no reason why Tmo and Sprint cannot marry.
  6. Sprint really kept up with the other 3 and at times exceeded them in raw download. It's the upload that holds them back soo much.
  7. You can definitely tell that Sprint is really injecting money into their network. Those results are showing that they are not too far behind in some aspects. The downloads are a mess though but at least they were all above 20mbps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I love the fact that Sprint is sticking to being BAU. I just passed a new Sprint Corp store being worked on for launch. I turned back around and the inside has the same set with the all white, window panels and yellow lighting along the displays. This store will be extremely close to a T-Mobile
  9. I'm going to take it as it does not if it was missing from the page OR Sprint wants to give the image that you will not roam on their network because they have the coverage.
  10. The Kickstart page is live. Nice breakdown on what all you get compared to their UF plan. The only problem I have is the coverage map, It shows the "overall" coverage. I guess if the other carriers are doing it then why not. The map shows coverage everywhere but that might not be the case based on that map. https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/plans/unlimited-kickstart.html
  11. Nice price but looking at the press release its a very watered down unlimited plan: video -480p Music 500 kbps Online gaming 2mbps data is slowed in areas of congestion. Theres no no 22GB trigger
  12. What a way to really kick things in gear with the network with a merger at the heel.
  13. This is good publicity for Sprint and their network in NY.
  14. derrph

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I hate when they brag about their 2.5.
  15. derrph

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-cto-explains-how-it-plans-to-win-5g-race I just find it kinda strange that when Sprint has any network based press releases that they don't really mention too much about the merger and how it will "help." Whereas T-Mobile just about every press release there is a spill about how great the merger is going to be and what it will accomplish. I would have assumed that Sprint would be hitting the pavement just as hard about the merger. It's like Sprint is keeping somewhat of a distance and speaks on the merger when asked and is not putting all there eggs in one basket again.