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    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesDecember 11, 2017 - 9:30 PM PST Recently, individuals who ordered Magic Boxes noticed a change in the product code of the unit to AU544 from AU545. It is now confirmed that the product code change is due to the release of the 3rd generation Magic Box. They are now being shipped! The new revision is in essence a GEN2 optimized with a high quality LCD touchscreen display like that of the 1st Generation AU540. In addition, an external battery pack with an adapter to hook onto the Magic Box is now provided. It can be lugged around for testing purposes instead of internal batteries. In addition, the touch power on button of the GEN2 has been removed with power on sequence done by plugging in power to the unit via a battery pack with an adapter or via the AC power brick. Performance wise, the GEN 3 is identical to the GEN 2 in that they still utilize the Airspan Airunity 545 small cell eNB and a Ninja LTE Relay module. The product designation change from 545 to 544 is primarily due to a change in the WiFi module to a different Qualcomm WiFi module. But for what matters to Sprint users, the LTE B41 performance impact as noted from GEN 1 and subsequently the GEN 2 are identical. GEN 2 users will not be left behind in performance wise. Previous generation device owners will not be missing out on much! For those that are getting the Magic Box for the first time, welcome to the party! Here's pictures of the GEN 3 (AU544MBGN2) courtesy of @bucdenny
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    We have seen a bunch of permits from Sprint, so the light has moved from red to yellow. When we see work occurring, we will say the light is green.
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    It was kind of cool that he mentioned twice that he wanted to talk about the network plans before they actually go to that point. It Points to some excitement with in the company for the or plans or messaging they want the markets to hear.
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    He didn't say 70% of all sites. He said 70% OF LTE SITES. Given this was before the massive push for the GMO's to get LTE in 2017, it was probably true that 70% of LTE full build sites active at that time had B41 live when he posted this. Especially if you consider an adjacent Clearwire MM B41 site adjacent in former CLWR markets. Seems like we had a post here at S4GRU calling him out as incorrect or lying back then. I seem to recall explaining the significant difference in ALL SITES VS. LTE SITES. And the number of LTE Sites is only accurate in the snapshot of time that very moment. Robert
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    Neighborhoods mentioned by the CFO to me means expansion for suburban sprawl. The last time Sprints network overall was expanded with new sites was back when Clearwire was putting in Wimax sites - and even that was not allowed to finish (thus leaving coverage gaps). Even areas with no population growth have continued to expand. Growth in the south and west and places like Washington DC, Minneapolis, Columbus have outpaced the Sprint network. B26 LTE 800 helped but more needs to be done. When people arrive in their new neighborhood they should see good Sprint signal, else they might change carriers. Waiting several years means lost customers. Getting people to return is hard work and often not possible.
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    Transcript of CFO talk yesterday: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4129858-sprint-s-45th-annual-ubs-global-media-communications-brokers-conference-transcript He identified the main priority as execution. Sprint has many plans, but often the money is not there to implement as priorities shift. I don't get too excited until I actually see the beginnings of a project in the field.
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    Remember, there are tens of thousands of GMO's that just got LTE. When you consider that, it's not surprising at all. The percent of full build sites with B41 or a nearby Clearwire MM B41 site is much, much higher than 50%. But when fully diluted with all sites now, 50% sounds right. But it sounds like Sprint wants to close that gap relatively quickly now. Robert
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    Here is the tag on the pole. No equipment on it yet. It just came up this evening, around 6 I'm told.
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    I know for a fact there is expansion happening that isn’t shown on that map so I’m unsure as to how accurate it is.
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    We've come full circle. It wasn't too long ago that we had multiple companies invested in WiMax technology because they thought we'd be using computers over cellular data. Little did they know it would be using a Qualcomm SoC and not an Intel one.
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    No, guys, did you not read the article? The 5 MHz is licensed spectrum, band 25, probably the PCS G block carrier. The unlicensed spectrum, which is of unspecified carrier bandwidth, is 5 GHz. AJ
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    Hi, I'm new to the site. Really interested in Sprint, but there service in my neck of the woods is pretty poor. I thought I'd follow on here for service updates and upgrades.
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    Could be a possibility. Sprint will probably create a “cable hub” where smaller cable companies can offer cellular services in exchange of Sprint using their backhaul
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    Had not seen this yet. Band 41 in Christiansburg and Blacksburg.
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    Quick rundown of UBS Conference with Tarek Robbiati -70% POP on B41 -50% of Towers have B41 -Adding a couple thousand Macro sites -Making all sites Triband is key -Massive MIMO will be deployed extensively compared to other carriers -Full access to Altice backhaul to deploy small cells (seems limited to their footprint) No Permits needed, quick to market deployment and best price. -reiterated increase in Capex between 5 and 6B for 2018 -Improving Customer service -Increase in prices (but still be the least expensive of all carriers)
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    A 92XS small cell. Sprint loves putting these on tops of their store locations where possible.
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    I was at the basset mall yesterday and noticed that band 41 showed up with unusually low DBM signals. The other 2 sites that are marked are 3.4 miles apart which at the mall usually results in phone bouncing back and forth. Now the site on airway does have band 41, but when connected to it it's at much higher DBM signals... So I ran a speed test in the areas and some really high speeds it said I was connected to a mini macro, but when forcing the phone on band25 it connected to a site much further away .... The area in the past has been a dead spot Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Who is slow? Sprint or the manufacturers? I would argue Sprint is pretty proactive about getting new features into phones. When the manufacturers will let them. Sent from my LG G6
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    Possible new sprint macro site added with band 41 in El paso, TX Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    I found a Mobilitie light post in my neighborhood tonight. I will post a picture when I get home from my walk with my dog.
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    Approaching three full days without issues. I activated it Tuesday evening. I'm going to keep going as long as it keeps working. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    I just want Sprint to execute all this tech within their footprint. Innovation is cool and is needed for Sprint to have a future. Just execute the d**n play.
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    See this thread for more on the Missouri market which includes Springfield, St. Louis, Columbia, and Jeff City.
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    2018 should be the year that SouthernLINC finally launches its band 26 LTE network (I've already seen it show up when searching for networks with a UK SIM in my phone), which should help Sprint's roaming footprint in the southeast quite a bit once VoLTE and/or CallingPlus is live on most devices.
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    Haven't had any issues on the latest non-beta.
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    Tarek is speaking again today at 3 p.m. ET: http://investors.sprint.com/news-and-events/press-releases/press-release-details/2017/Sprint-CFO-Tarek-Robbiati-to-Speak-Dec-7-at-Barclays-Global-Technology-Media-and-Telecommunications-Conference/default.aspx Direct Link: https://cc.talkpoint.com/barc002/120617b_as/?entity=57_TOKIY46
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    I've got a Gen 3 Magic Box being shipped to my house, should be here in a few days. If nobody beats me to it I'll post pics. I was wrong.... see below
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    I would love to see Sprint make the same deal with RCN that it made with Altice. Sprint’s Washington DC Network could really benefit from it. Hope it’s being discussed.
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    I'd like to repost this map as it looks like this is the expansion they are making on the fringe in theory. I'm wondering if this is just the 2018 expansion. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Looks like Sprint is a Microsoft/Qualcomm partner for those awesome looking always connected laptops coming.. 22 hours on a single charge(Qualcomm Soc) connected to Sprint B41 sounds awesome! https://www.qualcomm.com/news/releases/2017/12/05/qualcomm-launches-technology-innovation-advancements-always-connected-pc
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    I'm talking about the B41 footprint, not the Sprint footprint. We have seen B41 going up on sites in areas that did not have B41 before, expanding the B41 footprint.
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    From Tarek’s comments earlier today, he talked about triband on every tower and improving “fringe” coverage more than doing rural expansion. I’m glad to see this in motion now. Hopefully Sprint’s upcoming CapEx Boost moves things along quickly.
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    Possibly. Increasing density, but not really expanding the footprint. Recently we've seen more evidence of the B41 footprint expanding.
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    Sprint CFO Tarek Robbiati @ 45th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference All Q&A Sprint priorities for 2018: on execution - network rollout, customer experience, distribution. decisions to invest in network was made before merger talks. we will triband a lot of our towers. 2.5 now on 50% of tower. expansion is #1 2) add a few new towers in specific neighborhoods (a few thousand) 3) will be aggressive about rolling out massive mimo 64x64 4) small cell densification: mini macros, air strands, magic boxes 5-6 billion next next, and then same level for a few more years *year small cells: have obtained several thousand small cell permits. Altice as well which includes reasonable backhaul. looking at markets where they can really gain share first 1100 company owned retail stores at the end of June then 360 stores via Radio Shack, 200 via car warehouse, 200 new Sprint improving the customer experience: have analytical model for churn score - relates highly to network quality. Now looking at other churn factors such as customer care. churn has improved this quarter churn is always a local issue Sprint seems to be changing its tune on how they address price? they intend to remain price leader. raised prices in the last few weeks and may again. iphone x short supply limited promotions arpu is higher than t-mobile. will be offering new services to raise arpu what is driving people into the Sprint stores? we will go deeper in markets where we feel that we have the networks up to scratch in 9 quarters we have cut 9 billion in costs. now is the time to rebalance cost cuts with reinvestments. *5 billion more into IT to improve customer experience really critical that we put our spectrum to use once and for all cash flow should be around break even except next year will be doing the second traunch of spectrum lease co, and another spectrum financing will be doing the same with devices arm and satellite LTE mentioned as futures. Marcello is in Japan. pro and cons of staying public. happy where we are. done.
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    Very true but if you can't get it 64QAM would still be supported. I think it would make more of a difference for Band 25 / Band 26 to increase the cell throughput capacity correct? I mean that is why every other carrier has gone to 256QAM correct? For Example T-Mobile deployed 256QAM on their 5x5MHz of Band 12 and saw a 33% capacity increase. We really need that increase in low / mid band. High band it wouldn't make as much of a difference unless on top of the tower but still would help.
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    He's not missing the point. He's either trolling this thread (and others here and there), or intentionally ignoring the point.
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    Ah yes, the "I got mine, screw you" argument. When your house in the country is worth $50,000, how do you afford to move into the city, exactly? And if everyone were to move to the city, the value would plummet to approximately $0. Besides, everyone should move into the cities! Who needs food, lumber, or minerals anyway? - Trip
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    Ok I’m very late but does this mean all 2018 smartphones with Snapdragon x20 chips will be able to VoLTE > 3g/1x without service interruption? “VoLTE with SRVCC to 3G and 2G”
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    The "LTE Plus" coverage in my market, Cleveland, is still way off. It's mostly understated. Cuyahoga County is especially bad. On the flip side, the Eastern part of Mahoning county is overstated in portions east of Youngstown. New B41 has been still showing up from time to time. I found one new live from a site off of Brookpark Rd. Just east of I-71 a couple weeks ago. And the maps and spreadsheet have been continually updated. A vast majority of sites in the Cleveland metro area now have B41, but one would never know that on Sprint's coverage map. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/6612-cleveland-market-nv-20-spreadsheetmap-and-discussion/
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    I know you were referring to Sprint but Verizon VoLTE is able to handoff to their LTEiRA partners and vise versa so it's definitely possible. On my Tmobile phone it will not handoff from a VoLTE call on US Cell to Tmobile. It won't go from a wifi call to VoLTE either on USC.
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    Here’s the transcript from Tarek’s talk yesterday: http://www.seekingalpha.com/article/4130568 Some typos in there but gives a good overall sense. Otherwise, you can re-stream it: https://cc.talkpoint.com/barc002/120617b_as/?entity=57_TOKIY46 Glad to see that other cable partner discussions are happening. I would love to see one with RCN for DC.
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    It's better but there are still issues that they said they fixed like the youtube not loading issue that still is happening. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    They're not going to announce any dates for anything. They've got burnt far too many times since 2011. Ie. We already know and have found new LTE only expansion areas with no previous sprint coverage but it's not publicized anywhere. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Tim Yu Sprint 4G Rollout Updates May 19, 2017 - 8:30 AM PDT The Sprint Magic Box was announced on Sprint's quarterly earning call earlier this month, and was heralded as the first truly all wireless small cell in the industry. So what is this mystical beast that is purported to increase coverage by up to 30,000 square feet, amplifies data speeds, and "boosts" your data signal? This is the 1st Generation Sprint Magic Box In more technical terms, the Magic Box is an Airspan product under their Airunity line. The black colored model that exists in the wild, and which I procured contains the Airspan Airunity 540 small cell eNB. Whereas the white colored Magic Box advertised by Sprint is a newer model that contains the Airspan Airunity 545 small cell eNB. The primarily difference is that the unreleased white Magic Box is able to broadcast at twice the transmit power compared to the black model which results in substantially increased coverage area in addition to the LTE UE Relay Module having HPUE capability. These are all wireless small cells as there is no requirement of a wired backhaul solution like traditional Femto cells like the pending Sprint Airave 3 LTE, Commscope S1000, or the T-mobile LTE Cellspot. Instead, the Magic Box (MB) utilizes a technology called LTE UE Relay that is integrated into the overall package. The Magic Box contains an Airunity LTE B41 2500 MHz small cell and a LTE UE Relay device called the ninja module whose only job is to establish a data link to a macro eNB LTE 1900 or 2500 MHz signal and then feed a data connection to the Airunity small cell. For more on LTE UE Relay: see here Once the Relay link is connected and data flows to the Airunity eNB, a new LTE 2500 MHz signal is then created and broadcasted from the unit. This signal is unique to the Magic Box and is available to use by any compatible Sprint device that can access the LTE Plus (2500 MHz LTE B41) network. Unlike a repeater setup, the Magic Box does not simply take an existing signal and amplify it and all the accompanying noise and interference. This is a brand new and very clean LTE signal being broadcasted. The following screenshot from Network Signal Guru app displays this clearly. The Magic Box in my location broadcasts a brand new LTE carrier with frequency located on EARFCN 40270 (2558 MHz) while the macro donor eNB signal of 40978 (2628 MHz) is used as backhaul (LTE Band 25 1900 MHz can also be used). [As of July 2017, the Magic Box had its LTE carrier center frequency switched to 2518.4 MHz or EARFCN 39874. Signal Check Pro screenshot] This means, instead of a weak edge of cell LTE signal with the accompanying band switching that substantially impact device stand by times and I may lose deep inside the building, a Magic Box allows a Sprint device to connect to a strong and clean LTE 2500 MHz signal which blankets the formerly weak LTE coverage area. As a side effect, LTE speeds may also be dramatically increased due to the better signal level and quality being broadcasted by the MB whose LTE Relay Module can connect to what may have been previously an unusable 2500 MHz network. Especially when placed by a window as recommended. Album of Screenshots Personal Experience In my more than one month of observations using the Magic Box, I was able to connect to a LTE 2500 MHz signal from inside a suburban family residential building where such a signal was previously unusable. Furthermore, not only did the Magic Box boost the data signal from weak edge of cell service with consistent frequency swapping that had previously killed our devices battery life, but it also increased the LTE data speeds substantially to the tune of 200-300% over what we were previously getting over LTE 800 and 1900 MHz. Whereas previously the house was a weak coverage area where LTE 800 MHz was predominant with even parts dropping to EVDO 3G, the new LTE signal broadcasted by the MB covers the entire house and then some through multiple interior walls and even an exterior brick wall before handing over back to the macro network. So what's my view on the Magic Box? It can't come soon™ enough for more people to use and enjoy.
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    I can do the menu option and 30-second power cycle to restart, but how do I get back to the initial test-the-window mode? Also, lilotimz's screenshots show Relay on Band 41. But my Relay screen shows Band 25. My understanding was the the Magic Box only worked on Band 41 based on the Sprint FAQ: https://community.sprint.com/t5/tkb/articleprintpage/tkb-id/MagicBox%40tkb/article-id/1 Will my phone work with Magic Box? Magic Box operates on LTE 2.5GHz frequency (Band 41), so only devices with this capability will work with it. Most newer smartphones will work but you'll need to check your device's specifications for LTE 2.5 GHz to be sure. So how do I get back to test-the-window mode? And how do I get my Magic Box to Band 41 ? I've tried different windows, rotating it 90 degrees, and angling it. It seems to always prefer Band 25. I do have Band 41 here, but Band 25 seems stronger... Thanks, Scott
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