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    Minor development news for the Beta Crew.. because of where I was at in overhauling SignalCheck Lite when I discovered the EARFCN bug that impacts LTE band 66 (and 71, and potentially others), I implemented a workaround in Lite first. I launched a SignalCheck Lite alpha channel (no different than beta, it's just semantics based on how I had to set it up on the back end) to facilitate testing. Lite is missing a lot of features that Pro has, but you can test the EARFCN workaround right now if you're impatient -- I am in the process of implementing the same routines in Pro, and hope to have a beta out sometime this month depending on how much free time I have. To enroll in the SCL alpha, first opt-in here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.blueline.signalchecklite Shortly thereafter, you should see the alpha version of Lite on Google Play. You'll know it's the alpha because the release notes say it, and it should be version 4.482Lb. If you see the old version (4.28L from 2015!!), give it a few minutes and try again. Pro and Lite are two independent apps so you can have both running on the same device and they have no impact on each other. Any and all feedback is appreciated! -Mike
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    AT&T and Time Warner got the green light. Let’s open the flood gates officially to buy up whoever. This ruling today gives and shows there little to no reason why Tmo and Sprint cannot marry.
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    PCMag's Fastest Mobile Networks 2018 is out now. Here are some quotes from it regarding Sprint. https://www.pcmag.com/Fastest-Mobile-Networks
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    I know this thread covers a lot of topics... but let's at least keep the focus on wireless companies and the like. That doesn't really have any place in this thread.
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    Any and all 31/32/33 39/3A/3B endings are Nokia Mini Macros on Macros typically found on former Clearwire sites. Each mini macro is a stand alone BTS so will have unique GCI identifiers. For old Samsung GCI endings... B25 #1 = 00/01/02 B25 #2 = 03/04/05 B25 #2 10x10 = 06/07/08 B26 = 10/11/0F B41 #1 = 00/01/002 B41 #2 = 03/04/05 B41 #3 = 06/07/08 B41 #4 = 0C/0D/0E B41 Triband Antenna #2 = 09/0A/0B B41 Triband Antenna #3 = 03/04/05 Airspan Airunity MBGCI endings are all over the place but it's easy to pick out once you know the standard GCI heading. Airspan airharmony mini macros GCI ends 01.
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    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesFriday, June 8, 2018 - 3:00 PM PDT It has been a little over a year since the first Magic Box publicly available was announced. In the time since then since the Airunity 545 "GEN 1" was announced, minor revisions were done as "GEN 2" with the Airunity 544 sporting a LCD display and subsequently the Airunity 546 having an more aesthetically pleasing exterior. All LCD display models are known as "GEN 2" respectively. Come next week starting on June 11th, 2018, the GEN 2 Magic Box's (AU544/546) will be considered out of stock and a GEN 3 Magic Box will take over the reigns in the beginning of July 2018. Though information on this new unit is scarce, information attained by S4GRU does suggest the new revision may potentially contain user accessible USB Type A ports and have a slightly lower transmit power. More to come as S4GRU discovers additional information about this GEN 3 Magic Box.
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    Hot Rod Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Doesn't matter now. At&t is allowed to get Time Warner with no conditions. That Tmobile merger is basically guaranteed at this point.
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    Its pretty insane, thats without 4x4 MIMO or Massive MIMO live.. If they pair B25+B41 and CA uploads will not be an issue at all. Its just a matter of Sprint making that a priority. At this point, they are more focused on launching VoLTE and deploying B41 on all macro sites/small cells.
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    Sprint really kept up with the other 3 and at times exceeded them in raw download. It's the upload that holds them back soo much.
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    No surprise here, but the Charlotte, NC results show that Sprint has a lot of catching up to around here. 30.63 / 8.05 - AT&T 25.32 / 7.74 - T-Mobile 7.28 / 2.12 - Sprint 30.95 / 6.46 - Verizon
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    What the hell is up with this phone? seriously something wrong with it if a simple update cannot be released.
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    Inline quoting here.. Its method of action is rather unintuitive, but I may have it working... Very interesting! I didn't know that they even had the Nokia mini-macros deployed anywhere in Denver.. Samsung market and all, and me not keeping up on the latest news for the past .. 5 years or more.. So 4 ENB/GCI IDs but still only 3 cardinal directions the antennas point? Or are there actually 4 cardinal directions everything points? I'll have to look close to Mile High again. I didn't even know there was a 16port tri-band antenna style. I imagine its amazingly expensive, as the beamforming is still there so it shouldn't diminish capacity... And cost being the reason they don't just deploy the single antennas everywhere. Also interesting! As soon as I have a job again, I'll consider it. Lots of interesting info here! Hmm my guess is at that point in time, Sprint was doing WiMax on their own towers, of their own volition, without Clear's help, and Clear was overbuilding. At some point, the networks joined WiMax forces. I'm not sure if historically Clear devices could connect to Sprint's own WiMax network.. Nor am I sure of the reverse.. But, from what I remember, there were relatively few "entirely Clear" looking towers in my general vicinity.. Sucks that these maps/lists of sites aren't public. Makes me wonder how S4GRU obtained them. Legally obtained filings with the FCC? Leaked from inside Sprint? I would imagine not crowd-sourced.. FCC filings also aren't done, that I can see, for a majority of sites here, due to being on buildings and not stand-alone towers. I assume Sprint knows y'all have these? Finally, I'm heading over to the peoria/14th tower for some new pix. Hopefully twilight sun won't make them come out horrible.
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    Not sure if this should go here, but I'm cellmappering in Denver and figure it probably should. I'm seeing sites that appear to have more than 3 sectors... At one point, I *think* I hit a total of 6 to 8 different eNB IDs surrounding Peoria and Colfax. Although, some sites may be further distant and I haven't pinpointed them yet. I know of precisely 1 tower just South of Colfax, nearest 14th and Peoria. Some, with the 1-million decimal range or FA hex range, seem to be Magic Boxes: 2558MHz frequency. Ringing true on 'using our wide spectrum to our advantage' or something like that. The usual 3CA frequencies here are 2628.8 2648.6 and 2668.4 and "usually" I see a 2.5G macro with all of these on north, southeast and southwest facings. Cells 0,1,2 2628 ; 3,4,5 2648 ; 6,7,8 2668. So, how many of these cell IDs should be considered on the same tower? All of them? Am I looking for something else nearby instead? I'll walk more of the neighborhood soon, and have a bit better coverage mapped of each of them .. Right now, most of these eNBs are showing up at relatively small points. eNB 84A1C Cell 50 0x32 2628.8 Cell 58 0x3A 2648.6 eNB 84A1E Cell 51 0x33 2628.8 Cell 59 0x3B 2648.6 eNB 84A3A Cell 49 0x31 2682.8 Cell 57 0x39 2648.6 eNB 84A37 Cell 51 0x33 2628.8 Cell 59 0x3B 2648.6 eNB 84A39 Cell 50 0x32 2628.8 Cell 58 0x3A 2648.6 ENB 85732 - looks like the 'normal' 3-sector eNB ID but ive not mapped all sides yet. Cells 1, 2, 2628 ; 4 2648 ENB 841B3 - PCS/CLR 'normal' 3 sector 0,1,2 E-PCS; 5 - seems to be a secondary Band 2 channel I sometimes see. 15,16,17 all E-CLR.
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    Just imagine when gigabit lte shows up! Granted Sprint announced plans to roll out gigabit lte back in March 2017 and its June 2018 yet they still have not delivered but this is great news especially since they still have so much in the arsenal.
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    Some Mini Macro's have gone in since early last month here in the greater Charlotte area.
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    We should probably make an iOS 12 thread, but since this is related to iPhone X, I’m happy to report that, at least in beta 1, Field Test appears to finally be updated for the iPhone X. http://imgur.com/JMvEmDH http://imgur.com/5AWjiJQ -Anthony Edit: it’s definitely still broken though lol http://imgur.com/PxlHpkQ
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    Yep, downloaded this last night. Haven't noticed any other changes yet, if any. There's some speculation that this may be to block the recent rooting method, but since I haven't rooted this phone I can't confirm or deny.
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    Mike, In my region, Clear sites with 03/04/05 for the last two digits in the GCI represent B41 third carrier. This is a relatively recent development. - Trip