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    Hit my first 3XCA Clearwire site in far Rockaway.. https://imgur.com/gallery/3J6iU
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    Go figure.. The highest speed ive ever recorded! Clear site by 164th St off the Grand Concourse in the Bronx just got 3xCA. https://imgur.com/gallery/wjFE7 Folks! 3XCA on clearwire sites is starting to spread! I hit 2 more sites just this morning. This is gonna be especially awesome for UE relay situations where donor sites get a nice shot in the arm of additional backhaul capacity.
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    Clearwire sites are gradually being replaced. I've found at least 4 in the Kansas City area that have been upgraded from Sprint NV/Clear B41 to 8T8R or from Clear only to full Sprint equipment. Doesn't help your market, but this should be happening in most Clear markets to some degree. Sent from my LG G6
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    Check out the link below, it provides info about the SIM you need. I dont know the exact description but pretty sure it will help.
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    T-Mobile has some Wicked speeds. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I think originally it was 1, but you can get more if you talk to the right people. I have 2 magic boxes and an Airave on mine. They're usually pretty good at giving them out for work locations. A lot of guys in the Ohio thread have home and work magic boxes. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    While I do agree they should (and we all know they will) be replaced, but if enabling 3x and 4x extends the hardware's life a bit longer before being replaced I'm all for it. I'd rather see them invest in areas that lack b41 first before replacing hardware that could potentially still serve areas well for a bit longer.
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    Got lucky today and met an awesome guy at a Sprint store who let me take a glance at glance lol, and was able to confirm that a bunch of the small cells deployed post clearwire conversion, are indeed UE relay fead. The detail offered in Glance is quite impressive!
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    There is an update right out of the box, also msl is still the same at 000000.
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    Visited Tijuana last night for work, my Pixel 2 XL connected to HSPA+ at first and later during the day I was on LTE . Had no issues with data after crossing the border. Would say the experience was great. I would experience hiccups with data on the my previous Moto X Pure, had to either toggle airplane mode or shut off my phone for about an hour to be able to gain connectivity to 3G/HSPA+. This issue occurred multiple times while traveling to Tijuan a and Mexico City. Must say that I am still on the old Sprint Open World with an ED 1500 Plan. Pretty pleased with my P2XL.