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    I don't want to jinx it, but so far I have made it all day without a CloudFront block. Maybe, just maybe, disabling the Show Avatar workaround might just do the trick. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    **Update: Starting with iOS 11, iPhone 6 and newer devices are now enabled with Voice Call Continuity (VCC). VCC allows a call initiated on WiFi to hand off to LTE and back to WiFi, while also permitting the user to access some data functionality. With VCC, a call will never start on LTE so data will be unavailable when a call starts in an LTE area. These devices have VCC already enabled: iPhone 6 devices and newer on IOS 11 LG X Charge LG V20 LG V30+ Essential Samsung J3 Emerge *I had previously listed Note 8, which was incorrect. The device is expected to get it very soon and I will update when I am notified. VCC is a separate function from CallingPLUS but accomplishes some of the same goals. ** Sprint is excited to announce a new solution which allows customers to use voice and data simultaneously while on the Sprint LTE network or WiFi. Calling PLUS has just been enabled on the following devices: Samsung J7 Perx LG Stylo 3 Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ LG G6 What you need to know: Calling PLUS combines two features: one old and one brand new! WiFi calling - our VoIP calling feature that lets you make and receive calls over WiFi Voice and text on the Sprint LTE network, allowing simultaneous voice and data Calling PLUS is delivered to your device by software update. Once your device has received the software, set up is easy! On the phone, select Settings > Calling PLUS. Slide Calling PLUS to On. Customer can view Tutorial pages to learn more information about the service. View pre-populated address If the Country field says Non-USA, Select the Country and choose USA. Enter a USA address manually. If address is not shown or is incorrect, enter the address manually. Address must be within the USA. Select Save. Your phone will validate the address required for E911 service and completes the enablement of Calling PLUS. Select Calling PLUS options to enable each feature: Wi-Fi Calling is On by default. LTE Calling is optional but recommended to allow both Simultaneous Voice and Data and call handoffs between Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Calling. Call handoffs will go from Wi-Fi to LTE even if the LTE Calling switch is Off. LTE Calls require the Wi-Fi Calling switch to be turned On for a handoff to Wi-Fi. That's it! Your phone is now enabled for Calling PLUS. You can call anyone using Calling PLUS, the person or party that you're calling does not need to have Calling PLUS in order for it to work. Keep in mind: Calling PLUS is included free of charge with your Sprint plan, though data usage does count toward any metered data allotment. Calling PLUS is a only available to select devices at this time and only in areas with LTE service. We will add more device models over time. Current devices: LG Stylo 3, Samsung J7 Perx Calling PLUS is not a VoLTE solution and call quality can vary based on location and network conditions. Calling PLUS is only supported on the Sprint LTE network and will not work over roaming partner networks. Calls initiated while on LTE will not hand off to CDMA towers. When leaving an LTE area, such a call may drop.
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    Downloading the 2nd Beta now~!! (955U1)
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    It's "wise" , from their perspective, in several ways 1)Reduces buildout costs for rural/under served areas. 2)Future proofs lease pricing, to some extent. 3)Opens the door to Verizon/ATT doing collective negotiations with current tower owners re future rates -ie - "we can build and service our own tower" 4)Has the *potential* to create higher costs for smaller carriers, should the longterm plan be to abandon sites in given markets. 5)Affords the two the opportunity to *only* offer cost prohibitive lease rates to competitors looking to use their infrastructure in under-served markets. *Perhaps* this will provide some motivation for Sprint and Tmobile to share network infrastructure or build out costs sooner than later.
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    TMobile and Sprint just need to do the same thing. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    This is the downside of a VOIP based setup like Calling Plus. In a full VoLTE setup voice packets are prioritized and the eNB will do whatever is needed to maintain voice quality / continuity.
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    My call quality has been hit and miss especially on fragile B41. Anything around RSRP -110 or worse, people on the other-side cannot hear me. Sprint will really need to work on handing this off to B25/B26. Is this even possible for it to switch bands when signal is weak on B41?
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    I found it in the Sprint community posted my an employee expert.
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    I hear an echo when I call my dad (both LG G6). Only happens when Calling Plus is active.
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    Hardy Boys Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Here you go. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I'm on carrier bundle Sprint 31.0. still no Calling Plus......darn it!
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    The updates over the weekend resolved the extras issue
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    Not to mention Sprint's Honda has shown theoretical of 1Gbps, which is higher than T-Mobiles Ferrari 600mbps. This article is so far off base, it's a good example of why I don't read The Motley Fool anymore. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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    You beat me to it. I saw that article and came here to say the same thing. For the non-initiated, my analogy was going to be: "Newest Ferraris have been shown to do up to 200MPH on a racetrack. But average speeds of the latest Honda cars in the real world are only 40MPH! Honda is doomed!" - Trip
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    I have had my note for two weeks and it's pretty good.
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    Party hijinks Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    It is in Murfreesboro. It is close to NW Broad and Memorial. Unfortunately I believe they took the sign down with all of the road construction.
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    I have no idea exactly where/which intersection, but I'm 99% sure just from looking at this that its somewhere in Murfreesboro, TN.
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    If I see improvements then yeah sure I'll gladly pay another $5 a month, but if there is none no way. You don't buy a new car without test driving it...
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    He did say pretty clearly, "We're going to go towards a more traditional network buildout...as we plan to enhance dramatically the coverage that Sprint has today...using traditional macro deployment." This was about 12 and a half minutes into the interview.
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    Dan Hesse obviously inherited a job that was left to him as a mess by his competitors. So, I really don't blame him for what was beyond the scope of what he could do to help Sprint. I don't even blame Marcelo Claure for Sprint's financial problems either. Mostly I like Claure, though I don't think he's as good a CEO of Sprint than Dan Hesse was (I'm not judging the CEO role of either of their capabilities in general, only in charge of Sprint). Although I have had some criticisms of Claure in the past, I've become more focused in my thinking of Softbank as Sprint's main problem. I really don't know if Claure is responsible or not for the network delays, but looking at it like I have been lately, my guess is that Claure's only flaw in this is his reluctance to get help from Softbank. Sprint has lost alot of customers and sadly I have to agree with some of the anti-Sprint people who criticize Sprint for the free year of service offer, because it really isn't a good business decision to do. Better to offer free trial periods, say perhaps extending to 90-day trials with leased "loaner" devices to potential future customers who are unsure about the network quality, etc. However, if Softbank were to have intervened by spending money on the network immediately after getting Sprint, they could have stopped the flow of churn with people leaving Sprint for network reasons, then with a strong Sprint in place, could have then focused on the spending cuts, etc and in making Sprint strong on its own. Sprint didn't need austerity right then, it needed massive funding. The lack of financial input on the network has lost Sprint customers over to T-Mobile and the non-uncarriers. Dan Hesse though with his spending plans may have worsened Sprint financially for a while, but would have turned Sprint's fortunes around later on. Softbank didn't support that, didn't support that, didn't want to spend on Sprint, other than getting Sprint merged with T-Mobile. When that didn't happen at first, it made Masa sad, when all he had to do otherwise was to take the money he was prepared to use to buy T-Mobile during the early deal talks before DT gained so much confidence and support behind T-Mobile, and spend that money on Sprint. Imagine those billions of dollars behind massive macro tower site densification and all of that additional band 41 deployment. Sprint would be doing splendidly by now with that. Still, I think Marcelo probably really wants this too, just like Dan Hesse did, but its a matter of dealing with Softbank that is the issue.
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    Blue steal Sent from my LG-LS997 using Tapatalk
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    The other day I was roaming on Verizon 1x and AT&T LTE at the same time south of Syracuse in the Onondaga Nation. Sent from my LG-LS993 using Tapatalk