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    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesJanuary 26, 2018 - 5:30 AM PST [Edited: 1/28/18 to include additional information on Samsung 4 port 800 MHz radio] The Triband Hexadecaport. The newest development of Sprint's recent network expenditures. This is a new triband antenna configuration now being deployed by Sprint that is able to do 4T4R MIMO on both 800 MHz and 1900 MHz in addition to 8T8R MIMO over 2.5 GHz. All in one single antenna. Previously, Sprint typically utilized two different antennas with one from Network Vision days being a hexport dual band unit that supports 800 MHz and 1900 MHz. While 2.5 GHz was an additional antenna and radio unit added on later. Some sites utilized (and may continue to utilize) another triband antenna model. This older generation triband antenna is a decaport (10 port) triband unit that support 4T4R on both 1900 MHz and 2.5 GHz with 2T2R on 800 MHz. This meant that an 8T8R radio would have its capabilities decreased as a result of going from 8T8R to 4T4R. With the development and deployment of this new 16 port triband antenna, Sprint is now poised to offer 800 MHz 4 antenna transmit and receive diversity alongside 1900 MHz, while 2.5 GHz is able to fully utilize the capability of an 8T8R radio. This means that the full capability of Sprint's 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, and LTE Plus (2.5 GHz) network can be utilized from a single triband antenna panel. Removing the limitations of the previous go-to triband antenna model. Because of these limitations, Sprint did not deploy the previous triband antenna panel in a wide scale. Now they are likely to deploy these more commonly. In fact, we are already seeing this occur in Washington State, Pittsburgh, and other places en masse. Above: Samsung 4T4R 800 MHz setup via two 800 MHz RRH-C2, 4T4R 1900 MHz RRH-P4 , & 8T8R 2.5 GHz RRH-V3 Photograph Source: Josh (ingenium) Currently, this type of setup has been found in Samsung vendor regions with two individual 2T2R 800 MHz RRUs to achieve 4T4R MIMO. Samsung and Sprint has a new 4 port 4T4R 800 MHz RRU that will be able to do the job of two existing 2T2R 800 MHz RRUs that will be deployed alongside this new type of antenna. This new Samsung 4 port low frequency radio is also available in Band 13 750 MHz for deployment in the Puerto Rico market due to the Sprint Open Mobile deal. Photograph Source: Chris92 This type of setup is yet to be seen in Ericsson or Nokia - Alcatel-Lucent territory. If you discover these in other vendor regions, be sure to post about it! ****If you're in Ericsson or Nokia / former Alcatel-lucent territory then replace the Samsung radios with the relevant Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent CDMA / LTE and Ericsson radios depending on region.***
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    I just got my Magic Box (ordered it 2 days ago) and I have band 41 in my apt now! I used to pull 5-8 down on band 25 but now I’m averaging 42 down on band 41 i live in an apartment so my neighbors with Sprint will benefit too!
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    Sprint has passed AT&T in average performance, all in a year they were largely distracted by a merger. Yet, they are awful. Can't be trusted. Some act like it's getting worse and worse. Sprint cannot make some people happy, no matter what. If they aren't number one, they aren't anything. But I swear, when they make it to number one in performance, the haters will complain about coverage. They will have to be number one in everything. And then it will be that they hate old ladies, or something. They are committing more money than ever before. And already spending more money than in the past few years. They already are more active than before in the planning and early work. More bidding, more contract issued. New equipment is already hitting the streets. Small cells popping up all over and more in planning. And now they are talking about a significant macro site development too. This is nothing like the past. And Sprint is still getting better and better. And now that they are deploying B26 in my market, I will probably be coming back to Sprint again soon.
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    http:// https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/sprint-expects-to-deploy-volte-fall The time has finally come!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Warning: Long, but worth the read. I just wanted to give a good customer service experience with Shentel. On one sector of the tower closest to my house (Woodstock, VA), B26 had zero data throughput. I am mainly on B41 at my house, but on occasion I would drop to B26. Anything I was doing would get cut off, which was frustrating. Through the Sprint app, I submitted some network data tickets, but nothing ever happened. So after about 6 weeks, I sent a Facebook message to the Shentel FB account one evening before work with details on the problem, including the GCI of the B26 sector and the address of the tower. I work nights, so I didn't wake up until about 2PM the next day and saw I had missed 5 calls from a Shentel Employee. It was the RF Engineering Manager. I called him back and he thanked me for my detailed message and he said when they checked the stats on the tower, they realized they had an issue. They actually shut down that sector on B26 so phones wouldn't connect to the bad band/sector. He told me the RRH went bad and they had already put in an order for a crew to replace it. He all but offered me a job and thanked me for helping them diagnose the issue. He told me I should stop by sometime and talk to him. Long story short, I may go have a chat with him sometime, but I don't know that I would leave what I'm doing now. Anyway, fast forward a few days and I got a call from a field RF engineer who told me they had just fixed the issue and did some other tweaks to the tower to make speeds better. He told me he is responsible for the general area around me and told me to save his number and call him directly if I ever notice anything else. I also got some info from him about future upgrades for this area. He said they are waiting on Sprint to approve them adding a 20x20 B25 carrier, but that should happen soon. He told me there is already a 15x15 B25 carrier active near me that I'm going to try to see if I can connect to it. That tower also has B41 so it may be a bit of a challenge to get my phone to connect to it. One last thing, they are close to adding a third B41 carrier to have 3xCA in this area. He said that should happen soon too. A couple days later I noticed that there are now two 10x10 B25 carriers live on my "home tower." There used to only be one 10x10 and one 5x5. I wish I could have asked him about this, but I didn't know at the time I talked to him. I'm guessing this may be the speed tweaks that he mentioned. This is all good news for this area and hopefully he and I can keep in touch. I asked if he could give me a tour of a tower one day and he said he would check with his boss to see if he could do it. I hope that I can do that someday.
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    Planned Upgrade and New Sites Central VA Market Southern WV and KY Markets PA Market
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    Some new sites may fire up 3G only for a short time at initial acceptance, but all future sites are anticipated to be full build TriBand or MiniMac B41 from here forward. Robert
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    Interesting no one here mentioning about the fact Sprints coverage map is now using Google maps. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Just wanted to let you guys know that reporting issues on the mysprint app has been working out great in NYC! I reported an issue from a buddy's place in BK, who lost b41 access months ago. He said it was getting so bad (sub 1mb at all times of day on b25) he was considering switching. I asked him to report the issue (which he kinda brushed me off with zero expectation) And I reported as well. Two days later..B41 back! Speeds went from .50 to 100mbs+. He was ecstatic since he never tested after Config change and was blown away by the increase. Second case, reported my local small cell, it gets overburdened during peak times (relay backhaul..grr!) to the point where no data gets transferred. Well, three days later, they finally turned it off completely, and did slight downtilt (signal from site went from -105dBm to now seeing -95dBm) from local macro site and speeds are now 5x faster (from 3-4mb to 20mbs+). Glad to see NYC RF team doing good work.
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    If you're looking to try to find tower locations or correlate GCI/PCI information to towers, here's some code I've been working on that processes the data collected by my SignalDetector app, using the LTE Timing Advance information reported in recent Android versions for triangulation. It's not 100% perfect with only a few data points but it can zero in pretty decently with sufficiently-spaced data points; typically it gets within 50 meters or so of Sprint's recorded GPS coordinates of the towers. https://github.com/lordsutch/cellfinder An example of what it does is attached. Note that this is not based on anything except data collected from the phone—it's not using any sponsor data from S4GRU to estimate the tower locations, just signal data collected by me driving on I-16 and around the Savannah area in early November.
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    Here’s Sprint’s Super Bowl Ad: http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-introduces-evelyn-super-intelligent-robot-in-super-bowl-lii-commercial-to-show-how-switching-to-sprint-is-smart-choice.htm
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    As of recently, there has been a huge uptick of work being done in many markets. It seems as though Sprint is putting the pedal to the metal with the network. I do miss the high activity with posts, mapping screenshots and etc that was going on in here during 2013 -2015. Anyways, with all the work that is currently being done, I think its a good time for us all to start mapping again where we discover new and or improved coverage.
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    I’ve read scattered reports of iPhones originating calls over LTE all over the country today—Maryland, Alabama, Utah and probably more states. Here’s an example: Thoughts?
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    "If you’re a news organization and would like to experience a network test drive, please contact Sprint at media.relations@sprint.com for more information." >Belus here at the Myrtle Beach Daily Necropolis Times, tell me more about this test drive . . .
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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I think this is the fastest speed I’ve clocked to date: https://imgur.com/a/RkRqp 241 mbps down—wow!
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    Yes yes yes YES YES!!!! https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/02/05/1332737/0/en/Shentel-Announces-Expansion-of-its-Affiliate-Relationship-with-Sprint.html http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/SHEN/5964881640x0x969980/03FEA5BA-6059-4DD6-BBB3-A6C1E6F02561/Wireless_Network_Expansion_01-30-2018.pdf My year has officially been made. - Trip
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    Looks like things are holding up...especially with that upload.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Top 40 list has been updated. Highlights include...bakedc4 and mikejeep move up to nearly the top, bumping WiWavelength from 3rd place. bucdenny moves up 5 spots. PythonFanPA moves up 10 spots. anthony.spina moves up 9 spots. JohnHovah moved up a couple spots. bigmachine moved up a few spots. Justen joins the list and moves up to 31st spot. chamb joins the list at #35. ITK79 is on the list at #37. Turas joins the list at #39. leerage is teetering on the edge of the list now at #40. BenChase7, Loverblue, sbolen, thezombiehunter were bumped off the bottom of the list. There are quite a few members within striking distance to get to Honored Premier. You can send me a message to find out how close you are now. Thanks for all your support! Robert
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    Good update from John Saw re Magic Box: http://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-magic-box-gains-momentum.htm Over 80,000 Boxes out there now across approx. 200 cities, which actually makes this one of the largest small cell deployments in the USA. Supply has caught up to demand. AirSpan has boosted production. Next milestone of 100,000 Boxes coming soon. Plan to deploy more than 1 Million Boxes on the multi-year roadmap. 1/3rd are at businesses.
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    Just left JFK Airport for LAX. Noticed that Sprint now has a DAS in Terminal 5. I recall them posting about it recently. While is only 2xCA it provided amazing signal and speeds. Here is the only and only speed test I took
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    Signal bars have been showing data strength for several years now.
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    Sprint is only using 2xCA on the DAS. But im willing to bet, it will hold up really nicely because of one major thing.. Quote from Sprint blog post "We're using a brand new state-of-the-art Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with more than 800 antennas inside the stadium powered by Sprint small cells" This leads me to believe that peak speeds will be somewhat limited but average speeds will stay quite high despite traffic due to antenna density.
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    Sprint put together some pretty nifty tech for law enforcement.. https://www.policeone.com/police-products/body-cameras/articles/471143006-Sprints-Connected-Officer-platform-helps-keep-cops-safe/
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    i installed the Essential phone 8.1 beta and signal check BSL location stuff is working again.
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    2018 is shaping up to be a huge year for Sprint. I dont know which one im more excited about. VoLTE or 4x4 mimo and 256qam lol
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    A user on the r/Sprint Reddit is reporting VoLTE on iPhone. Is VoLTE coming to fruition on the Sprint network or is this some type of Calling Plus feature within iOS that has been activated? Thoughts?
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    I don’t have much to add actually. I was really impressed with the new CFO, and I think Sprint will substantially improve this year. They’ve finally gotten their footing, and they’re on track for 5G. Now it’s time to execute and hit all those towers with Triband. Perhaps we’ll see another deal with another cable company.
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    Network Highlights: An increase of the total number of macro sites by nearly 20%. Triband service on nearly every macro on their network with the majority of tower upgrades expected to be completed by the end of 2018. 40,000 small cells to be deployed. 15,000 are strand mounts Strand mounts are already beginning to be deployed in Altice's Long Island footprint. Rollout of interband carrier aggregation. Rollout of Massive MIMO Worth it because nearly all of their customers will be able to take advantage of massive MIMO antennas. They are software upgradeable to 5G-NR so they can run 5G and LTE simultaneously. They believe that Sprint is the best positioned to be the first carrier with a nationwide 5G platform despite claims by Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The expect to provide commercial 5G devices, mobile and otherwise, in the first half of 2019.
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    Drove up to Ithaca today and mapped RT96 on Sensorly. Full LTE the whole way! Sitting in Ithaca commons right now, every business has full LTE indoors. I’m curious if they have a small-cell here - the service is excellent. EDIT: Went to a few more buildings, my phone is locked onto an extremely strong Band 25 signal even within brick hallways. I didn't see Band 26 once. Really, really good signal here.
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    https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/01/sprint-5G-is-coming-soon/ Anyone else see this? I wouldn't have assumed National Geographic to be a sensible place for wireless advertising, personally. - Trip
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    Well Mayaguez,Hormigueros and Cabo Rojo are running at 100%, they should start the upgrades t in these municipalities
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    Well, now that they have Altice and Cox, I'm hopeful they will sign with Charter Spectrum next. Having two decent sized cable companies on board may help to convince the others to join in.
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    I saw the debt load and available cash for Verizon and was shocked. With that in mind, I would believe Sprint should be able to deploy first and get further ahead on their 5G network. Hopefully this will propel Sprint in to a hefty #2 spot.
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    My extended family lives in Fair Lawn and I boggle at how spotty the service is there. While the WiFi in the house makes it a bit of a non-issue, I sit on 1X in my grandmother's house, for example. T-Mobile built a flagpole tower down the street and even that doesn't do well for some reason. It's very odd. Only Verizon is decent, and that's only because they appear have a small cell around there that I can't find. Good news, of course, is that it's an Altice area, so I assume we'll see strand-mount equipment pop up at some point. That should help greatly. - Trip
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    Found more. Covering an entire dead zone. Seem like nearby B25 site not getting B41. The proximity is just too close to Mobilitie SD90XS129F small cell which is less than 100 feet. Mobilitie SD90XS129F https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/1965750 Mobilitie SD90XS130A https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/1965735 Mobilitie SD90XS133B https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/2054928 Mobilitie SD90XS131E https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/2084796
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    In a *very* pleasing turn of events, my “old” 6s 64GB was repaired today for $100. It turns out that the power management IC was at fault. Further investigation seems to suggest this is a $12 - $15 part but a lot of skill is required so I’m happy with the price. This also included a new battery. I’ve been using my 6s today and can’t stop smiling.
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    Sprint has their work really cut out for them this year. They are making a lot of big claims with what they plan to do this year and next. I just hope they follow through and either meet or exceed. Given their track record with promises, I can believe most are taking it with a grain on salt until proven wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That map was accurate, it was released internally. It was accurate at the time. Of course, many more sites have been added to network plans since that map was leaked.
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    New Mobilitie SD90XSB74B. https://opendsd.sandiego.gov/Web/Approvals/Details/1965696
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    War Games Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk