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    Tim YuSprint 4G Rollout UpdatesDecember 11, 2017 - 9:30 PM PST Recently, individuals who ordered Magic Boxes noticed a change in the product code of the unit to AU544 from AU545. It is now confirmed that the product code change is due to the release of the 3rd generation Magic Box. They are now being shipped! The new revision is in essence a GEN2 optimized with a high quality LCD touchscreen display like that of the 1st Generation AU540. In addition, an external battery pack with an adapter to hook onto the Magic Box is now provided. It can be lugged around for testing purposes instead of internal batteries. In addition, the touch power on button of the GEN2 has been removed with power on sequence done by plugging in power to the unit via a battery pack with an adapter or via the AC power brick. Performance wise, the GEN 3 is identical to the GEN 2 in that they still utilize the Airspan Airunity 545 small cell eNB and a Ninja LTE Relay module. The product designation change from 545 to 544 is primarily due to a change in the WiFi module to a different Qualcomm WiFi module. But for what matters to Sprint users, the LTE B41 performance impact as noted from GEN 1 and subsequently the GEN 2 are identical. GEN 2 users will not be left behind in performance wise. Previous generation device owners will not be missing out on much! For those that are getting the Magic Box for the first time, welcome to the party! Here's pictures of the GEN 3 (AU544MBGN2) courtesy of @bucdenny
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    Quick rundown of UBS Conference with Tarek Robbiati -70% POP on B41 -50% of Towers have B41 -Adding a couple thousand Macro sites -Making all sites Triband is key -Massive MIMO will be deployed extensively compared to other carriers -Full access to Altice backhaul to deploy small cells (seems limited to their footprint) No Permits needed, quick to market deployment and best price. -reiterated increase in Capex between 5 and 6B for 2018 -Improving Customer service -Increase in prices (but still be the least expensive of all carriers)
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    I just want a sirloin cooked medium with steak fries and a side of beer battered shrimp, with a tall cold beer.
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    Sprint does send reminders that the lease is expiring too. It's not like they are hiding the lease end from the customer. Everyone's a victim these days. If you admit that you're too naive or lazy, then you're admitting responsibility and copability...
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    We have seen a bunch of permits from Sprint, so the light has moved from red to yellow. When we see work occurring, we will say the light is green.
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    I hope that you have better critical thinking to offer than the above. It is more or less analogous to the "Obama supported it, so I am opposed to it" attitude. Net Neutrality is not a partisan, us vs them issue. It has significant support across the aisle. Those who are opposed to Net Neutrality tend to be few and fall into one or more of these camps: ISP entrenched interests who hope to maximize profits from anti neutral actions anti government and/or free enterprise zealots who believe that the market inherently produces the best or deserved solutions people who are ignorant of or have been misled about the actual tenets of Net Neutrality comment spam bots Lastly, characterizing Facebook, et al., as "the Oligopolies" comes across as mildly ironic, since the real concern of Net Neutrality is the oligopoly or even monopoly hold that ISPs have over so many home broadband consumers. AJ
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    Great idea. How did no one else think of that? Hey, maybe Spectrum Depot is holding a Black Friday sale. Sprint should send somebody down to stand in line for the doorbusters. AJ
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    Many areas don’t have competition when it comes to wireline ISPs. So they will have no one to respond to.
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    I'd rather improved coverage over 6Gbps, I'm fine with 100+Mbps on LTE as is it's just coverage that needs improvement.
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    Ah yes, the "I got mine, screw you" argument. When your house in the country is worth $50,000, how do you afford to move into the city, exactly? And if everyone were to move to the city, the value would plummet to approximately $0. Besides, everyone should move into the cities! Who needs food, lumber, or minerals anyway? - Trip
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    “They basically took $140 away from me because I’m naive.” That’s all you need to know about this person/situation. Everybody else’s responsibility but his. In other news: Overdue library item fines can cost you more than the book does. Renting a car at the daily rate for a week can be more expensive than the weekly rate.
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    [PSA] "GEN 3" Magic Boxes Incoming Will be called ASPANMBGN2 or GEN2. Really Generation 3 if one goes by chronological order of ASP540 GEN1, ASP 545 GEN2. Biggest change is exterior looks, display (LCD), and external portable battery pack like the GEN1 MB 540.
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    Sprint CFO Tarek Robbiati @ 45th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference All Q&A Sprint priorities for 2018: on execution - network rollout, customer experience, distribution. decisions to invest in network was made before merger talks. we will triband a lot of our towers. 2.5 now on 50% of tower. expansion is #1 2) add a few new towers in specific neighborhoods (a few thousand) 3) will be aggressive about rolling out massive mimo 64x64 4) small cell densification: mini macros, air strands, magic boxes 5-6 billion next next, and then same level for a few more years *year small cells: have obtained several thousand small cell permits. Altice as well which includes reasonable backhaul. looking at markets where they can really gain share first 1100 company owned retail stores at the end of June then 360 stores via Radio Shack, 200 via car warehouse, 200 new Sprint improving the customer experience: have analytical model for churn score - relates highly to network quality. Now looking at other churn factors such as customer care. churn has improved this quarter churn is always a local issue Sprint seems to be changing its tune on how they address price? they intend to remain price leader. raised prices in the last few weeks and may again. iphone x short supply limited promotions arpu is higher than t-mobile. will be offering new services to raise arpu what is driving people into the Sprint stores? we will go deeper in markets where we feel that we have the networks up to scratch in 9 quarters we have cut 9 billion in costs. now is the time to rebalance cost cuts with reinvestments. *5 billion more into IT to improve customer experience really critical that we put our spectrum to use once and for all cash flow should be around break even except next year will be doing the second traunch of spectrum lease co, and another spectrum financing will be doing the same with devices arm and satellite LTE mentioned as futures. Marcello is in Japan. pro and cons of staying public. happy where we are. done.
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    Exactly that. The victim culture needs to die and die hard. You went into the store signed up for the lease, you need to educate yourself about what it was you were signing up for. If they lied to you that is fraud, if you simply didnt educate yourself that is on you.
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    AWS would be a waste of money. Every dollar they spend on spectrum and hardware they could be spending on full B41 deployment, expansion and densifying their network. And if you could see where they could get AWS, how wide it would be and how much it would cost, you would see it wouldn't even be worth the effort.
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    Hyde is being let go because of anger management problems. Don Jekyll will be taking over his role at Sprint. AJ
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    You guys don't get it's all just a joke based completely on the image? It's not related to something specific in the news. The V and R are burned out. Multiple outages. Get it? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    It was kind of cool that he mentioned twice that he wanted to talk about the network plans before they actually go to that point. It Points to some excitement with in the company for the or plans or messaging they want the markets to hear.
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    He didn't say 70% of all sites. He said 70% OF LTE SITES. Given this was before the massive push for the GMO's to get LTE in 2017, it was probably true that 70% of LTE full build sites active at that time had B41 live when he posted this. Especially if you consider an adjacent Clearwire MM B41 site adjacent in former CLWR markets. Seems like we had a post here at S4GRU calling him out as incorrect or lying back then. I seem to recall explaining the significant difference in ALL SITES VS. LTE SITES. And the number of LTE Sites is only accurate in the snapshot of time that very moment. Robert
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    What? They have every incentive. If they can make video streaming from providers other than themselves so expensive that nobody uses it, that benefits them. Innovation on the Internet threatens their profits. And since in most places, there is no competition in the home Internet access space from anyone except another provider with its own video service (think Verizon FiOS TV versus Comcast), the market won't be able to correct this behavior. Even if you count wireless, AT&T and Verizon now own their own streaming services and would benefit from pushing you to those as well. - Trip (This comment is my own and does not necessarily reflect the view of my employer, the FCC.)
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    Fastest I have seen during the day in San Diego.
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    Listen, and listen carefully, folks. You can state that Sprint, according to some third party studies, is measurably more reliable than T-Mobile. And you can state that Sprint has a widespread roaming agreement with VZW, as Sprint does with other operators. Those are facts. But you may not conclude that Sprint is measurably more reliable than T-Mobile -- only because -- Sprint has widespread roaming agreements with VZW or any other operator(s). Notorious Magentan troll, Fabian Cortez, makes that conclusion. If you want to make the same argument, you can take it and stuff it in your turkey. That argument overlooks numerous other possible explanations: Sprint is measurably more reliable with or without roaming agreements, T-Mobile is highly unreliable due to its own decisions and shortcomings, etc. Until you have additional evidence to substantiate one explanation or to discount alternative explanations, any argument for the former is not sound reasoning. In short, it does not pass the critical thinking test. AJ
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    Hey everyone happy Thanksgiving! Regards Daniel.
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    I certainly don't believe network wide that Sprint is better than T-Mobile. However, in the Puget Sound region (Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia), I find that Sprint B41 coverage areas are usually significantly better in performance than T-Mobile. In B25 areas, Sprint is usually the same or slightly worse (now that we are at least 10x10 everywhere). This is likely due to T-Mobile having a very large market share here bogging down their network. This is their home market. This is now a very good market for Sprint, and even getting better due to B26 deployment finally occurring. And there are many markets like West Washington occurring around the country. Sprint is getting better and better. I'm excited. But in a wide sweeping generalization, it is not better than T-Mobile. But it is a good choice for millions of people and a viable carrier for most customers.
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    Friday morning I called support again. After a 15 minute call, the final resolution was "you do not have Extended LTE because you have exceeded your 100mb roaming limit." I knew this was the wrong answer, so i decided to make a nuisance of myself. I continued to call customer support over the next half of the day whenever I had the chance. I was always presented with either the "exceeded roaming limit" answer or I was told "there was a tower down" and that I should call back in about a week. I was always polite and patient, and I feel I educated several reps as to what Extended LTE is because most seemed to have no idea. I must have called a dozen times. Then Friday afternoon I received a call from someone at the OKC support center, asking what the problem was. They called me! Now this was different i thought to myself. I explained that none of my lines were no longer connecting to Extended LTE, specifically B12 via Appalachian wireless on any of their towers (this was what I had been telling support reps all day). She said "That's strange. Let me send this upstairs, and I will call you back when I find something out." Upstairs? They have an upstairs!? This was great! Within 2 hours all of my lines had Extended LTE again. Problem solved. However I have no idea what the problem was. Moral of the story: If you do not get resolution on a support issue, call support repeatedly until someone that doesn't have to follow a script notices you?
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    Here is the tag on the pole. No equipment on it yet. It just came up this evening, around 6 I'm told.
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    Neighborhoods mentioned by the CFO to me means expansion for suburban sprawl. The last time Sprints network overall was expanded with new sites was back when Clearwire was putting in Wimax sites - and even that was not allowed to finish (thus leaving coverage gaps). Even areas with no population growth have continued to expand. Growth in the south and west and places like Washington DC, Minneapolis, Columbus have outpaced the Sprint network. B26 LTE 800 helped but more needs to be done. When people arrive in their new neighborhood they should see good Sprint signal, else they might change carriers. Waiting several years means lost customers. Getting people to return is hard work and often not possible.
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    Transcript of CFO talk yesterday: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4129858-sprint-s-45th-annual-ubs-global-media-communications-brokers-conference-transcript He identified the main priority as execution. Sprint has many plans, but often the money is not there to implement as priorities shift. I don't get too excited until I actually see the beginnings of a project in the field.
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    Remember, there are tens of thousands of GMO's that just got LTE. When you consider that, it's not surprising at all. The percent of full build sites with B41 or a nearby Clearwire MM B41 site is much, much higher than 50%. But when fully diluted with all sites now, 50% sounds right. But it sounds like Sprint wants to close that gap relatively quickly now. Robert
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    Had not seen this yet. Band 41 in Christiansburg and Blacksburg.
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    I care that I can send and receive whatever traffic I want on my connection without my ISP deciding what I should be able to use. I use my wired connection for work and for entertainment. I transfer a lot of data and I do not want anyone messing with my traffic in any way. The FCC has decided that with 3 nationwide wireless providers there would not be enough competition but with most areas having 2 wired ISPs or less, that the monopoly practices of the wired ISPs are just fine with them.
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    That's too bad considering he has definitely been a positive and consumer-friendly personality at Sprint. Saw, not so much. But as far as technical skills, Saw came from Clear, and has probably the most extensive experience in the high band realm.
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    Free hulu deal seems to be working on all unlimited plans, not just limited to newer plans.
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    I made a VoLTE call without a WiFi hand off. We are getting closer!
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    I think Sprint is testing VoLTE or Calling Plus in my area. While I was on my way home I noticed I was still connected to LTE on my iPhone 7+ (iOS version 11.1 & carrier 30.1) one thing I did notice though it only worked if I was connected to band 41, I couldn’t replicate the “VoLTE” connection if I was on band 25 or band 26. I wasn’t connected to WiFi prior pretty cool.
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    No, guys, did you not read the article? The 5 MHz is licensed spectrum, band 25, probably the PCS G block carrier. The unlicensed spectrum, which is of unspecified carrier bandwidth, is 5 GHz. AJ
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    Gunther posted this interview on his YouTube today... Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Yes, they were starting to mess with traffic and that is why Net Neutrality was put into effect. It started with a demand that Netflix pay your ISP to carry high speed traffic to you over the ISP interconnections without being throttled. They also started messing with torrent traffic to keep people from using torrenting programs. Now they have low caps on high speed connections while exempting their own content from their caps or forcing their competitors streaming products to lower bandwidth so they have an inferior product. I have to pay $30 extra each month to so that I can go over 1TB of data download in a household were I often work from home and all our entertainment is streaming. Net Neutrality was supposed to be about forcing ISPs to be dumb carriers and not allowing them to mess with any traffic that they carry. Without it we will continue down the path of monopoly ISPs deciding what internet traffic to pass to and from their customers and at what speed.
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    As someone who predominately uses T-Mobile, I've run into many many L1900 4x2/4 + L1700/2100 4x4 / 2x2 + B12 sites where speeds average in the 5-10 mbps range while others are speedy > 40-50 mbps with not that many between the two extremes. Where I get B41 on Sprint it matches or exceeds T-mobile most of the time which is the primary issue. In terms of usable coverage and data speed reliability, Sprint is not there in most regions. Far too many edge of cell B25 / 26 areas and RF deadzones still exist. These are perfect areas for small cell infills they're deploying or new macro sites whereas T-mobile has the density and coverage but need more capacity (split sectors / small cells / B66 or 71).
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    Essential's reception to the reception issues was not very receptive because their reception at the time was poor and they did not receive full receipt of the reception issues. AJ
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    Technically Sprint has surpassed Tmobile in network quality just not actual coverage. But I’m hearing it’s also some LTE expansion in this. As both the CEO and COO have stated “cell sites in new areas” in some interviews. Don’t get me wrong extended LTE is cool. But it’s still roaming at the end of the day. I would rather them fill those extended LTE areas with native LTE. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This might explain what's going on at HQ at Sprint. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/exclusive-marcelo-claure-s-full-memo-explaining-sprint-s-new-management-reorg
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    This has dragged out a bit so I want to keep everyone else in the loop.. just about everything is ready for release. However, I discovered a significant bug in a permissions library that SignalCheck uses. I am working with the developer of that library to get it fixed before I push out a public update. Without the fix, some of the ongoing issues with Android permissions will continue to persist. -Mike
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    FYI, I moved the Sling/Netflix/Hulu/Youtube discussion to its own thread. This thread has a lot of topics, but that was just a bit off the path. See here >>
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    The Configuration 2 update happened on Boston. Where I used to get 30Mbps down and 12Mbps up, I'm now getting 50 Mbps down and uploads are 6-7Mbps. I'll gladly trade the few megabits per second in upload for an extra 20Mbps on the download. That combined with the 2xCA Band 25 is giving me the experience we should've had all along on LTE. I'm rarely experiencing speeds slower than 15-20Mbps. Even on Band 26 I'm getting speeds in the high teens on Boston College's campus.