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Welcome to S4GRU! A message from the Administrator...


I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the Sprint 4G Rollout Updates website and forums (also known as S4GRU). If you are not a member already, we hope you'll consider joining us. We are an online community of those interested in Sprint's networks and associated devices, including Network Vision and LTE deployment.

Everyone is encouraged to join and participate, regardless of personal wireless carrier. But understand that we are a site largely made up of Sprint customers. We do not allow purposeless negative comments or rants against Sprint, as it distracts from our core mission. S4GRU Members are a very enthusiastic bunch and will love to converse with you, so be prepared to explain critical comments. However, we recognize Sprint is not the best choice for every customer.

We will moderate the conversations to ensure a healthy communication style is maintained and the enjoyment of the site can be achieved for all members. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and evil trolls will be escorted back under their bridges. For a complete list of S4GRU Posting Guidelines, please visit this link: http://s4gru.com/ind...-aka-the-rulez/

Thanks again for your consideration of joining our online community. I hope to see you around soon! Click on this link to join!

Robert Herron
S4GRU Administrator

Twitter: @Sprint4Grollout

NOTE: And just in case you were confused, we are not affiliated with Sprint in any way. We are just a conglomeration of wireless dorks!