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What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

in The Wall

For now.  It will become voice too when VoLTE goes live.   ;)

Apparently is has become voice already, just not VoLTE... 


The answer to the first question of the Magic Box FAQ https://www.sprint.c...tatus.html#faqs

refers you to the Sprint Calling PLUS web page https://www.sprint.c...ml#calling-plus

which states "Calling PLUS combines Sprint’s Wi-Fi Calling capabilities with the ability to use the LTE data network for calls." 


Looking at the Calling PLUS FAQ https://www.sprint.c...lling-plus.html, the fifth question is "Is Calling PLUS the same as VoLTE (Voice over LTE)?", which is answered "No, the current Calling PLUS solution provides VoIP capabilities using the Sprint LTE network."

  • NightShift
  • 28 June 2017 - 03:29 PM