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  1. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Ars has really gone down hill since Jon Stokes left. IMO
  2. CDMA was 800 and lte b41 mm
  3. At a heavily congested intersection the other day I could not make a call on CDMA but went through with no problem on calling plus. Pretty cool
  4. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Got the call and I was approved
  5. Vpn/gaming router

    I'm curious as to which router this was. I'm looking at buying a new core router and this setup with the vpns sounds close to my ideal setup
  6. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Sprint called my girlfriends phone on my account to tell her that the address I submitted was an invalid address and I should try again in 2 weeks. Kinda weird but oh well
  7. I didnt think so, but I thought potentially some of the magic to enable it was in the b41 stuff on the ground. Thanks
  8. Is b25 ca possible without b41 hardware present? We have 2 b25 carriers in eastern ky but very little b41.....
  9. https://www.snbforums.com/threads/how-to-sprint-ac-rt66u-to-stock-asus-firmware.25261/
  10. Mine has become very flaky recently. The instructions I found on small net builder look a little intimidating, but not overwhelming. Is there any easier method that doesn't involve hex editors?
  11. HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    Yikes. Could be a deal breaker. Any info on when that might change
  12. HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    Liking it so far. Can't find the options for Wi-Fi calling though
  13. HTC 10 Rumor Thread (Was HTC One M10 Rumor Thread)

    Bought one on a whim today. Never done that before. Great so far
  14. The M8 can't be used to make phone calls anymore. Time for a new phone, fingers crossed
  15. Well mine is here and installed. Can't figure out how to get 5ghz access on my m8...