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  1. A few days ago, my speed jumped from a few Mbps (where it had been consistently for several years) to 40 Mbps. And it has been there consistently for the past couple of days. I didn't do anything on my end, so I'm guessing that Sprint upgraded the backhaul for the tower(s). For reference, I have a Cradlepoint COR-IBR900 (it replaced my flaky Netgear 6100D about a year ago). But I have had minor issues with the IBR900; it had problems with carrier aggregation -- kept ping-pong'ing between Band 25, 26, 41, and from tower-to-tower. This jumping/hopping caused drop-outs and dead-times. I've been working with the Cradlepoint folks since March to resolve these firmware issues. I installed a new device firmware (6.4.2) and modem firmware ( about a week ago. So I can't say if the new 40 Mbps speed is because of the Sprint tower or the updated IBR900. Regardless, I am very happy at the moment. I hope that it continues. After many many years (starting with Clearwire's WiMax), I am finally getting what was promised those many years ago. Thanks, Scott PS I had two Sprint Magic Boxes, but just sent them both back. The concept is good -- it is a microcell for talking to devices on Band 41 inside of a building, while the MB talks to the cell tower from a window. However, for me, I would have needed an external antenna port to use it effectively. The Magic Box kept talking to the cell tower on Band 25, which defeats the whole purpose.
  2. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    Ah... to get back to test-the-window mode, first we select Shutdown from the menu. That shuts the unit down and gets it back to the original state (that it arrived in the box). Then hold down the hidden button on the front for 5 seconds and wait for the unit to power back up. Then I can access test-the-window mode again. Funny thing is that when I take the Magic Box outside and point it directly at the cell tower, the maximum that I get is 12 (out of 100). But when I put it in a particular window, I can get 16. So I'm using that. It is still showing Band 25, but SpeedTest is reporting a better number now than I had before in a different window. Scott Thanks,
  3. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    I can do the menu option and 30-second power cycle to restart, but how do I get back to the initial test-the-window mode? Also, lilotimz's screenshots show Relay on Band 41. But my Relay screen shows Band 25. My understanding was the the Magic Box only worked on Band 41 based on the Sprint FAQ: https://community.sprint.com/t5/tkb/articleprintpage/tkb-id/MagicBox%40tkb/article-id/1 Will my phone work with Magic Box? Magic Box operates on LTE 2.5GHz frequency (Band 41), so only devices with this capability will work with it. Most newer smartphones will work but you'll need to check your device's specifications for LTE 2.5 GHz to be sure. So how do I get back to test-the-window mode? And how do I get my Magic Box to Band 41 ? I've tried different windows, rotating it 90 degrees, and angling it. It seems to always prefer Band 25. I do have Band 41 here, but Band 25 seems stronger... Thanks, Scott
  4. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    ...Also, the 3 screens are accessible by touching the screen, then selecting GPS, LTE, or Relay. The 4 menu options are accessible by touching the little square icon in the upper-right corner. Scott
  5. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    I received my Sprint Magic Box and hooked it up. I was never able to get the "button" that the two arrows point to to work, so I plugged it in. It took about 20 minutes to initialize and lock-in. There are 3 screens: GPS, LTE, Relay. On the Relay screen, it says Band 25. I assume that means that it is communicating with the Sprint tower on Band 25. But I thought the whole point was to use Band 41. I tried a couple of different windows, and even flipped the unit sideways to see if it made any difference. The signal to my cell phone went from -114 to -64, so the Magic Box certainly helps with the indoor signal. That's to be expected; according to the front panel, the Magic Box is transmitting a 25 dBm signal. However, my Speedtest speed is still 4 Mbps. Other than the 3 screens (GPS, LTE, Relay), and the 4 menu options (Change Time Format, More Info, Other Actions, Re-Run Setup), I can't find any other settings. One of the screens says that the Magic Box Technical Support phone number is 844-463-3194, but I haven't tried calling yet. I don't want them to say, "it doesn't work for you, mail it back". Is there any way to lock the Magic Box to Band 41 ? Sprint's Magic Box checker said that I'm in an eligible zone, the coverage map shows I'm in a Band 41 zone, and prior to the Magic box my phone communicated with the Sprint tower on Band 41. But for the past 3 days , the Relay screen says that the Magic Box is on Band 25. With correspondingly with poor Mbps. Thanks, Scott
  6. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    I received notification today that my Magic Box will arrive in 5-7 days. According to the PDF direction sheet, I'm supposed to try it in various windows BEFORE actually plugging it in. Humm... now that is magic (or a battery) Scott
  7. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    According to this Sprint thread, updated on May 19, the boxes will be shipping in "a couple of months": https://community.sprint.com/t5/Buzz-About-Wireless/Oh-Oh-OOOOH-it-s-Magic-Magic-Box-arrives/ba-p/957745 So the "it's available" announcements are a little premature. They really mean that it is available for PreOrder. Scott
  8. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    I haven't received mine yet. According to Sprint (Andrew S.) this morning, the Sprint Magic Boxes aren't shipping yet. He couldn't tell me where I was in the queue, nor what the prioritization was. Scott
  9. Thanks, I hadn't seen that thread on the 540 (Airspan black version). Very nice. The 545 (Sprint white version) seems to be the same, but with a higher transmit power (the links in my two posts are for the 545). It appears that there are 6 antennas, so I'm out of luck attaching my own antenna anyway. Once I receive it, I'll give it a try as-is. If that doesn't work, I may still need to put it on the roof to get line-of-sight to the Sprint cell tower. So I would need to find a plastic environmental box that is large enough. And it needs to survive my 118 degree summers. Thanks for the pointer. Scott
  10. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    Great photos! I had posted the following info on the Central Valley Market thread. lilotimz pointed me to this thread. -------------------------------------------- The Sprint Magic Box is made by AirSpan. It is their AirUnity product: http://www.airspan.com/airunity/ And here is a little more detailed info, including photos of the bottom of the unit: https://fccid.io/doc....php?id=3281384 https://fccid.io/PIDAU545ENB25 It says that it is 2.506-2.68 GHz and 596 mW. That's 27.8 dBm and LTE Band 41. And here is the AirUnity (Sprint Magic Box) FCC Label: https://fccid.io/doc....php?id=3281386 And details on the antenna (it appears to be a grid of 6 antennas; presumably a MIMO configuration): https://fccid.io/doc....php?id=3281378 There appear to be 6 U.FL connectors for the antennas. And 9 dBi isn't too bad... The power draw says 4.3 Volts at 2 Amps. That is a lower voltage than I would have guessed for this kind of box... The User's Manual and internal photos will be available from that site in August 2017. Scott
  11. And here is the AirUnity (Sprint Magic Box) FCC Label: https://fccid.io/document.php?id=3281386 And details on the antenna (it appears to be a grid of 6 antennas; presumably a MIMO configuration): https://fccid.io/document.php?id=3281378 Based on this, there appear to be 6 U.FL connectors. So I'm out of luck switching-out since I only have two high gain antennas. And 9 dBi isn't too bad... The power draw says 4.3 Volts at 2 Amps. That is a lower voltage than I would have guessed for this kind of box... The User's Manual and internal photos will be available in August 2017. Scott
  12. The Sprint Magic Box is made by AirSpan. It is their AirUnity product: http://www.airspan.com/airunity/ And here is a little more detailed info, including photos of the bottom of the unit: https://fccid.io/document.php?id=3281384 https://fccid.io/PIDAU545ENB25 It says that it is 2.506-2.68 GHz and 596 mW. That's 27.8 dBm and LTE Band 41. I was specifically looking to see if there was an external antenna port. There doesn't appear to be. Based on AirUnity's size and shape, I am also guessing that the unit has a flat-plate antenna. If so, then I would want to disconnect that and use my own high gain antenna. I'm hoping for a connector on the circuit board to make this switch-out easy. It is also odd that all of the photos of the Magic Box on the Sprint web pages intentionally hide the plug that goes into the wall. They like to hide the plug behind a curtain, a desk, or a plant. Based on AirSpan's info, I'm guessing that there is a wall wart. If true, that is good for me because I would like to put it on the roof and need a DC line (not AC). Scott
  13. I contacted the Sprint support folks on the status of my Magic Box delivery. Due to the backlog, they said it takes 8 weeks to receive the box. The one thing that attracts me to the Magic Box is that supposedly it locks onto a single cell tower. Right now I am ping-pong'ing among 4 different towers. This seems silly since I'm fixed wireless and this ping-pong'ing is probably the root of all of my problems. Scott
  14. Hi, I just signed up for the new Sprint Magic Box: https://www.sprint.com/apps/magicbox/ It is touted as a non-repeater; a micro-cell with a range of 100 meters. It sits in a window facing the cell tower. It is large; I assume that is an internal flat-plate antenna (?). It communicates on Band 41 (and 25 ?). The photos show that it has an LCD screen. I haven't seen any additional info on the unit. Not sure if it will make any difference for me or not. I'm already on Band 41. But if it is smart enough to optimize onto a specific cell tower (using CA and MIMO ? ) and stop jumping around then I'll be happy. According to my Cradlepoint COR-IBR900, I'm hopping between 4 Sprint towers (I've been tracking the TAC and CellID). And I'm fixed wireless... So I'm not moving, and I have a high-gain antenna pointed at the tower that I want. But still, it is hopping from tower to tower. Download speeds vary from 0.8 Mbps to 18Mbps depending on which tower it happens to be talking to. Regardless, my new Cradlepoint IBR900 is much better than the Netgear 6100D that it replaced. Once I signed up for the Magic Box, I got this automated blurb (below). Scott Magic Box Customer Interest Form Thank you!Thank you for your request. We are thrilled that so many people are excited about Sprint Magic Box! You are important to us and every inquiry is being thoroughly reviewed. Due to the tremendous interest, it may take us a little longer than usual to respond. Once we determine if a Sprint Magic Box will benefit you, we will reach out by email or phone. At that time, we will communicate next steps. We appreciate your patience.
  15. I finally replaced my old dying Sprint Netgear 6100D with a Cradlepoint COR IBR900. Although I had an SIM adapter and the 6100D's SIM card went in and was recognized, and I tried to register it with Sprint, the Sprint network wouldn't accept it (the Netgear 6100D SIMGLT207A won't work in the Cradlepoint IBR900). I had to go to a Sprint Corporate Sales office (Modesto, on Dale Road) to get the "right" SIM card (SIMGLW236C). My connection to the new router is now excellent (i.e. my old 6100D was unpingable sometimes, but the IBR900 is always available). However for the connection to the Sprint network itself I'm only getting 7Mbps even though I'm in a LTE-Plus zone on Sprint's map. My RSSI is -71dB, RSRP is -100 dB, and SINR is 5.4 dB (I'm using a high gain external antenna). I know that the antenna is doing something because I get -71 with my high gain antenna and only -84 with the little included bunny ears. I've also got 2 of these high-gain antennas. But on Band 41, it still says that it isn't getting aggregation even though I've checked that both ports on the IBR900 are indeed active.. So I'm still envious of all of you who are getting tens of Mbps. I think that I've done everything that I can on my end. Thanks, Scott
  16. Sprint has (finally) updated their coverage map to include a larger map graphic. http://coverage.sprint.com/IMPACT.jsp?ECID=vanity:coverage Scott
  17. According to the coverage map, the two towers in Patterson now support LTE-Plus. The tower on Orange Ave. is near my home. The other tower is over near I-5. I noticed that my signal strength indicator went from 1 bar to 3 bars which is what told me that something had changed. However, the RSRP is still -92. Likewise, speedtest still indicates 8Mbps. So they have done something to the towers, but perhaps they still need to do work on the back-haul. Scott
  18. I would agree if I had a quality signal coming from my local antenna or if my router combined the two signals in an intelligent way. MIMO typically can be broken into three diversity criteria: spatial diversity (avoiding beampattern nulls from destructive interference multibounce), polarization diversity (solved by orienting the antennas in 2 different polarizations), and beampattern diversity (to avoid nulls in the receiver antennas beampattern). My problem is that the better tower is father away. And in the afternoon, the sun is in the line of sight to the closer tower. My understanding is that most present MIMO receiver systems simply switch to the better signal from one of the antennas instead of doing something more sophisticated. In my case, I'm using this latter capability. Depending on where the sun is, my router uses antenna #1 or antenna #2. Unfortunately, my router doesn't tell me which antenna it is listening on. Thanks, Scott
  19. I would appreciate some advice. I have two Sprint cell towers in my area. One tower is 3 kilometers away (in central Patterson) but hasn't been upgraded yet. The other is 7 kilometers away (in west Turlock). I have a router bolted onto my mast with two SMA antenna input ports. I have two broadband 23 dBi antennas (800 MHz to 2.6 GHz). Because the closer tower hasn't been upgraded yet, I pointed my second antenna at the 7 km tower. But my router is MIMO with these two ports. Should I point my two antennas to the same cell tower, even though that would be the 7 km tower (which supports MIMO) ? Thanks for your thoughts, Scott
  20. I really wish that were true. I've been waiting since the Clearwire purchase for a more optimized tower. And certainly since the Clearwire shut-down in November; especially with the order to change-out the hardware. I assume work on a tower would need to be scheduled months in advance. Seems like there should be a list somewhere for tower upgrades but every time I've called Sprint Network Support, they don't have any info on scheduling. Anyway, my absurdly large tri-band anteanna is able to talk to the tower 8 miles away so I'm more happy now than I've been in a year. At some point they should upgrade the tower a couple miles from me, then I might start to actually see LTE-Plus speeds (Spark, Enhanced, MIMO, etc.). My other 23dBi Band41 grid parabolic antenna still points to the local tower. Thanks, Scott
  21. Now everything is back to normal and I'm back to an RSRP of -89. I wish there was a way to capture the signal strength for several weeks and make a graph. Every time I call Sprint they always say that "there's no tower work going on with your tower, everything is fine". But I definitely lost 20dB of signal for about a week. Thanks, Scott
  22. Well, things were looking good for about a month with an RSRP of -86 after I re-pointed one of my antennas to a Sprint tower 8 miles away that has LTE-Plus. But starting a couple of days ago, my signal level has dropped down to -105. My system is the same, the antennas are pointed the same way, and I've rebooted the Sprint 6100D several times. Speedtest.net still says that I'm getting 14Mbps. But the issue now is connectivity. Sometimes for spans of several hours I'm not getting any service at all. Scott
  23. To follow up on my previous post: it is SpeedTerst.net that said 17.9Mbps. Last night I downloaded Star Wars (4.7GB) from iTunes and got a peak of 1.3MBps (roughly 13Mbps; with overhead). So the SpeedTest numbers seem believable for a peak number. However, the iTunes download varied from a low of 20kbps to a max of 13Mbps. As a result, the 4.7GB file took about 2 hours to download (4700MB/7200 seconds = 0.6MBps ~ 6Mbps). Certainly much faster than it was a couple of months ago. Still waiting for my local Sprint tower upgrade and I am eagerly awaiting a replacement for the Sprint Netgear 6100D and its constant need for a hard reboot. Sprint stopped selling it on their web page but the rep won't confirm any upcoming models. Thanks, Scott
  24. Now that the Sprint coverage map has been upgraded to include Sprint LTE-Plus, my situation is now obvious. I contacted the Sprint Network support folks and they confirmed the situation. The tower near me (Orange Ave. in Patterson; 2 miles away) hasn't been upgraded yet; neither LTE-Plus nor the back-haul infrastructure. However, a tower 8 miles away is running LTE-Plus (the tower on Crows Landing Road south of Modesto). So I pointed my 24dBi antenna at that tower and I am now getting 17.9 Mbps download and 0.8 Mbps upload. I'm on Band 41. At this point, the only problems that I've been having is needing to power cycle my Sprint Netgear 6100D every couple of days. In reading through other threads, this appears to be a common problem with the 6100D. Sprint no longer sells the 6100D on their web store and they won't comment on when a replacement will be available. Netgear still sells the 6100D but doesn't list a newer model. But I'm eager to replace my 6100D with something more stable. I use about 100GB/month on Sprint's 120GB plan. Thanks to all, Scott PS I've reported to Sprint that the new yellow-on-yellow coverage maps are horrible and impossible to tell which yellow is which. The rep said that they've heard this complaint from users many many times already. Apparently the marketing folks want as much yellow as possible in order to fill in the map (as opposed to using different colors for different coverage services). The other guys seem to game the system the same way (e.g. Verizon with various shades of red). So doing a screen capture and using the eye dropper to get each color, then changing that color, seems a workable technique.
  25. Thanks. Yes, "Enhanced LTE" does indeed appear to be the same as Spark coverage. So they appear to have dropped the word "Spark". In searching around through the Sprint web pages, it appears that "Spark" has been removed/replaced with "Enhanced" (or "Plus"). And "Enhanced LTE" is specifically listed as tri-band: "includes Sprint's tri-band network. Available only on select devices" The link for "LTE Plus" references the same thing. The LTE Plus link appears to show the same 103 Spark cities (I'm guessing at that; haven't done a line-by-line comparison). So their web folks get a C- for being confusing. There is "Introducing LTE Plus" but the pulldown contains "Enhanced LTE". The "LTE Plus" November 2015 announcement is mentioned here: http://www.androidcentral.com/sprint-announces-faster-lte-plus-network-launching-today-77-markets which I assume they rolled out once they took down Clearwire. Thanks, Scott