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  1. @ScottWarner18 5-4 Phillies 😑

  2. Not this time Texas.

  3. @As_TomasRoncero @Cristiano Tienes que decir esta estupida frase porque tu ni te convences que eso es verdad

  4. @patsmithradio @EmptySeatsPics

  5. Its coming soon Im sure..I live around the nature center and we are getting LTE Here, Not as fast as 20 down but still, a respectable 3-4 down which is a welcome boost of speed
  6. Impressive what's happening in Fontana. I-10 at Citrus Ave.
  7. Thank you for your quick response. Much appreciated. That was my major concern because My old Evo 4g would get WiMax service spotty at best west of the 15 freeway. THats what kept me from upgrading to an LTE device
  8. Will there be Guarantee that LTE will be available in Fontana, CA? I am not happy about Sprint having Wimax in Ontario and San Bernardino, but then conveniently leave Fontana in the dark relegated to slow clunky 3g