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  1. @nvidiashield mushrooms pair really well with pepperoni. Now I have to go get pizza. -_-

  2. @anniebellet I love the Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling version too.

  3. House payment? check. Insurance payment? check. Uh..car payment? Remember when we couldn't wait to grow up? *smacks younger self*

  4. RT @TheWriteMunz: Huge thanks to my good friend (and fellow author!) @snickerpants, who made me this awesome birthday cake. LOOK AT IT!!! #…

  5. (UPDATED) All for HTC One, HTC One for all?

    I have to wonder if the aluminum back will interfere with GPS and radios like the Transformer Prime's apparent issue. Presumably HTC has tested it. Damn this is so not in my budget either. :/
  6. It would be exciting if with their cash injection from Softbank they'd speed up their timetable. There's only one tower on this side of the mountain (I live east of Huntsville) but it's less than a mile from my house. The tower is slated to be upgraded somewhere in the nebulous future so I'm excited to see if I can get LTE from my house. Kind of sucks we only have 1 tower but that's the price of having these overgrown hills they call mountains all around. Thanks for the info Robert. At least now I know its on there somewhere.
  7. I realize things are subject to change but do you happen to know if Alabama (specifically Huntsville are in the 3rd or 4th rounds? Seems like the "missile capital of the world" gets left out of tech upgrades a lot.

    I've been roaming off and on and frequently the past couple of weeks. Half the time I can't even get a data connection here in Huntsville, Alabama. I used to have great 3G. I wish they'd hurry up with whatever they're doing here. I use data nightly to stream music at work. I had to set my phone by the door for it to get a strong enough signal to barely get internet.