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  1. I think we are starting to see Sprint shutdown 3G in favor of a 1x/LTE only network. Today, I drove south in I-57 from Chicago to St. Louis and a large majority of the towers along my drive were only broadcasting 1x and LTE. I noticed this a few weeks ago in rural Indiana as well. Wider channels for VoLTE, I guess, and exciting times for Sprint .
  2. RAvirani

    3G Shutdown

    Sprint does not run EVDO on 800 MHz anywhere, only 1x. And I never said 1x was going anywhere...just that EVDO was disappearing on some rural sites...
  3. RAvirani

    3G Shutdown

    I don’t think the shutdown is widespread at all, but I’ve noticed it on several more rural sites.
  4. RAvirani

    3G Shutdown

    I disabled LTE several times (probably 15+ times) and was unable to pick up EVDO at all—just 1x.
  5. RAvirani

    3G Shutdown

    I agree. I think the spectrum is much better used for LTE or 1x than EVDO. Hopefully they will improve their handoff settings soon, though, because I drop from L1900 to CDMA (skipping L800) far too often for me to feel confident in VoLTE working reliably (at least on iPhones).
  6. RAvirani

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    The rescan timer shouldn’t matter because it’s usually between two and a half to three and a half minutes on iPhones (it varies with each update). ORNL should take care of the handoff much sooner than that... Maybe the ORNL was disabled or its transmit cycle was changed in your market or vendor region for some reason? In Seattle I’m still seeing my iPhone hop back onto LTE within 15-30 seconds or dropping to CDMA...
  7. RAvirani

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    It stands for OtherRATNeighborList. ORNL in combination with RRC release messages (that contain redirection information) are the closest Sprint can realistically come to gaining the functionality of SIB13.
  8. RAvirani

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    The amount of time it takes a modern phone to reconnect to LTE after dropping you CDMA is not related to the phone. Sprint has implemented ORNL network-wide and that should be taking care of CDMA-to-LTE handoffs.
  9. RAvirani

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    I have not noticed a decrease as a result of the iOS upgrade...what you may be seeing is coverage loss with the new 16-port antennas. They have worse RF performance than Sprint’s previous antennas.
  10. RAvirani

    One Way Messaging

    Tht seems pretty easily doable...what are the monitors connected to—a computer?
  11. In low traffic areas, I personally don't see much benefit in deploying 8T8Rs over mini macros, if there are no capacity issues. 8T8Rs do provide better coverage and propagation than mini macros, but I think the difference is small enough that it can be overlooked. Ultimately, to deploy NR (which will be the next major wave of upgrades we see), both mini macro and 8T8R antenna/RRU sets will need to be swapped out for massive MIMO antennas. In the meantime, why waste money on 8T8Rs where they aren't needed?
  12. It’s the same deal in Seattle minus 2 sites which probably aren’t ever getting upgraded. I’d go ahead and claim: 1x800 > WCDMA/HSPA800 ≈ 1x1900 > L700/800 as far as voice propagation goes. In open air, I’d give an edge to 1x1900 over WCDMA/HSPA800 athough when there are obstructions (in a forest, for example), I’d give the edge to WCDMA/HSPA800. VoLTE only requires a few mere kilobits per second to maintain a call, and today, Calling Plus calls will reliably go through at -118 to -120 3x3 L800 (in my market). With QoS on the network side, a call could probably be maintained to a much lower signal level, especially in markets where a 5x5 carrier is deployed.
  13. Equipment and crews I believe. There was a recent shortage of 800/2500 antennas and there are never enough tower crews to go around.
  14. Completely agreed. I think good times are ahead for AT&T.
  15. Nice find! B14 is going to be huge for AT&T as it allows them 25 MHz of lowband FDD LTE in most markets while maintaining lowband WCDMA/HSPA. The network expansion requirements are going to be really good for their network as well. I’m excited to see how this plays out for them.
  16. The first three things that come to mind are a faulty radio, loose jumpers or a site config error… I would tweet Marci Carris on twitter and include all of the details you know of—that’s probably the best way to quickly get in touch with a local engineer.
  17. Don’t forget that there will be 15x15 L1900 plus L2500 stacked on top of that 10x10 L750 carrier.
  18. They’re really moving everywhere. Lots of upgrades are happening all over and we’re seeing a lot of new small cells and macros entering permitting now too!
  19. That’s definitely progress! I’ll be on the lookout for it here in Seattle. On an unrelated note, B2/25 MFBI is live for Verizon and I’m hearing B5/26 MFBI is on its way. Interesting, interesting.
  20. Those antennas are B26/B41 antennas. In combination with the old NV antennas, they should be able to provide 4x4 L800, 4x4 L1900 and 8x8 L2500...it’s very strange you’re not picking up anything but L1900...
  21. Has the phone stuck on B2 and we’re you able to pass data? Often phones scan bands and will appear to latch onto them for a few seconds although data will not work...
  22. Still nothing. We’ve got two 1x1900 carriers and an EVDO carrier in the PCS B block as well as a 10x10 L1900 carrier spanning the PCS C5 and G blocks, although the PCS C4 block remains completely unused.