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  1. I’m out of town this week, but I’ll go back and try to connect to the 6th carrier when I get back.
  2. I was. I’ve uploded them to the same imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/SnNVc
  3. Take a peek at Rapid City, SD .
  4. I can verify that this is true as Verizon service in my neighborhood is abysmal. When driving in, Verizon phones will often hold a VoLTE call down to -132 to -134 dBm before dropping LTE and thus, the call.
  5. Well, the network can instruct a device to drop from LTE to eHRPD/EVDO with an RRC release specifying the center frequency of the CDMA carrier...
  6. I’ve read scattered reports of iPhones originating calls over LTE all over the country today—Maryland, Alabama, Utah and probably more states. Here’s an example: Thoughts?
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I think this is the fastest speed I’ve clocked to date: https://imgur.com/a/RkRqp 241 mbps down—wow!
  8. VoLTE/Calling+ on iPhone

    Yup, nothing up here in Seattle either I wish they’d get VoLTE up and running but leave it disabled by default. I could see them doing what Verizon did when they initially rolled VoLTE out: requiring users to enable VoLTE on their account (through the website or something) until they’re confident enough to enable it by default.
  9. Oh wow—I hadn’t checked! Looks great! Hopefully google maps makes it to the mobile coverage map soon.
  10. 5g : what's required ?

    The 64T64R equipment that Sprint plans to start deploying this year will be software upgradable to 5G NR.
  11. Cellmapper

    Hi all, I’ve recently started to use Cellmapper more and more and I’ve found that it’s a really great tool for locating towers. In my area, there are several sites which are close but not correctly mapped on Cellmapper, so I decided to create an account to fix the site locations. The thing is, it turns out you need to have 2,000 data points uploaded to reposition towers. Since I have an iPhone, I can’t really upload anything to Cellmapper... Does anyone know a workaround to this? Thanks.
  12. Cellmapper

    I think there are a few non-LTE dual carrier HSPA+ sites left in rural Montana and Utah...but generally speaking, you’re right. They are becoming rarer and rarer. I’d say a majority of AT&T’s non-LTE areas today are probably 7.2 mbps WCDMA, which is not great, but gets the job done in most cases.
  13. Cellmapper

    AT&T generally only shuts down Band 2 HSPA in areas where they have LTE deployed (in an effort to increase on-air LTE spectrum). In areas without LTE, AT&T usually runs several WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ carriers on both Bands 5 and 2.
  14. Cellmapper

    Bands 5 and 2.
  15. Cellmapper

    Yeah, but they usually are able to get away with that because most of their deployment is HSPA or HSPA+ which peaks at 21 or 42 mbps (depending on the configuration). That’s about the same as, if not better than, a 5x5 LTE carrier.
  16. Cellmapper

    Sprint has virtually no service on the peninsula but there may or may not be plans to change that soon... T-Mobile has pretty great coverage on the peninsula—they cover 101 the best of all of the major providers. They are disadvantaged by the fact that their network is 5x5 L700 while Verizon’s is 10x10 L700 but their density definitely helps. Verizon beats T-Mobile hands down in Moclips, La Push and at the Olympic Corrections Center, but they’re considerably neck and neck everywhere else. AT&T is way behind. Most of their towers on the peninsula are not LTE-capable (HSPA/WCDMA only) and it seems that their 1900 MHz WCDMA beats out their 700 MHz LTE for range, causing swiss-cheese like coverage in their LTE areas. They definitely have a lot of catching up to do.
  17. Cellmapper

    A restart of the phone fixed the problem. I was able to get enough points to start moving towers. Robert, you may notice I’ve located all of the Verizon and T-Mobile towers along 101 on the Olympic Peninsula .
  18. Cellmapper

    Thank you guys for your responses. I was able to get one of my friends to lend me one of his old Androids for the day, so I'm trying to see if I can get to 2000 points in the next few hours. I've noticed one bug though: my username appears to be null, even after logging out and logging back in as well as force quitting the app. Is this a bug anyone else has experienced? I would hate to get 2000 points but for them to never be uploaded to my account...
  19. That’s not normal - I would open a ticket to get that resolved if I were you...
  20. If you’re referring to the monopole with two long skinny antennas per sector, that’s a Verizon site. It’s been there for quite a while now.