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  1. Well that’s a big disappointment :(...
  2. I was also under the impression that site would be in the town of Wall. And the closest planned site to Wall in my maps is in New Underwood... Wish we had some eyes out there.
  3. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    There are really two providers in Canada: ROGERS and TELUS/Bell. TELUS and Bell operate the same network.
  4. There is some new Sprint LTE in South Dakota on Sensorly...I would keep my eyes peeled 😉.
  5. I’ve had an Airave forever and I haven’t paid Sprint a cent for it...
  6. If USCC was no longer being counted as roaming data, that would be phenomenal. Keep us posted.
  7. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    SMS over LTE has been possible for some time now.
  8. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    SMS should go over the MB...
  9. The same is true on the Olympic Peninsula among other areas one Washington state. This will be interesting to follow .
  10. Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

  11. If you’d like, I can connect you with an upper level network engineer in your area that will work with you to resolve these issues. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

    That’s so funny because before, I almost exclusively used the mobile site 😂. It didn’t look great but it was very lightweight, fast and easy to use. If you are able to find that feature in settings and switch it on that would be much appreciated!

    Did you mostly use the desktop site because my experience with the old desktop site matches up with what you say... On the old mobile site, clicking on a thread would always take me to the oldest unread or most recent post.