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  1. For all things magic box.
  2. Hello everyone! It is the belief of myself and of the staff that it is time to reopen a new T-mobile LTE and Network discussion thread due to the implementation of "network prioritization" that tmobile is doing to its subscribers. As Sprint has similar language in its TOS, we believe that it is worthy of being discussed here as Sprint may do something similar on a site by site basis. This thread will be strictly for discussing T-mobiles LTE network and technologies and not about personalities, their followers, and etc etc which may be better suited for S4GRUs sister site for T-mobile T4GRU. As a result this thread will be heavily moderated to stay on topic but I view the S4GRU member base very favorably and trust that we won't have much problems here.
  3. What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic.

    Tim Yu Sprint 4G Rollout Updates May 19, 2017 - 8:30 AM PDT The Sprint Magic Box was announced on Sprint's quarterly earning call earlier this month, and was heralded as the first truly all wireless small cell in the industry. So what is this mystical beast that is purported to increase coverage by up to 30,000 square feet, amplifies data speeds, and "boosts" your data signal? This is the 1st Generation Sprint Magic Box In more technical terms, the Magic Box is an Airspan product under their Airunity line. The black colored model that exists in the wild, and which I procured contains the Airspan Airunity 540 small cell eNB. Whereas the white colored Magic Box advertised by Sprint is a newer model that contains the Airspan Airunity 545 small cell eNB. The primarily difference is that the unreleased white Magic Box is able to broadcast at twice the transmit power compared to the black model which results in substantially increased coverage area in addition to the LTE UE Relay Module having HPUE capability. These are all wireless small cells as there is no requirement of a wired backhaul solution like traditional Femto cells like the pending Sprint Airave 3 LTE, Commscope S1000, or the T-mobile LTE Cellspot. Instead, the Magic Box (MB) utilizes a technology called LTE UE Relay that is integrated into the overall package. The Magic Box contains an Airunity LTE B41 2500 MHz small cell and a LTE UE Relay device called the ninja module whose only job is to establish a data link to a macro eNB LTE 1900 or 2500 MHz signal and then feed a data connection to the Airunity small cell. For more on LTE UE Relay: see here Once the Relay link is connected and data flows to the Airunity eNB, a new LTE 2500 MHz signal is then created and broadcasted from the unit. This signal is unique to the Magic Box and is available to use by any compatible Sprint device that can access the LTE Plus (2500 MHz LTE B41) network. Unlike a repeater setup, the Magic Box does not simply take an existing signal and amplify it and all the accompanying noise and interference. This is a brand new and very clean LTE signal being broadcasted. The following screenshot from Network Signal Guru app displays this clearly. The Magic Box in my location broadcasts a brand new LTE carrier with frequency located on EARFCN 40270 (2558 MHz) while the macro donor eNB signal of 40978 (2628 MHz) is used as backhaul (LTE Band 25 1900 MHz can also be used). [As of July 2017, the Magic Box had its LTE carrier center frequency switched to 2518.4 MHz or EARFCN 39874. Signal Check Pro screenshot] This means, instead of a weak edge of cell LTE signal with the accompanying band switching that substantially impact device stand by times and I may lose deep inside the building, a Magic Box allows a Sprint device to connect to a strong and clean LTE 2500 MHz signal which blankets the formerly weak LTE coverage area. As a side effect, LTE speeds may also be dramatically increased due to the better signal level and quality being broadcasted by the MB whose LTE Relay Module can connect to what may have been previously an unusable 2500 MHz network. Especially when placed by a window as recommended. Album of Screenshots Personal Experience In my more than one month of observations using the Magic Box, I was able to connect to a LTE 2500 MHz signal from inside a suburban family residential building where such a signal was previously unusable. Furthermore, not only did the Magic Box boost the data signal from weak edge of cell service with consistent frequency swapping that had previously killed our devices battery life, but it also increased the LTE data speeds substantially to the tune of 200-300% over what we were previously getting over LTE 800 and 1900 MHz. Whereas previously the house was a weak coverage area where LTE 800 MHz was predominant with even parts dropping to EVDO 3G, the new LTE signal broadcasted by the MB covers the entire house and then some through multiple interior walls and even an exterior brick wall before handing over back to the macro network. So what's my view on the Magic Box? It can't come soon™ enough for more people to use and enjoy.
  4. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    From a quick glance there appears yo not be a spectrum issue but if the replacement also does not work it may be prudent to inquire about the S1000 NSC or Airave 3.
  5. [Teaser] Life's Good with the V30

    Tim Yu Sprint 4G Rollout Updates September 5, 2017 - 6:45 PM PDT It is that time of the year for flagship phablets and LG has returned to us with their brand new V30 smartphone. Unlike the LG G6, LG was not conservative with the specifications on this one. Many other tech sites and forums have already broken down the V30 but here at S4GRU we are more interested in network technologies and the V30 is definitely no slouch in this regard. Supported Technologies GSM 850 / 1900 WCDMA Band: 2 / 4 / 5 LTE Band: 2 / 4 / 5 / 12 / 13 / 17 / 25 / 26 / 41 4x4 MIMO on Band 25 and Band 41 up to 10 streams 256 / 64 QAM DL-UL HPUE 2xCA B25 2xCA B41 3xCA B41 4xCA B41 That is right. The LG V30 is the first device confirmed to support 4 carrier aggregation on Band 41. No other device out there, including the ever more popular Galaxy S8 or Note 8, are confirmed to at least technologically support 4 carrier aggregation for Band 41 (though maybe a re-certification & software update can fix that). In addition, the LG V30 is also a "Gigabit Class" device that supports 4x4 MIMO over Band 41 for up to 10 total MIMO streams which the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 does not support (the GS8 and Note 8 are not "Gigabit Class" devices on Sprint). Furthermore, note the inclusion of LTE Band 13. One may think this mean LTE roaming on Verizon may be in the cards, but recently Sprint consummated a partnership with Open Mobile based in Puerto Rico who holds Band 13 750 MHz spectrum. As the Puerto Rico market lacks SMR 800 spectrum needed for CDMA 1x 800 and LTE 800 Band 26, it seems likely that it may be a boutique Sprint market that will utilize 10x10 Band 13 750 MHz for low band coverage. An interesting development. So network wise, the V30 sure seems like one heck of a device that supports just about every technology Sprint is poised to utilize right now in select markets and most of the network in the near future. A potentially splendid device for the Sprint network enthusiast. FCC ID: LS998
  6. The Relay module operates up to 3xCA on B41 depending on what's available on a local donor site. The small cell unit itself must broadcast on frequencies that are not being used by the relay module and by extension the current macro network.
  7. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    May be but from observations SCP identifies all nokia small cells as MMs.
  8. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    Socal pole mounted cells are predominately nokia mini macros with a few nokia flexi zones tossed in here and there. There is no way to distinguish between Nokia Mini Macros or Flexi Zones based on GCI afaik.
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Also note that in some cases it's the macro network not handing you off due to handoff thresholds for each band. They don't want people ping ponging so it may take some time for optimization of handoffs to occur.
  10. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Some information but not comprehensive.
  11. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Way too much work as that would require going over every single EBS and BRS allocation per market. If people are interested in it then they are free to ask and it can be looked up but I doubt anyone wants to do it for every single region (EBS leases are a pain in the butt).
  12. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    That is correct as we've discussed in depth.
  13. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    As far as I can tell, Sprint is licensed or leasing literally every single spec of 2.5 spectrum.
  14. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yep! I know at least one sprint store near me had one since last summer.
  15. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    http://www.commscope.com/catalog/wireless/product.aspx?id=207 http://www.commscope.com/NewsCenter/PressReleases/CommScope-to-Provide-Sprint-with-Small-Cells-for-In-building-Wireless/
  16. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    That is correct as far as I know.
  17. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    S1000 is a LTE+WIFI only broadband femto cell. Airave 3 is a S1000 LTE+WIFI femto plus a CDMAFAP module so that it does CDMA 1x1900 + LTE 2500. Airave 3s and S1000s are / will be offered to those where MB does not work be it lack of signal or spectrum issues. Airave 3 for if you need CDMA voice enhancement in addition to LTE and S1000 where macro CDMA voice works well but LTE doesn't. (check your PM)
  18. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Um... Did you read the IA / NE premier thread or this thread from a week back? You're in Lincoln, NE. They don't have the B41L spectrum needed to do the relay action. Return it and get a S1000 or a Airave 3.
  19. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Most MBs ship with eNB firmware .113 and relay firmware .35. After activation, an overnight update should take place updating the relay to .40.2 which is the most recent public one.
  20. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    And there's B41 High Low separation... 2500-2560s for macro and then 2620s for MB.
  21. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    What is the macro B41 channels?
  22. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yes. EBS is leased out entirely to another entity. No B41High Low separation.

    Shift + enter so it looks like this.
  24. iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    CDMA BC: 0 / 1 / 10 GSM 850 / 1900 WCDMA Bands: 2 / 4 / 5 LTE Bands: 2 / 4 / 5 / 12 / 13 / 17 / 25 / 26 / 41 (supports more but not relevant to sprint) 256 / 64 QAM DL-UL 3xCA DL B41 contiguous and non contiguous 2xCA DL B25 non contiguous 2xCA UL B41 contiguous No HPUE No 4x4 MIMO