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  1. 3.7-4.2GHz band NPRM

    Er, that's not true. It's allocated to the C-band satellite service. The licenses are, as I understand it, nationwide, but vary based on which slot in the sky the satellite is in. So Intelsat has some slots, SES has some, and there are other companies as well that I'm not familiar with. - Trip
  2. My extended family lives in Fair Lawn and I boggle at how spotty the service is there. While the WiFi in the house makes it a bit of a non-issue, I sit on 1X in my grandmother's house, for example. T-Mobile built a flagpole tower down the street and even that doesn't do well for some reason. It's very odd. Only Verizon is decent, and that's only because they appear have a small cell around there that I can't find. Good news, of course, is that it's an Altice area, so I assume we'll see strand-mount equipment pop up at some point. That should help greatly. - Trip
  3. On the state-by-state, their one overall win came in... West Virginia, which is dominated by Shentel. Surprise! - Trip
  4. I was also surprised to see Lancaster and Culpeper included, but the rest seems like a good fit. Sprint currently has a network in those areas that is either entirely non-existent (see Charlotte, Lunenburg Counties), or is the bare minimum to be able to say there's service in the area. Take Farmville as an example; two cell sites to cover Farmville, and neither is particularly well-suited to cover Longwood University, leaving plenty of holes where the students are. Sprint is the only carrier not on the site near the high school, so while B26 connects outside the Wal-Mart, it's 3G or 1X 800 inside. The LTE is long gone by the time you get the Hampden-Sydney, too, usually 1X 800 even outdoors. I will be surprised if Shentel builds fewer than three new sites in Farmville proper; Shentel Cable actually owns one of the towers AT&T is on in Farmville, so I would bet we'll see Shentel cell service appear there sooner rather than later. The other two being the tower by the high school and the tower overlooking Longwood. (Hampden-Sydney is not in Farmville, but I expect they'll put one there too.) I also expect to see them beef up the highways around Farmville, as the network is quite sparse there too. I cannot wait to see what gets built. Exciting times await! - Trip
  5. Yes yes yes YES YES!!!! https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/02/05/1332737/0/en/Shentel-Announces-Expansion-of-its-Affiliate-Relationship-with-Sprint.html http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/SHEN/5964881640x0x969980/03FEA5BA-6059-4DD6-BBB3-A6C1E6F02561/Wireless_Network_Expansion_01-30-2018.pdf My year has officially been made. - Trip
  6. Cellmapper

    That SIM is how I track AT&T in my area. It's worked great, and it's helpful to have the 200MB of data through it now and then. - Trip
  7. That is a fantastic story. Among the many reasons I love Shentel. At some point I'll have to try to make a similar contact. I want to try to get more information on their deployment down near my parents in the former nTelos region. - Trip
  8. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Mike, I've been having an issue where sometimes, when connected to Clear B41, I just get "LTE" without the band indicator. I've tried to send diagnostics, but I keep getting the Temporary Redirect message. And the Send Saved Reports button doesn't seem to work at all. Not sure how else to get it to you. - Trip
  9. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/01/sprint-5G-is-coming-soon/ Anyone else see this? I wouldn't have assumed National Geographic to be a sensible place for wireless advertising, personally. - Trip
  10. Excellent! Cox is the local cable company where I am. I don't actually have Cox service (waaay more expensive than FiOS) but hopefully it means they'll do something locally. - Trip
  11. Much of the new Shentel coverage is shown. - Trip
  12. That is why roaming was invented. Compete where it makes sense, and cooperate where it doesn't. - Trip
  13. I took care of it. - Trip
  14. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Any info on which phones are coming that support Band 71? I want to find a low-end one to replace one of my current T-Mobile phones. - Trip
  15. Wild speculation about Dish

    If 700 isn't low-band, then other than 600 (which they also hold), what is? FM? Shortwave? Except for 600, there's nothing lower than 700 even licensed to cell companies. The problem with the E-block isn't that it's not low-band, but that it has no matching uplink spectrum. - Trip
  16. That all sounds like too much work. I'll just order a pizza. - Trip
  17. Ah yes, the "I got mine, screw you" argument. When your house in the country is worth $50,000, how do you afford to move into the city, exactly? And if everyone were to move to the city, the value would plummet to approximately $0. Besides, everyone should move into the cities! Who needs food, lumber, or minerals anyway? - Trip
  18. What? They have every incentive. If they can make video streaming from providers other than themselves so expensive that nobody uses it, that benefits them. Innovation on the Internet threatens their profits. And since in most places, there is no competition in the home Internet access space from anyone except another provider with its own video service (think Verizon FiOS TV versus Comcast), the market won't be able to correct this behavior. Even if you count wireless, AT&T and Verizon now own their own streaming services and would benefit from pushing you to those as well. - Trip (This comment is my own and does not necessarily reflect the view of my employer, the FCC.)
  19. When on US Cellular roaming, my G5 was always on SRLTE. I think that's how it determined whether to roam on LTE or not; if it had 1X on US Cellular, then LTE roaming was permitted. The moment it picked up Sprint CDMA though, it dropped US Cellular LTE. Actually, as far as I can tell, US Cellular is SRLTE across the board. My US Cellular phone, and my father-in-law's, both always have SRLTE running. - Trip
  20. Sprint 2017 handset SRLTE mode survey/discussion

    LG G6 - Constant SRLTE - Appears to use Nano SIM, based on what I saw when I put my Micro SD card in. - Trip
  21. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    I'm really liking this phone so far. Normally I'd be unhappy about the non-removable battery, but considering the $120 price at Best Buy, I can just replace the whole phone instead when the time comes. (And I never replaced the battery in my G5 despite spending much more on it.) One question though. Ever since I got SCP installed, it's been in SRLTE. My G5 would only do SRLTE in very weak signal areas, but it seems like the G6 has been in constant SRLTE. Does this match the experience of others? (I'm not complaining, just curious.) I'm also seeing B41 more frequently at home than I used to. I'll have to see how it is out and about at some point. I'm assuming that's HPUE allowing it to maintain a B41 connection lower before the lack of uplink forces it to Band 25 or 26. - Trip
  22. Just to follow up, I had no problem getting it at the store yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised with how easily the process went, though it did take a while. - Trip
  23. Thanks. That's too bad. On a related note, despite having paid full price for my phone back in 2016 and Sprint's website telling me I'm upgrade eligible, Sprint "declined [my] upgrade" when I tried to check my eligibility for the LG G6 deal on the Best Buy website. Tried to ask Sprint's chat, who blamed Best Buy. I guess I'll have to go to Best Buy in person and see what they say. - Trip
  24. Any idea what Sprint's Black Friday deals will be this year? I've seen T-Mobile's ad, but unless I've missed it, nothing from Sprint... - Trip
  25. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    So I see that on Black Friday, Best Buy will have the G6 for $4.99/month "with qualified activation." The fine print doesn't seem to be included in the scan I saw; any idea what that means, exactly? - Trip