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  1. Not sure about "newest" but I definitely got a quick charger with my G5. I use it regularly and my phone charges quite quickly. - Trip
  2. This isn't really iPhone specific, but the iPhone announcement did make me think of it. Do these devices that use facial recognition, do you also need a PIN to access the device? If not, I would never, ever use this technology. The only thing stopping a police officer from an illegal search is... well, nothing. They hold the phone up to your face and the phone unlocks itself. - Trip
  3. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    Because nothing says "bad for America" like locally-owned small businesses that can respond to local customer needs, right? I don't understand why you desperately want gigantic companies who run roughshod over consumers to grow ever larger and more able to run roughshod over consumers. While complaining that they run roughshod over consumers, no less. - Trip

    You can click on the date or the time underneath the name of the most recent poster and it'll take you there. - Trip

    If you click the little dot or star to the left of the thread, it will take you to the first unread post. I do that on every forum I visit because different software has been inconsistent about what happens when you click the title itself. - Trip
  6. In the areas I'm familiar with, they use microwave backhaul for many of their sites. Certainly doesn't surprise me that they could use T1 lines or whatever else they're able to get at some of their sites. - Trip
  7. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    No, the platinum one. After I got home, later in the evening, I tried again and it worked. So strange. - Trip
  8. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    It wasn't just the G6 that was missing though. Lots of phones were missing from the displays for all the carriers. It was kind of... odd. Made me wary of the whole store. - Trip
  9. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    I decided against it. It suddenly occurred to me that now that work has moved to having an RSA "Soft Token" on my phone, which I just had done this week, I'd have to have it done again, and I'd likely be without access to work e-mail over the weekend. But, despite that, I went to the store and decided that I'd look and see it in person and then make a final decision. Got there and not only was the G6 missing from the Sprint display, it was also missing from the AT&T display, and the Sprint display did not have the sale price on it. So, I turned around and left. - Trip
  10. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    Maybe I'll just show up at the store and plan to spend a while there. - Trip
  11. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    I paid my phone off in full when I bought it, so the day after I got it, it said I was upgrade eligible. - Trip
  12. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    The Best Buy site keeps telling me that my information doesn't match my Sprint records. I reset my PIN just in case, but it's still telling me that something's wrong. I'm guessing if I went into the store, they'd have the same issue? I was hoping to reserve it and then go in to pick it up this evening. - Trip
  13. LG G6 to be Sprint's first HPUE-capable device

    How does that work? Can I not pay the $5/month ($120 total) in a lump up front? Or after the first month? (Considering it since my power button doesn't work anymore.) - Trip
  14. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I'm in the DC market and haven't heard anything either. - Trip
  15. IIRC, when I was in Savannah in March, there was no B41 at all. The network performed well enough for my uses (except at the hotel in Richmond Hill), but there was definite room for improvement. - Trip
  16. LG G5 User Thread (LG-LS992)

    For how long? Mine will sometimes take up to 30 or 45 seconds to get the signal back if it loses it because I'm in a Metro tunnel or something, and it looks just like that. (I usually toggle Airplane Mode to get it back in a hurry, though it can still take 10-15 seconds after that.) - Trip
  17. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    I'll put it like this. KEFN-CD, currently on channel 49, improperly filed a request to change channel way too early in the process. It was "pursuant to an agreement with a wireless carrier to transition early". Here is the filing before they corrected it to the assigned channel: https://enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov/dataentry/public/tv/draftCopy.html?displayType=html&appKey=25076f915cef73c3015d1d9ce2c932ff&id=25076f915cef73c3015d1d9ce2c932ff&goBack=N The PDF attachments at the bottom tell the tale; the FCC's filing system didn't let them specify an alternate channel in the form itself. - Trip
  18. LG G5 User Thread (LG-LS992)

    So, my power button has gradually been working less and less and has gotten to the point where it barely works. I'm mildly concerned that if I turn it off, I won't be able to turn it back on. Is anyone else experiencing similar behavior? - Trip
  19. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Mike, In the change log, you mention this: Added feature to add current location to a site note. I just now found it, having thought it meant something else. But my first attempt at using it, sitting here in my office at work, said "Location unavailable!" even though I have GPS coordinates shown at the top of my screen. (The GPS is not currently locked, however, since I'm indoors.) Not sure there's a bug here, but wanted to point it out. - Trip
  20. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Hard to press and hold a full-screen message that I need to update. (Which then defeats the "keep screen on" in SCP...) I'll check out fotakill. - Trip
  21. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Considering these phones are literally only used for SCP/NSG, I've rarely encountered such issues. My bigger problem, actually, is the constant prompting for updates that I can't install because I've replaced the bootloader. I can kill them, but on reboot, the prompts start right back up again. - Trip
  22. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Yep, that's it. I wasn't reporting anything in particular, just wanted to be sure you had at least one outside test of the saved submission functionality. And I don't reboot my devices unless it's necessary. The last time I rebooted that phone was probably in May when I turned it off for the flight back from Denver. - Trip
  23. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Sent it in. Let me know if it worked. - Trip
  24. SignalCheck Beta Crew Forum

    Very cool! I'll take my Verizon phone out with me tomorrow and try to do a diagnostic while I'm out and about. Then, when I get home, I'll try to submit it via Wi-Fi. - Trip
  25. I did link to the City of Alexandria building permit site. - Trip