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  1. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    All Sprint small cells found in the Ohio markets have had their Cascade ID posted at the site, so it makes singling it out a lot easier. They've all contained 90XS. For instance, a cascade ID for a small cell found in a Cleveland, OH area suburb is CL90XSB19. Obviously, the LA market prefix is different. Also, the signal is quite strong standing next to those things. I've achieved low -60s RSRP standing roughly 20 feet away from the pole.
  2. Network Vision/LTE - LA Metro Market

    Once upon a time, BSLs we're the actual site coordinates, but now a vast majority use what are called offsets. Triangulation with the BSL coordinates of all sectors is the only way to narrow down the approximate location. Also, BSLs are a CDMA technology feature. Small cells are LTE only. That's where site notes on SCP comes into play.
  3. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    So what EARFCNs have shown up so far? Mine is 39874
  4. The CDMA channel number in the engineering screen should tell you that. Here's a good resource to help figure out the frequency. http://niviuk.free.fr/cdma_band.php
  5. Which is why I am sooo thankful for the database file that you maintain . Adding CDMA site notes were too much of a hassle to add to my personal database file.
  6. Mini macros and small cells share the same GCI pool here. They all are intermixed. All of our small cells have a GCI ending of 01 only. All of them are relay backhaul, so fiber or other backhaul may yield different results if the small cell supports multiple carriers. All our mini macro Gci suffixes have been 31, 32, 33/39, 3A, 3B depending on the carrier.
  7. Motorola Google Nexus 6 Users Thread

    The final security patch for my Nexus 5 was like this (Dec 2016, I believe). It says up to date. I tried manually applying the update and it didn't work. The latest security patch still shown is November.
  8. I wish a SCP beta thread would be considered. I'm not really interested in digging through 30+ replies to something I'm not a part of.
  9. With Toledo now keeping track of network upgrades now, it's been found that many areas of the market now have a 10x10 MHz carrier for B25, and even some areas that have an additional 5x5 carrier for capacity. B26 has pretty much gone marketwide now too. blkkatana would probably have a better idea of what's around Lima. Not sure how well VZW is fairing in the unlimited game, but AT&T seems to be suffering terribly in parts of Northeast Ohio from my observation. I use an AT&T sim mostly for testing purposes. Lately, I've had to push the device to HSPA just to have uninterrupted music streaming. I'm very glad I've got Sprint now to be honest.
  10. Current Sprint PRLs

    Data roaming on vzw hasn't worked in my area for years; only voice calls work. Fortunately, I rarely roam now, but vzw data roaming does work when I travel to other regions. Whenever I get EVDO while getting a 1x roaming signal, it ends up being Sprint anyway when I check the EVDO engineering screen.
  11. Throwback Thursday S4GRU style

    Now there must be MOAR!! Ain't nobody got time for a lousy 3G forever site finally getting fired up with only 1900 LTE these days except for the die hards like myself
  12. Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    Ah yes, I know what you mean. B26 coverage at some sites is downright awful right now. I was in range (line of sight, literally) of the site in Parkman yesterday. I had one device on 800 (hydro icon - my best performer) and one on 1900 (Nexus 5 - best performer). I was consistently getting a 10-20 dB weaker on 800. I've been keeping my hydro on 800 at home, and I've noticed a vast improvement in 2 weeks. These were grabbed from roughly the same spot a few minutes ago. I'm only a 1/2 mile from the site. Granted it doesn't account for antenna placement between devices, nor the margin of error in placement, but on average the signal is about 15-20 dB stronger here on 800, and so far the only site where I've found that 800 outreaches 1900. Too bad only one sector is active at my home site. So, there is hope. Just some patience is needed.
  13. Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    Here are some general stats of our user finds for our market. We still have 11 GMOs left. The rest are way off the beaten path, so nobody has recorded them. 1x800 444/627 Sites Confirmed - 70.81% Band 25 602/627 Sites Confirmed - 96.01% Band 26 132/627 Sites Confirmed - 21.05% Band 41 (8T8R) 363/627 Sites Confirmed - 57.89% Band 41 Mini Macro (formerly Clearwire) 101/155 Sites Confirmed - 65.16%
  14. Network Vision/LTE - Cleveland/NE Ohio Market

    B26 has been lighting up market wide. That's what's been happening 128 129 132 so far have been found. There's much more out there that hasn't yet been found.
  15. My fear is that another spectrum auction will happen again in another decade once wireless providers have determined that they need more spectrum. Though I'm personally not thrilled with a sizeable chunk of UHF television spectrum being pulled from broadcasters again, I am hopeful that a repack this time around will be more efficient now that analog is not a factor. My question for broadcasters is how they are going to roll out ATSC 3.0