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  1. iOS11 - now available.

    I'm still on the fence about updating my 5S to iOS11... I really like 10.3.3 on it and by far my favorite thus far since I got it early last year. I don't know? Should I download now or wait? Is iOS11 really worth it?
  2. Hmmm, that would make sense then. I won't be going back that way for awhile, but I'll try and at least go to Waupaca here soon to see if I can recreate this and get some screenshots. I'm still at 0 for roaming data as of today!!
  3. I would assume it would be, being at where I was. But I have no way to confirm it because of SCP saying it was a "Sprint" LTE signal. But my Note 5 was roaming for sure. This is all an area where I'm lucky to get a decent 3G signal. So it definitely was from another provider.
  4. See... now maybe what I saw wasn't so weird after all. I was most certainly roaming with an "R" listed, however SCP represented it as Sprint data. And 2 days later I have an updated usage account still with 0 data used for roaming. I still don't know, but I'm happy about it. Because it filled the gaps in nicely. This was between Steven's Point, Waupaca and New London.
  5. Karma Go

    Updated OP to reflect pricing and information changes. My Karma still comes with me to every gig I do just as a backup, it's always been reliable. And while I'm not ecstatic about the new plan, it is a dollar cheaper than just buying 1 GB every month. So for what I use it for, it makes sense for me. Any of you still use yours? Any members buy it since then?
  6. Every time I've looked, there's never one on there. And when there is, it has some crazy plan attached to it.
  7. Yup, about a year ago... right when I was about to get one myself and haven't been able to find one ANYWHERE since then.
  8. Network Vision/LTE - Milwaukee Market (including Madison)

    Be sure to post this news in the North Wisconsin thread so the Green Bay people can see it too! Great find! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled when I go to GB next time.
  9. Network Vision/LTE - Milwaukee Market (including Madison)

    Forwarded your post to the premier and non-premier North Wisconsin thread! Thanks for the find!
  10. Thought I'd forward this information here... http://s4gru.com/ind...dison/?p=490226 Small cells are coming to Green Bay Keep a lookout Spike!
  11. Network Vision/LTE - Milwaukee Market (including Madison)

    From what I've experienced, great in areas where it has blanketed coverage. But, places can be spotty! It all depends on the areas you go. Milwaukee is definitely in better standing than around Madison I know! Btw... be sure to send any logs my way from your trip in the premier thread (link is in my bio). I'd greatly appreciate any data you find!
  12. Updated my 5S to iOS 10 and it officially got even better! It seems a lot snappier and as I do a lot of social media, marketing and picture taking with it, that's going to be greatly appreciated. As a business only device, it's been a great sidekick for me! Very glad I got a separate business line, and dumped my tablet I had (Tab 3) and switched everything to this. While for personal use, I'm all Android and my Note 5 rocks. But for business use... iOS has been a HUGE help for me and for never owning anything iOS, my 5S continues to impress me.
  13. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 User Thread

    It seems like I'm getting better battery life, but too soon to tell yet.
  14. While still up in the air, I may be doing a weekend trip to Door County this weekend. I have up in the North Wisconsin premier thread, only 2 towers within the area confirmed with LTE. I confirmed the 2 last year, but we know according to the official Sprint coverage map that "supposedly" our 3G only towers now have some form of LTE. So... if you are not a premier sponsor yet, please donate to help keep this site going! In the premier thread we have a full spreadsheet of all of our towers with current NV standing, address of each site and 3 different maps to help track all of the information. I can always use more members to add information for me! I recently have taken over for the Milwaukee/Madison premier thread as well. Now's the time because Robert is running an upgrade special: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/topic/7547-s4gru-good-newsbad-news-lights-go-off-on-sunday-724-unless-we-can-raise-just-a-few-bucks/ I also have all the links below in my signature...
  15. I love coming into this thread after a couple days and returning to amazing news. The stock price jump is wonderful, the positive blog posts and articles, the way Marcelo gets to toot his horn to his accomplishments and most importantly... the nay-sayers and haters are shut up! What a good day to be a Sprint user!