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  1. For the folks I talked to at #NAHJ #EIJ, it was a pleasure meeting you. I am delayed getting to Miami so you may not hear from me soon.

  2. Something tells me I'll be hearing despacito a lot today... https://t.co/D4F0XuQJ35

  3. HTC A9 (FCC)

    Any update on getting it unlocked? I was traveling for pleasure and the coverage with Sprint was abysmal. Switched over and had no problem while I was away.
  4. HTC A9 (FCC)

    Hopefully this works (and answers some questions) https://www.dropbox.com/sc/enwgyicil6qqs0l/AACDnB_qeJ6vUxl-k4RjtB5aa
  5. HTC A9 (FCC)

  6. HTC A9 (FCC)

    Just saw that I had questions so.. Transitwatch: No prob CDK:Tell me how I would get to an Engineering screen and ill let you know. As for Signal Light Pro I don't know. I just use SignalCheck Lite (may pay for the full version though.) It did install the Sprint apps when it restarted (after activating) but I never use them so I deleted them. I just reinstalled Sprint Zone and it looks like its working (though its just about 5 minutes playing with it ...) Bakedc: Ill check the part number when I get home (where the box is.) I did notice I have to do the sim switch when the phone is off, Everytime I start the phone, it shows an unlock icon and an android picture, then seems to restart into Sprint mode. Once its in sprint mode, I can't do the sim switch.
  7. HTC A9 (FCC)

    Finally have the phone in my hands (arrived on Sat.) It was purchased directly from HTC (during the 399 promo price.) I can confirm the device is unlocked. I was able to insert my work ATT sim, which gave me a carrier screen. It is amazing to be able to speed test 2 networks on the exact same phone. Speaking of SIM's, the phone came with one. I had actually prepared by ordering one, but when the phone arrived it already had a sprint sim. I am coming from an LG G2 (which I loved but bad GPS and horrible call quality was driving me nuts.) I can grab B41 signals much better than the LG G2. It also holds on to B25 more (which I wish it didn't, B25 in my work area is overloaded, while B26 is fast.) I know its unfair to compare but CA on the one a9 makes the phone a pleasure to use on B41. I have never gotten over 5 megs upload on B41, with this phone I've gotten up to 17 (and 72 down.) GPS is 100 times better than the LG G2. While the screen/phone ratio is not as nice as the LG G2 (that phone was all screen,) the screen pops (thanks to AMOLED.) Battery life could be a little better but it actually not as bad as I expected. Hard use (and GPS use) drains the battery quickly, but moderate use (some emails, checking text, some web and some music,) is actually not bad at all. I wouldn't take chances though (have a QC 2.0 car charger as well as one at work.) Front camera is good in low light situations (much brighter than other phones, but a lot of noise.) Back camera is not bad but not great. I can take some really good pictures but I have to think about it more than I do with the work iphone. Android is doing a good job of what its putting on the external card and what goes on the internal memory. I was a little concerned that it was just going to fill internal memory first and then use external but from what I gather, its put game extra files and music on the external memory. I have a sandisk extreme pro 64 card in there and haven't noticed a lag if its accessing that memory. Overall I am not disappointed in my impulse buy (other than HTC's roll-out on delivery.) I am more concerned in having to contact costumer care if something goes wrong. I never got my 6 month free google music play code, and getting a response from HTC costumer service has been futile.
  8. HTC A9 (FCC)

    So did the phone ever arrive? What's your thoughts so far on it? Is it a keeper? My biggest concern is if it holds on to a signal.
  9. HTC A9 (FCC)

    If its based off luck them I'm SOL! That being said it may be a good thing as I can check some sprint specific reviews and cancel the order if need be.
  10. HTC A9 (FCC)

    I guess I should be happy there is a light at the end of the tunnel.... I ordered on 10/29 but I guess standard shipping orders go out later. Ah well
  11. HTC A9 (FCC)

    Ordered a Carbon Gray version over a month ago and its still delayed from HTC. No word on a shipping date.
  12. Network Vision/LTE - Miami/West Palm Market

    I'm getting B26 near Miramar Prkwy and i-75 (The NBC/Telemundo Building). It's slow (.5 mbps with a 4 meg upload which is odd) but ill take it! *Update* B26 is much more usable/stable than B25 down here. I think B25 here was saturated for this cell tower. It may not be fast but it's constant and I can stream music (which I couldn't do on B25.)
  13. Network Vision/LTE - Miami/West Palm Market

    WooHoo... I know someone posted in Ft Laud but this is the first i see down in Miami. With the low speed it may not be optimized yet.
  14. Network Vision/LTE - Miami/West Palm Market

    While B26 is not scheduled to be up till after the 21st (thanks to Miami Dade County not being ready for the rebrand), I believe 1x800 is starting to come up live in South Florida (since it requires a much smaller space in the 800 band than LTE 800). Hopefully this means they are optimizing the 800 mhz band and preparing for B26. I haven't caught 1x800 in the Biscayne corridor (probably since there are plenty of 1900mhz towers near me and I connect easily).
  15. Network Vision/LTE - Miami/West Palm Market

    Tell me about it! I work right off I-75. B25, when it works, gets me at best about 950k but mostly its 3g sppeds at a horrid 150k, (can't even stream music at my desk). I really need B26 to be live! I am excited to see that B26 is going live before the FCC date of the 21st! Sadly, once I walk outside I get blazing fast speeds on B41. It just feels like such a tease of what this network can be.