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  1. Tower #ct23xc408 in dayville was just updated to full build but have GMR's
  2. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    If you put in my zip (06255) on sprints coverage map you can see I don't get service at my house. Do you think a MB would get a signal?
  3. So they just turned on 4G in Putnam CT it's a GMO build wish is was the full builds we need them badly but better than nothing.
  4. Went to Foxwoods today still no 4G there. A big place like that should of had it awhile ago it's kinda sad.
  5. HTC U11

    Finally got my Amazon code today
  6. HTC U11

    Didn't get my code yet for the dots anyone else not get there's
  7. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I got an email a couple days ago and it said my device (HTC 10) isn't compatible with the Magic box so they denied me. So i called and they resigned me up to get reviewed again.
  8. HTC U11

    So I signed up to get the free dots and the only thing i got was an my email that said sprint u 11 redemption
  9. HTC U11

    Yes it is
  10. HTC U11

    I don't have the voicemail app on my phone anyone else not have the app
  11. if its free for sprint costumers I could see it helping get some new costumers https://sprint.tidal.com/us
  12. HTC U11

    So is the 9th when we should be getting the phone?
  13. HTC U11

    So i called to order it and they said they can't give me the $249 contract price because I'm corporate personal line not a corporate business line. But i did get it for $12.75/month and a $100 service credit. With taxes and the credit I'm paying $251 for the phone. Score!!!
  14. I was there yesterday and it was still 3G hoping that changes soon
  15. they just turned on LTE on Thompson CT tower but I'm pretty sure its a GMO site