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  1. The game, cube, and snoop https://t.co/tTrKaM706y

  2. @_jennifermeza U like the charger or challenger hellcat?

  3. @_jennifermeza @ him https://t.co/xH8if8wcbA

  4. RT @Moreno: UC Berkeley Police 👮🏼 y'all some punk ass bitches a ticket is understandable but to take his money away fuck the police https:/…

  5. iPhone 6S/6S Plus/6C Rumor Thread

    Undecided if to go for 64 gb or 128 gb model. Ehh probably 128 gb. I'll sell my iPod touch! With 4K video storage I'll be needing the storage.
  6. Motorola Google Nexus 6 Users Thread

    Anyone else have really poor battery life? I hate having to resort to battery saving mode since the performance decreases by a lot and I don't get push notifications. On another thing this phone tremendously overheats when charging. I've gotten temperatures up to 125 degrees.
  7. HTC One M9 Rumor Thread

    Design wise you couldn't get much better than the M8.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    My standby battery is horrible. My school is 15 minutes from me and by that time my phone is 4% less. I have to charge this thing 3 times a day smh
  9. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I will try Textra. I was using google messenger for a couple of hours but I hated the layout.
  10. Over here stockton sprint is the bomb. All 3 LTE bands cover the whole city and blazing fast lte speeds. Bad part is everyone is getting sprint now so the speeds have reduced a bit since B41 broke lose.
  11. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    Days later still horrible battery life. I can only get 2 hours of screen time before my phone dies .. I prefer the notification panels of kit kat and the default messaging app. One thing that has improved is the camera. It opens faster, takes pics faster, faster focus, and doesn't close .
  12. Samsung Galaxy S5 User Thread

    I don't like the colors of lollipop. Seems like it's made for a teen age girl. The battery life is awful,just when I thought my S5 couldn't have a worse battery life... Guess ill be using the M8 as a daily user now until the M9 and S6 are announced
  13. Sprint tower by the mall has gone live with B26. So far 4 towers that I pass around daily are live with B26. If you're not on B26 you'll rapidly connect to B41.
  14. Yeah we been having Band 41 since summer and B26 is now showing up in more places in the 209. The only city that still struggles with service.
  15. On my way to bear Valley and guess what I got? https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0fwq3g08wc400j/2014-12-21%2018.29.51.png?dl=0 Hwy 4 East just off Stockton