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  1. IBEZ 800MHz Retrofit

    I was in Tucson for a couple of days lat week. Visiting a relative. I did encounter some Band 41 at times. It is not everywhere, but it looked like it was in progress. I did notice that in areas with only Band 25, it mostly was weak signal strength and very slow. It surely is a sore spot. It does need some major attention and soon. While I was not familiar with the actual location of the sites, I would suspect that sites without Band 41 might actually be ground mount sites. I just was not able to take time to locate any cell sites and look at them. I would guess that any upgrade to B-41 would cause the ground mounts to become top mounted. Band 26 antennas probably are on the sites if they have band 41 added. It would make sense to place all the antennas and radios at the proper place and then eventually turn on band 26 when they can. It seemed that the spacing on the sites are worse than normal probably due to flat land and very few tall buildings. They probably need to start adding some mini-macros to cover the areas that were in-between the old 1900 sites that were too widely spaced. I also visited Tombstone while in the area. Roamed on AT&T LTE and Verizon CDMA voice while there. Sprint was missing. I made a phone call on the Verizon 1x and also used the AT&T LTE. After one week, looking at Sprint.com, I see nothing to indicate that I will be charged for the use on the other networks.
  2. If it still is going to happen, that is GREAT. That will make B-41 usable for me in quite a few spots. I think it was mentioned that they might just try to use HPUE and not 25/41 upload aggregation. Maybe that was just a thought or maybe I am imagining that I saw it.
  3. Didn't somebody say that band 25 upload was not going to be aggregated with band 41. I thoughtful that was stated here somewhere, But I can not find it. Quote
  4. Possible silly question here. I know this has been discussed but maybe we need to talk about it again. Talking about Band 41, slow upload. Is it possible that some other lower frequency could be used somehow for upload? Leave band 41 configured as it is, but somehow have a completely different upload channel. If you were not having success with uploading on band 41, the second channel would carry the upload. Or something that would aggregate with the current B-41 upload. Can a phone transmit on one frequency for upload and another one for download? Didn't we discuss uploading on 1900 and downloading on 2500? Is that not possible? Do we know if any foreign cell companies that use band 41are trying anything like I mentioned? I am seeing live feeds to TV networks from sudden hot news spots that break up at times. I was not sure if they are using wi-fi or cell networks, but they sure are not using the expensive satellite trucks.
  5. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Now hope that they remain friends and somehow share networks. Figure out how to allow full no charge extended LTE roaming on each other. Bring in US Cellular to the party. Shake hands and build a killer network by co-operating against the bigger two. T-mobile is well situated to build a rural 600 network. Sprint is well situated to build a killer 2500 network in high density areas. Agree to jointly engineer, build and share the best network nationwide.
  6. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Yepper, do a project Fi type of thing. Make it even better than Project Fi. Quit building duplicate cell sites in the same area. Keep all the Spectrum. Build the 600 network in the very rural areas and build the crap out of the 2500 network where needed. Trade/merge 1900 spectrum if it can be done to make it more efficient and wider channels. Trade any oddball spectrum with AT&T or Verizon. Maybe even include a deal of some type with US Cellular. I can not see a full blown merger and the resulting need to dump Spectrum.
  7. Not showing Shentel's B-41 LTE Plus in much of their territory. It does show in York, PA and some of Harrisburg, PA. But nothing to the south along I-81 into Maryland and Virginia. It was showing in previous mapping.
  8. [Discontinued] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Yep, my thoughts too. No full merger. Just figure out how to quit building duplicate cell sites. Share. Modern phones already have most of the bands. Customers of both companies use both networks. No roaming, just both networks are native. If they do a full merger, chances are some spectrum will have to go. If they can agree to be friends and help each other especially in the rural areas, they can retain all spectrum. It no longer matters about GSM and CDMA, it will all be LTE soon. They can still have two brands. Have two networks that look like one network. Maybe form a third company to manage the combined networks. The accounting and management would be the issue. It is not a technical issue. The networks can be made to work together. Stop building two cell sites in the same block. Quit trying to both cover the very rural areas. Build one site and both companies have access.
  9. AJ, Do you know if the Magic box can pick the best B-41carrier of the 3 that might be available? Or, can Sprint manage to keep all 3 carriers fairly evenly loaded?
  10. Are they not doing CA upload at all right now? I had thought that they were at least doing it on 2xCA but maybe not on 3xCA. Can they make it work on older phones like a Galaxy S-7 or it going to take improved hardware?
  11. I understand why the upload looks poor and I understand why that are doing it that way. But the optics of it looks bad. Just too bad that they can not somehow improve the upload even if it is not really needed. Most of us S4GRU users have it figured out, but the average non-educated cell phone user just looks at the figures and thinks something is wrong with Sprint.
  12. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I have noticed more than one person complain about the 20% issue in N.C.. There might be a possibility that the network in that area still needs some software or hardware to make the Magic box connect. Might be a good idea to just hold on to it for awhile.
  13. Galaxy Note 8 rumors, specs, thoughts, etc

    Instead of setting at your front door waiting for your Notes, I stopped the UPS truck down the street and turned the inventory of the truck inside out. Somehow I must have missed the package I was looking for. I slowed down the entire load, but you got lucky that I could not find the package.
  14. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I am not sure if the number has to be local or not, but my number is very local. It sure is something to look at.
  15. Galaxy Note 8 rumors, specs, thoughts, etc

    No worries, I will sit at your front door on Sept 5 and accept it. And the best thing is that you will never see me or the phone again.
  16. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Did you look at your account on Sprint.com to see if the MB is there. It will also have a phone number assigned probably only used for tracking.
  17. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Does it give you and "Error Code 30" message when failing at 20%.
  18. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Could they be telling us to place it near a window to make it easy to receive the GPS signals?
  19. I am not sure if they are or are not prioritizing voice traffic, but voice will work poorly unless the data channel is not congested and running totally smooth. Any burp in the data destroys VOIP. Running VOIP over a congested 5x5 band 26 channel with no voice prioritization will be a disaster. This is true if it is VOIP or something just similar to VOIP. When a data stream stutters, voice stutters unless it is buffered somewhere and gets some correction. My Directv Now Video streaming will buffer. Suddenly it backs up about 3 seconds and repeats the programming that was messed up. With voice, backing up and repeating the last 3 seconds of a voice call might not be so good. It has to be almost flawless the first time.
  20. That SHOULD have already been thought of and set up. If it was not, then somebody looks bad.
  21. It was late last night when I discovered this new 10X10 Carrier and I did not really have time to investigate it. You could be right on the use of the "A" Block. It could be that Shentel could be forcing more 1x voice traffic onto 800 so that they could clear the "A" block for this 10X10. Another possibility is that 1X voice could have been shifted onto 1900 spectrum they obtained when they killed the nTelos cell sites in this area of Pennsylvania. Needs more investigation. My Galaxy s7 totally loves this new 10X10 and I am not able to get it to land on the old "G" block at all.
  22. Just found a new 10X10 band 25 carrier in Shentel territory. It Waynesboro, Pa city UL channel 26140 DL Channel 8140. This is a change. We did have the standard G block 5X5 and another 5X5 probably in Block "A" SCP identifies this as B25 with no second carrier identification. I am not sure if they obtained something other than block "A" somehow or what. I have not seen a B-25 second carrier identification in SCPsince this 10X10 suddenly appeared, but there may still be a second b-25 carrier here. An nTelos site was removed here as it was no longer needed. nTelos used band 25 but not sure what block was used here. It was not block "A:"
  23. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Yep, Shentel area. Kinda make you wonder if that is the reason.
  24. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Great for you. Makes me wonder what they see in your request that made them decide to ship one to you. My request was much earlier and while I did not get a rejection, I did not get any other explanation of the status.