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  1. Sprint Plan Comparison Spreadsheet

    So the Unlimited Freedom plans have capped employer discount at $5.00 per line. meh
  2. Sprint Plan Comparison Spreadsheet

    I'll update this soon/tomorrow once the Customer Service reps can give me a clear answer if/how employer discounts are applied to this plan.
  3. FWIW, My waived line fees have expired now and showed up on my latest bill. Still a happy customer though.
  4. Missed the first part because a coworker was talking about work (who does that?) -50% off promo, etc? extended because they are working -Glimpse of Q4 results? None given. Immediately deferred to discussing costs cuts in the upcoming quarters and reduction of headcount -Is this improving market share while lowering customer acquisition cost as a strategy? No, this is temporary and they are seeking revenue gain rather than pure market share -Churn at Sprint is good right now -Is this promo a way to get people in the stores and upsell or a genuine way to get people in the 50% off plan? Sprint will upsell whenever possible but it is a simple message that works. -Is take rate of plan better than previous CYBIH promo? Promo is for only 12 months and Sprint has also increased unlimited plan prices at the same time -$2.5 Billion cost cutting? 1 billion costs to the savings, Opex such as severance will be and is being addressed, everything is being discussed in costs cutting: roaming, subsidy, marketing costs, NASCAR branding, marketing dollars going local/regional. Network side of the business: Capex to sales ratio high before because IDEN/WIMAX/LTE so that will naturally go down with that simplification. Weekly meetings/gating mechanism for cost goals/stakeouts. This may end in elimination of people. But savings cant be done with just payroll cutting. -Network plans densification/small cells/2.5 overlay timing and thoughts? Densification is deployed differently so it has a different impact on the network and how people perceive the change. Picking partners progressively and going to LTE only and combining everything to triband for cost reductions (yawn). Carrier Aggregation is another lever they have "pulled" as well as beamforming (double yawn) and these are software upgrades that can be done overnight to minimize disruption. Densification/femto/small cells but no details there. -misc talk about dropped calls and how much they suck. (I have one really long arm hair, yawn #3) -Is this capital intensive? It is less about capex cost but about how the network is improving, capex is moving in the right direction -Network Lease Co status and does it delay some capital? No delay to network improvement. "Soon" "Matter of a few months" -Handset Lease Co? Sprint spends $10 billion on handsets/year, $5 billion on capex but capex is a more lasting improvement, 8x better vs handset capital. Took time to explain risk (customer credit, asset risk) but now the structure is in place with residual value that is repeatable. Smaller tranches (orders) can be done so Sprint can do it quarterly to fund Sprint's needs. -Liquidity where the balance sheet is to 12-24 months.. maturities/obligations? Diversifying funding services ..(work interrupted this answer) ...Crux of the matter is the cost takeout being important to overall liquidity -If you needed more cash, cutting marketing? Sprint could if needed but right now doesn't need to. There is no panic in terms of cash or needing more cash. 1739 initiatives for cost stakeout right now. -Cash positive timeline? Deferred to talking about cost cutting -How much time is being spent tackling cost vs creating alliances or enhance competitive position? M&A requires improving operating performance and wont be in the cards until performance improves. -Auction? 2x10 spectrum in 2021 vs deploying current network Sprint will deploy current. Band size matters more than frequency. You need 2x20 to really drive higher bandwidth rather than 2x10. By the time network deployed 600mhz wont be relevant to Sprint anymore. -Handset question? Simple structure, can work with others besides Sprint.. Is just for certain handsets (IPHONES OBVIOUSLY) -Sprint as a service company? leasing company doing 100% of handsets? No it is a balanced approach. Leasing is done to kill churn. 2.7 million handsets done and these handsets have a lot of residual value and partners are needed to maximize residual value. There is a true-up at the end and Sprint gets 100% of the upside. -Anything else? Sprint needs to demonstrate they can deliver cost cutting and must execute. clapclapclapclapclapclap and back to peanuts soundtrack
  5. Looks like this just went live. I guess I will listen in while pretending to work
  6. Yeah. Some areas of South Austin are TERRIBLE for T-Mobile. On the other hand the core downtown area has blazing speeds.
  7. Yep. I knew that Sprint would win #1 speed in Austin. I actually figured the speed would be even higher than that. I am also not surprised at all by AT&T slower speeds as well as Verizon.
  8. Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    Nope. Only weirdness I have seen is the "when device is rotated" settings going back to portrait only instead of rotating. Happened twice since I got the phone. My vibration works fine for everything here and I have the phone always on vibration, never a ringer.
  9. Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    Pretty nice winter day in Texas. Good pics from my 6P.
  10. I voted Battery Life and Screen Size. After having my Nexus 6P for a while now I definitely will not go back to a smaller phone again. It simply fits my needs better. I am still not sold on the whole 1440p - > 4k screens. Until youtube and other services are actually streaming that resolution there isn't a need. Even at 1440p I just don't see the point. Similarly, my Nexus 6P has the best battery life I have ever experienced with a phone (although going EVO3D - > Nexus 5 - > Nexus 6P doesn't exactly set a high bar for good battery life). Just last week I ran maps navigation for 2 and a half hours, fiddled around on my phone before flights and at layovers, played some games and ran some speedtests while doing work and I got home at 11PM with 21% battery life. I forgot to plug the phone in after unpacking and showering and it was at 18% when I woke up so I tossed it on the charger while I ate breakfast (30-40 mins) and it was at like 75% when I picked it back up. I regularly don't bother charging the phone overnight now and just use the official charger while I shower and get ready. Fantastic.
  11. iPhone 6S/6S Plus User Thread

    Hello 6s users: Any recommendations for running armbands? Might get one as a stocking stuffer for my wife.
  12. Eh, to be fair both phones do support B41 2xCA. I think Sprint is doing great but the apparent weight put on uplink speeds will hurt them of course.
  13. I only noticed that they used a Galaxy note edge in San Antonio and at the Houston airport but a Galaxy s6 pretty much everywhere else in Texas.