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Evidently I am a 13-Year Old Hacker whose Dad works for Sprint, now...

Mar 25 2012 12:40 AM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

Nothing like a good deep belly laugh at 1 AM to rejuvenate ya!

I came across an article today in IT World (yeah, I never heard of it either) where the writer says of our site, "S4gru, a blog seemingly designed by a 13-year-old hacker whose dad works in dealmaking for Sprint."

I thought it was funny.  I think most of you will get a kick out of it.  I took it as a compliment, at least he is saying we are credible.  Just immature.  And perhaps that's true!  We are immature on the tech scene, and maybe even a tad irreverent.

I'm 36 and going on 13!

Posted Image


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S4GRU featured in DailyWireless.org website

Mar 07 2012 05:10 PM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

Sam Churchill featured Sprint 4G Rollout Updates in his Daily Wireless blog this past Monday.  It's a big read among wireless nerds.  And we appreciate the attention!

You can click on the screenshot below to go and read the article.  S4GRU.com, FTW!  And you guys have been with us long before we were ever noticed.  Thanks for your support.


Posted Image

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VIDEO: Are you being "throttled" by AT&T?

Feb 21 2012 01:28 PM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

In an interesting video submitted to me by S4GRU Member sosharpdevy, a news show called The Daily Take talks about the lack of competition in the U.S. Wireless industry has lead to the problems associated with AT&T and their throttling of unlimited customers.

I don't agree 100% of the whole clip, but it is interesting to ponder.  And the competitive market in Europe sure looks good to us in America at this point.  Take a listen...

Feel free to weigh in with your comments below.

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Template Variables Help

Mar 16 2010 05:00 PM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

All templates are capable of using template tags, and as such when you edit any type of template, there will be a "template tag help" link.  Clicking this produces a sidebar (there is then a link in the sidebar to open a separate popup) that details all of the template tags you can insert to include IP.Content data within your template.

However, with database and article templates, there are additional variables that are passed into the template to allow it to manipulate and display the HTML that represents the content.  For instance, different data is retrieved and available when you are looking at a list of articles compared to when you are viewing a single article.  You need to know what these variables are in order to be able to properly modify the template to display data in the manner you want, and as such, a template variable help popup is available that will detail the variables available for each template type.

When you are editing a template, click on "template variable help" and a new window opens displaying the variables you can expect to be available to the template with a short description of each variable.  If you get stuck, this help window can help shed some light on the variables that are available, what values they should contain, and how you can use these variables to your advantage to build a more dynamic and useful interface for your database.

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What Is A Frontpage?

Mar 16 2010 04:00 PM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

IP.Content 2.0 uses the term "frontpage" to refer to both the homepage of the Articles module, and the landing page of each individual category.  We have introduced this new navigational structure to better allow you to showcase content, while presenting it in a standardized format that your users will be able to understand and jump into without assistance.

Firstly, you will now be able to define "frontpage" templates in the ACP for the Articles module.  IP.Content 2.0 will ship with 3 defaults:
  • 1x2x2 Layout
    This layout will display articles in a traditional "news" style layout.
  • Blog format
    This format will display articles in a blog-style format.
  • Single column
    This layout will force articles to display in a single column, one per row.
You can use one or more of these frontpage layouts, or you can create your own.  Experiment with displaying articles in different formats on your homepage to determine which layout your users like best.

Articles must be set to "Show on front page" in order for them to display on the homepage frontpage.

In addition to the homepage frontpage, each category has it's own frontpage.  The category frontpage functions identically to the homepage frontpage, except for two important factors:
  • Only records from within that category (and it's subcategories) will be displayed
  • The "Show on front page" setting is not honored for the category frontpage
You will be able to easily review and manage the articles set to display on the frontpage from a new section of the ACP labeled "Frontpage Manager".  We feel that this new area of the articles section will help showcase important articles and increase user interaction with your articles section.

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Media Management

Mar 16 2010 04:00 PM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

The media module in the IP.Content 2.0 ACP section allows you to quickly and easily manage multimedia files you may need to use with IP.Content.  While you can certainly upload your files through FTP, or link to offsite files, you may find it easier to upload the files using the media section of the ACP, and then copy the links for use within pages, templates, and blocks.

From within the media module, you can create folders, upload files, move files and folders, rename files and folders, and delete files and folders.  Files can be listed and you can click on a file to view it (or right click on the file to copy the link).

This simple tool can be a timesaver when you simply need to upload an image quickly for use within a page template.  The media folder is defined in the media_path.php file in your forum root directory, giving you the freedom to move and organize your paths as needed.

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Store Comments In Forum

Mar 16 2010 04:00 PM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

With IP.Content 2.0, articles and custom databases can now mirror a topic to the forums when a new article or database record is submitted.  In doing so, IP.Content can also utilize that automatically-generated topic as the comment "storage" for the article or record.  When a comment is submitted to the article, the comment is actually stored as a reply to the topic.  Similarly, replies made directly to the topic in the forum also show up as comments for the record.

This new functionality can be enabled at a per-database and per-category level.  You can specify separate forums for each category in your article section, for instance, or you can turn off forum commenting for a specific category, while enabling it for all others.

A few additional configuration options, such as allowing you to automatically remove the topic when the record is removed, and specifying a prefix and/or suffix for the topic title so that your users can more easily identify that such topics were stemmed from the articles section help round out the feature, giving you better control over how these automatically posted topics are handled.

These new forum cross-posting capabilities allow the administrator to better tie in articles with the forums, giving you better opportunities to expose your content to a wider audience.  Additionally, forum management of comments provides for easier maintenance and stronger managerial options of the comments, utilizing IP.Board's powerful, proven feature set.

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Sharing links

Mar 16 2010 04:00 PM | S4GRU in Miscellaneous

IP.Board 3.1 introduces a new feature that is available for any application to make use of: sharing links.  IP.Content 2.0 makes use of this new feature in the custom databases (and articles) modules to allow you to more easily expose your content to a wider audience.

Along with supporting sharing of your content with third party services such as Facebook and Twitter, you can now also send an article via email, print the article, and download the article easily by clicking the appropriate icon under the article body.  The additional printing and downloading features allow the content to be shared, online as well as offline.

Within the articles module specifically, the article image that you upload when posting the article (optionally) will automatically be flagged for use with Facebook when someone uses Facebook to share the link.  This ensures that the correct image is the one Facebook displays to other users.  Similarly, we pull out an appropriate extract of textual content for Facebook to use as well.  If the user is logged in to Twitter or Facebook, sharing the content becomes even easier, not requiring you to even leave the site.

We hope that by providing tools to make it easier to share content on your site, your content will be exposed to a wider audience, bringing you more traffic and making your content more easily and readily available to the world.

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