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Nationwide Sprint Market Map is here!!!

Finally...what many of you have been waiting for.  A National Sprint market map, by county (or parish for y'all in Louisiana!).

The map file is very large (full resolution version is over 3MB).  90%+ of counties only have sites from one market, or another.  In a small handful of counties (like Imperial County, California), there are sites in two markets.  In the small handful of instances where that occurs, we tried to color it the market that has the most sites in that county.

Thanks to Digiblur for his tireless efforts in the S4GRU Cartography Division!

- Robert

Posted ImageNationwide Sprint Market Map.  Here all 97 Sprint Markets are shown.  Click on Image to Enlarge.

You can go here to view and download the full resolution image...  http://s4gru.herronw...ap10MAR2012.jpg