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We now have 500 S4GRU Members! And other stats...

S4GRU Members!

Today we crossed a new threshold.  We now have 500 S4GRU.com Members!  This is an exciting milestone.  See some other points below:
  • 500 S4GRU Members
  • 1,077 Twitter Followers
  • 904 Facebook Fans
  • 158 Google+ Circlers
  • Averaging 12,000+ page views per day
  • 40 S4GRU Sponsor Members, donating $11.12 on average
  • 5 S4GRU Premier Sponsors, donating $105.00 on average
We have had to upgrade our account with IP Board because our average number of users online at any given time has gone from 28 to 69!  But this is a good thing!  Thank you to those who support S4GRU.  It's what pays for us to increase our licensing.

I wonder what the future has in store?


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