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PayPal donate button has been added to S4GRU Landing Page

Thanks to all you S4GRU members who have been requesting us put up a PayPal donate button.  I finally caved in to all your pressures :lol: and have provided links on our Main Landing Page to our newly created PayPal account.

I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm of wanting to donate to the cause.  We sure hope you are enjoying the S4GRU site.  It is expensive to run, but I believe it's well worth it.

If you feel we are worthy of a few bucks to help cover the costs of hosting the site or help cover my late night K-cups (Keurig coffee) that I use to keep my eyes open until 3 AM every night, then please feel free to part with a couple of your dollars.

I greatly appreciate your consideration of helping the cause.  Your contributions help to give us all a home to hang out while we wait, and wait and wait for Sprint to NV our towers!

Thanks again and best regards,

Robert Herron
Wireless Dork &
Resident Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Masochist