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New 50 Member Chat Limit!

Due to popular demand, we have increased our Chat Limit to 250 licenses.  We have upped our chat, so up yours!  j/k

Our 20 chat licenses were no longer cutting it.  Demand was so high for our chats, that I had to stop announcing them on social media.  And we still had people who couldn't get in.  I never expected the chats to be so popular.  They have exceeded my wildest expectations.

Unfortunately, we could only go from 20 to 250.  It was a significant expense, but I thank you all you members who stepped up with the financial contributions.  This will pay for the extra chat licenses for approx. 4 months.  We can then evaluate if we want to keep them after that.

Since having 250 people in chat all it once would lead to chaos, I have put an artificial restriction of 50 members.  If the number ends up being too chaotic, we can decrease that number in the future.

Now at the next chat on Tuesday evening, you are all virtually guaranteed a spot at the table.  And thanks again for your unwavering support of S4GRU!

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