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    Tim Yu Sprint 4G Rollout Updates May 19, 2017 - 8:30 AM PDT The Sprint Magic Box was announced on Sprint's quarterly earning call earlier this month, and was heralded as the first truly all wireless small cell in the industry. So what is this mystical beast that is purported to increase coverage by up to 30,000 square feet, amplifies data speeds, and "boosts" your data signal? This is the 1st Generation Sprint Magic Box In more technical terms, the Magic Box is an Airspan product under their Airunity line. The black colored model that exists in the wild, and which I procured contains the Airspan Airunity 540 small cell eNB. Whereas the white colored Magic Box advertised by Sprint is a newer model that contains the Airspan Airunity 545 small cell eNB. The primarily difference is that the unreleased white Magic Box is able to broadcast at twice the transmit power compared to the black model which results in substantially increased coverage area in addition to the LTE UE Relay Module having HPUE capability. These are all wireless small cells as there is no requirement of a wired backhaul solution like traditional Femto cells like the pending Sprint Airave 3 LTE, Commscope S1000, or the T-mobile LTE Cellspot. Instead, the Magic Box (MB) utilizes a technology called LTE UE Relay that is integrated into the overall package. The Magic Box contains an Airunity LTE B41 2500 MHz small cell and a LTE UE Relay device called the ninja module whose only job is to establish a data link to a macro eNB LTE 1900 or 2500 MHz signal and then feed a data connection to the Airunity small cell. For more on LTE UE Relay: see here Once the Relay link is connected and data flows to the Airunity eNB, a new LTE 2500 MHz signal is then created and broadcasted from the unit. This signal is unique to the Magic Box and is available to use by any compatible Sprint device that can access the LTE Plus (2500 MHz LTE B41) network. Unlike a repeater setup, the Magic Box does not simply take an existing signal and amplify it and all the accompanying noise and interference. This is a brand new and very clean LTE signal being broadcasted. The following screenshot from Network Signal Guru app displays this clearly. The Magic Box in my location broadcasts a brand new LTE carrier with frequency located on EARFCN 40270 (2558 MHz) while the macro donor eNB signal of 40978 (2628 MHz) is used as backhaul (LTE Band 25 1900 MHz can also be used). [As of July 2017, the Magic Box had its LTE carrier center frequency switched to 2518.4 MHz or EARFCN 39874. Signal Check Pro screenshot] This means, instead of a weak edge of cell LTE signal with the accompanying band switching that substantially impact device stand by times and I may lose deep inside the building, a Magic Box allows a Sprint device to connect to a strong and clean LTE 2500 MHz signal which blankets the formerly weak LTE coverage area. As a side effect, LTE speeds may also be dramatically increased due to the better signal level and quality being broadcasted by the MB whose LTE Relay Module can connect to what may have been previously an unusable 2500 MHz network. Especially when placed by a window as recommended. Album of Screenshots Personal Experience In my more than one month of observations using the Magic Box, I was able to connect to a LTE 2500 MHz signal from inside a suburban family residential building where such a signal was previously unusable. Furthermore, not only did the Magic Box boost the data signal from weak edge of cell service with consistent frequency swapping that had previously killed our devices battery life, but it also increased the LTE data speeds substantially to the tune of 200-300% over what we were previously getting over LTE 800 and 1900 MHz. Whereas previously the house was a weak coverage area where LTE 800 MHz was predominant with even parts dropping to EVDO 3G, the new LTE signal broadcasted by the MB covers the entire house and then some through multiple interior walls and even an exterior brick wall before handing over back to the macro network. So what's my view on the Magic Box? It can't come soon™ enough for more people to use and enjoy.
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    Hot off the Goldman Sachs Investor call with Marcelo Claure... Highlights at 35 mins into the call (11:05 Eastern) -Sprint will add 2000 Macro sites (no time frame given) - Will have EVERY cell site with 800, 1.9 and 2.5 (No time frame given) - Will deploy many thousands of mini macro and such in addition to the Macro sites. -Capex will be $5-7 billion this year and "At least that much next year or more".... Marcelo's thoughts were that now that Sprint is growth positive and cash positive (his words) Sprint can now invest heavily and expand it's footprint.
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    It is more insightful than these tend to be. -$5-6 billion may be on the low side on CapEx going forward. -Large push back towards traditional towers. -Going back to the 25/26/41 on every macro tower where possible plan.
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    Oh gosh, not this again. I am more against this than I was before. Tmo and Sprint are getting more competitive and gaining market share against the Duopoly. Verizon is on their feet, having to actually compete. The wireless market has never been better for the American consumer. I'm willing to sit back and see what comes of this, as twospirits recommends, but I think the status quo is right where we need to be nationally with wireless. The path forward looks good for Tmo and Sprint. Prices will go up if they are allowed to merge. They are trying to do it now. It is the 4th competitor, the odd duck out, that pressures the market. Three roughly equal sized competitors just won't pressure much. Mark my words!
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    Official word? How can there be an official announcement that a deal is off when there has been no official announcement that a deal is on? It's all rumor and speculation.
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    T-Mobile announces Un-merger™. AJ
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    You beat me to it. I saw that article and came here to say the same thing. For the non-initiated, my analogy was going to be: "Newest Ferraris have been shown to do up to 200MPH on a racetrack. But average speeds of the latest Honda cars in the real world are only 40MPH! Honda is doomed!" - Trip
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    Tim Yu Sprint 4G Rollout Updates September 28, 2017 - 2:30 PM PDT It has been 6 months since I first learned of and received access to what is now called the GEN1 Magic Box. I wrote up my thoughts about it a few months back. Sprint has now evolved to a GEN 2 Magic Box model. These units are being distributed to customers who preordered after Sprint's announcements. I've now acquired a GEN2 Magic Box myself. Upon opening the package, the most immediate and noticeable difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Magic Box is the absence of an external portable battery. This was useful to lug the Magic Box around and test different locations in order to select the best spot for unit placement. On the surface this may appear to be a way to decrease unit costs. This may be true, but the Gen 2 model contains two CR18650 rechargeable lithium batteries integrated inside of the package for the same purpose. No more using a dongle and a hefty battery pack that could be easily lost! [2nd Generation Magic Box white colored on left, 1st Generation Magic Box black colored on right[ Along with the new internal guts, the external aesthetics and materials were also modified. The Gen 1 model had a super bright LCD display with a black front surrounding by white plastic. The new Gen 2 model has an eInk display with a touch power button below it on the front with the entire exterior being a reflective polished hard plastic. What didn't change is the GEN2 is still an all wireless small cell with no requirement of hard wired backhaul supplied by the user. It still uses LTE UE Relay to acquire an existing Band 25 1900 MHz or Band 41 2500 MHz connection from an existing donor site, which is then fed to the small cell unit and broadcasted as a new LTE Band 41 2500 MHz carrier. The new LTE Relay unit supports up to 3 carrier aggregation on Band 41 to the macro donor site. Now to the meaty parts. The performance. Let these screenshots tell the story. Before After [Apps used: Network Signal Guru, Signalcheck Pro, Ookla Speedtest] The extremely significant data speed and signal improvements that were experienced by the original Magic Box still exist with the 2nd generation unit. The GEN2 matches and exceeds the performance of my original Magic Box, especially in the upload category. This is due to the newer LTE Relay module design which utilizes a higher gain antenna. A very satisfactory model upgrade. It upholds the positive impressions I outlined in my original article. These units just can't come out fast enough so that more people can enjoy it! The Magic Box is not a panacea, but is a very good solution in many locations. Now that thousands of these preordered boxes are hitting the streets in countless different deployment scenarios, lots of limitations and bugs are being discovered. With varying impacts. The Magic Box doesn't work for everyone everywhere due to the very nature of its all wireless design. In most places, it works as advertised. Just power up and let it rip. In a few locations there is something lacking which causes units to not fully configure. This results in errors such as the infamous "20% initialization" or "cannot connect to mobile network" screens that pop up. We researched, asked questions and were informed that Sprint's LTE Relay configuration is of the out of band variety. This means that the LTE UE Relay operation and the small cell eNB signal has to operate on different frequencies. So in Sprint's case, a market must have Band 41 High and Low separation in order for a LTE Relay to work. Thus, Sprint must have spectrum in the Band 41 low range (2500-2570 MHz) and the Band 41 high range (2620-2690). If a Sprint market does not have said spectrum with such a separation, the relay link cannot be established and the Magic Box will not work. In markets where such spectrum peculiarities exist and areas where the macro 1.9 GHz and 2.5 GHz RF signal is not strong enough to establish a LTE Relay backhaul connection for the Magic Box, there exists other alternatives available from Sprint. These alternatives are the Airave 3 LTE and Commscope S1000 NSC which will be offered to subscribers who do not qualify for a Magic Box or in a location where the Magic Box does not work. The subscriber will require a home broadband connection in those instances. (Left: Airave 3 LTE, Right: S1000 NSC; credit: ingenium & pwnedkiller) The Airave 3 LTE is the traditional CDMA + LTE Band 41 + WiFi femto cell. It is the successor the Airaves of old. The Commscope S1000 NSC is a LTE Band 41 + WiFi only femto cell which is in essence the Airave 3 minus the CDMA capabilities. If a subscriber desires voice and data enhancement then the Airave 3 should be what the subscriber seeks. If the subscriber does not need voice enhancement due to sufficient macro voice coverage but need 4G LTE data enhancement, then the S1000 NSC would be a better fit. There is a solution for just about everyone now. There now exists an all wireless self configuring LTE small cell, a state of the art and award winning LTE small cell, and which when paired with a CDMA module produces the newest successor in the Airave family. All of which will bring extreme improvements that Sprint subscribers can realize instantly. The densification of Sprint's network is now beginning and it all begins with one quite magic(al) box. Album of the Magic Box
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    Tim Yu Sprint 4G Rollout Updates September 5, 2017 - 6:45 PM PDT It is that time of the year for flagship phablets and LG has returned to us with their brand new V30 smartphone. Unlike the LG G6, LG was not conservative with the specifications on this one. Many other tech sites and forums have already broken down the V30 but here at S4GRU we are more interested in network technologies and the V30 is definitely no slouch in this regard. Supported Technologies GSM 850 / 1900 WCDMA Band: 2 / 4 / 5 LTE Band: 2 / 4 / 5 / 12 / 13 / 17 / 25 / 26 / 41 4x4 MIMO on Band 25 and Band 41 up to 10 streams 256 / 64 QAM DL-UL HPUE 2xCA B25 2xCA B41 3xCA B41 4xCA B41 That is right. The LG V30 is the first device confirmed to support 4 carrier aggregation on Band 41. No other device out there, including the ever more popular Galaxy S8 or Note 8, are confirmed to at least technologically support 4 carrier aggregation for Band 41 (though maybe a re-certification & software update can fix that). In addition, the LG V30 is also a "Gigabit Class" device that supports 4x4 MIMO over Band 41 for up to 10 total MIMO streams which the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 does not support (the GS8 and Note 8 are not "Gigabit Class" devices on Sprint). Furthermore, note the inclusion of LTE Band 13. One may think this mean LTE roaming on Verizon may be in the cards, but recently Sprint consummated a partnership with Open Mobile based in Puerto Rico who holds Band 13 750 MHz spectrum. As the Puerto Rico market lacks SMR 800 spectrum needed for CDMA 1x 800 and LTE 800 Band 26, it seems likely that it may be a boutique Sprint market that will utilize 10x10 Band 13 750 MHz for low band coverage. An interesting development. So network wise, the V30 sure seems like one heck of a device that supports just about every technology Sprint is poised to utilize right now in select markets and most of the network in the near future. A potentially splendid device for the Sprint network enthusiast. FCC ID: LS998
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    Someone at The Motley Fool is trying to make a point by comparing T-Mobile theoretical peak speeds to Sprint empirical average speeds. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/t-mobile-apos-latest-announcement-170700579.html This just further goes to show that questionably qualified investment advisors should refrain from proffering obviously incompetent technical analysis. AJ
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    That was the most honest Sprint has been about there network in a long time and I loved it. I see that finally they are serious about getting the network where it needs to be. 👏🏿👏🏿👍🏿
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    Sorry to break up the Altice talk, But... God damn this is ridiculously awesome! My buddy in Greenwood Indiana...
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    After the cost of the contest, S4GRU made approximately $375 for the site. Thank you all who participated! We will hold the drawing this coming Sunday at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern. All entries have been sent. Good luck to all the participants. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING S4GRU! Robert
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    Can you guys stop with the "Sprints dead if this does not get done." Sprint was suppose to die years ago when Wimax failed. dro magic boxes are repeaters/Small cells. Not sure what you think they are.
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    This is a cool looking Sprint small cell. Nice and compact. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There are positives to be had if there is a merger, for sure. I don't believe a merger is bad in every way. And if it happens, there will be things that I will like. I just believe, at this time, all things considered, I'd prefer they'd be separate. Just my opinion, and I respect the opinions of others points as well. Because I considered them, and they are marked in the 'pro' column for me. I like where Sprint is going now more than ever in its past. And Sprint's road to "5G" is less capital intensive than the others because of spectrum and equipment deployed.
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    This merger would stagnate the wireless market it would stink almost immediately. You are pro-merger but already wondering if they would have capital to build and expand the network. Sprint now has positive revenue to increase CAPEX for additional B41, MIMO, and 5G why hault the improvements that Sprint has been making? You guys screaming pro merger really need to sit back and really think, are you willing to see less competition and increasing wireless bills? Not to mention that unlimited will be a thing of the past, after all it was Sprint and T-Mobile that made the big two offer unlimited. If this merger goes through I don't want to hear complaining I am taking names...
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    When I first switched to Sprint, I couldn’t place a call at my house. Today I can easily pull 130-140 mbps download on LTE at home. They’ve certainly come a long way.
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    This is a sprint tech forum not a sprint complain forum. The internet is vast you can go somewhere else like twitter and complain. Threads have been shut down in the past for complaints the mods have been very lenient on what has been said don't be surprised if this thread gets shut down due to sprint complaints. They are probably lenient because a throw your crazy merger on the wall thread needs to be made. Do you know the debt of the others to make the claim that "Sprint's debt is bigger than any of the other players"? Is the company healthy? Yes not sure how that would be a no. Debt? But if you look at the other four it is the one of the lowest in debt. LTE coverage is over 95% of the Interstates atleast in the eastern half of the US. Do you have the numbers on the number of people that took up the free phones that you care to share with the class? Are they making money? Year to date yes they are up $158 Million. Are you saying they should not have made a big push with magic boxes this quarter after they saw demand?
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    It will take a year after the merger close to see the higher fees and unlimited going bye bye. I do not favor for this merger, but Sprint and its parent company have been waiting for this. This has been their strategy from the start, but the problem now is they are the seller rather than the buyers. The only thing in their way is the DOJ, but the new administration appointed pro-business lawyers in the antitrust department. Had the Japenese invested on Sprint network from the get-go, they would have been negotiating a merger from strength rather than weakness.
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    Guys when T-Mobile offers free things it's because they're adding value to the already best unlimited plan. When Sprint offers free things it's because they're desperate and no one uses the free offered service anyways.
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    A $5 a month increase is so horrible that you're gonna jump ship and probably end up paying $10 to $20 more a month? That makes sense.
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    If Sprint wants to expand, as Marcelo says they are, then it's advisable that they cover every interstate and major transportation corridor. Even the ones in Wyoming.
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    WOW! Marcelo said 5-6 Billion Capex is on the low end of what he anticipates next year.
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    CONGRATULATIONS to bakedc4! The winner of the iPhone8 Promo. Thank you to all of you who supported S4GRU in the iPhone 8 Promo. Robert
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    This is starting to sound pretty real... I really don’t want this to happen.
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    I don't like T-Mobint. How about T-Sproble?
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    Just got my MB yesterday, after about 5hrs of messing with it ended up setting it up on the 3rd floor(my sisters apt) of my apt building, I live on the 6th floor and unbelievably enough I pick up signal in certain parts of my apt and everyone below and on top of her now have a near perfect signal. Speeds we're the worst in her case cause she was too low to pick up a good macro signal and too high for the small cells. But with the MB now average speeds are between 5 and 15mbs depending on time of day vs .3 and 1mbs. Magic Box isn't that far off from actually being magical..lol
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    This is the default IP Board layout and color scheme. It will be changing incrementally over the next few weeks. I will be working on it as I have time this weekend. Not home from work yet. Soon™
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    New beta just uploaded! Should fix the missing LTE extras and also hides individual "Unknown" neighbor cells by default. Option under Display Settings if you prefer to see each one. -Mike
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    Some things I'd like to see is Sprint rebranding. Like the Sprint name gone. It is far more tarnished than T-Mobile ever was. I'd like to see densification take place everywhere they currently have native coverage, and build out new coverage into parts of metro areas that have been developed over the last decade. They need to get VoLTE going ASAP with better site optimization (for gods sake stop being afraid of pushing B26 and 25 out farther, it NEEDS to be done!) so calls don't wind up dropping like crazy. All new sites need to be LTE only, urban areas with good coverage need to do lots of B41 only sites with as many carriers as they have spectrum for. No skimping on backhaul either. I'd also like to see them expand coverage. All interstates need to be covered 100%. US highways need to be thoroughly covered as well. They don't need to match Verizon but they need to cover ALOT more than they do now.
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    He did say pretty clearly, "We're going to go towards a more traditional network buildout...as we plan to enhance dramatically the coverage that Sprint has today...using traditional macro deployment." This was about 12 and a half minutes into the interview.
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    https://new.reorg-research.com/data/documents/20170430/59065e944dd12.pdf interesting read
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    You don't have to then go and be all sarcastic. But seriously, people have been calling for Sprint's death for years. This really isn't all that different. If anything, Sprint is in a much better place than it has been in years. It can survive on its own.
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    Dublin Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    A horizontal merger like this is good for one entity... Shareholders. Tens of thousands will potentially lose jobs, prices will go up, unlimited will go bye bye (unless you are willing to pay). Dont forget how powerful the big 2 are in the US government. They will win major concessions in the merger too. Which is another point, the larger a company becomes the less responsive they are to the consumer because ppl become a statistic rather than valuable. Look at equifax's or Comcast's treatment of customers.
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    I snagged an Airave 3 this week thanks to a timely heads up by a friendly S4GRUer! Sounds like inventory is still sparse, but I got lucky. Had to set up an RMA for the broken 2.5 before they would finish processing the new order. Arrived a few days later via UPS Ground and working ok so far. Biggest difference to me so far: the aesthetics. It is much larger than I expected; I knew it was bigger, but it still surprised me. All of the wires connect on the bottom. The data LEDs are on one side of the housing, while the voice LEDs are on the other. None of this is really a problem, just unusual. -Mike
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    And yet Verizon allowed these people to become customers. They showed the coverage. They allowed the customers to join. Even though Verizon really is being asshats to rural customers and is giving rural Mainiacs the big middle finger here, I do respect that they have the right to do this. But I kind of like them getting the black eye publicly for this. They created the issue and they are showing their true colors. They really have no interest in rural customers. They just want a cheap place for their urban customers to roam when travelling. And now rural customers can make their buying decisions accordingly. USCC is a better fit for them anyway. But Verizon deserves to take this on the chin publicly. They could have stopped these customers from joining to begin with. They didn't. They were hoping they wouldn't use the network much. And now they want to put the toothpaste back in the tube. It's a one way street with Big Red. The house always wins. In every single county. Every day.
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    I'm safe. Sprint holding up well. 4.5 million without power. The eye of the storm coming straight for Marion county with 100mph winds. I hope I have a home to go to when this is over.
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    I've made navigation and color toning changes to help readability and help you all get around the site. Web site and mobile site. With the changes, I'm starting to dig it. Especially the mobile site. I'm actually liking it much better than Tapatalk. IP Board responded to my support request and it made no difference when I re-installed Tapatalk. I don't know what further to do at this point on that front. But to wait for Tapatalk's next update for IP Board 4.2. Hope you are finding the site more usable now. More to do. Going to get more coffee. Robert
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    Except if he wanted to dump Sprint he would have today. It seems none of us have a clue here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey guys, Sprint’s coverage map received a big update today. USCC roaming is now extended! Additionally the map is now full screen. Native coverage now appears to be more accurate (at least in my market) as well as detailed. Take a peek and see for yourselves!
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    Just a few, what's the easiest way to select and post multiple pictures at once with Tapatalk? Sent from my LG-LS998 using Tapatalk
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    Cool to hear a Sprint exec specifically mention 5 channel carrier aggregation in Sprint's latest press release (second to last paragraph, if you're having trouble finding it). Down the line pretty far, I'm sure, but nice to see Sprint openly stocking the pipeline. http://newsroom.sprint.com/nationwide-data-speeds-up-33-year-on-year.htm