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    Guys when T-Mobile offers free things it's because they're adding value to the already best unlimited plan. When Sprint offers free things it's because they're desperate and no one uses the free offered service anyways.
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    Hyde is being let go because of anger management problems. Don Jekyll will be taking over his role at Sprint. AJ
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    You guys don't get it's all just a joke based completely on the image? It's not related to something specific in the news. The V and R are burned out. Multiple outages. Get it? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Fastest speed I've ever hit. This was taken on 37th St and 5th Ave..
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    Great idea. How did no one else think of that? Hey, maybe Spectrum Depot is holding a Black Friday sale. Sprint should send somebody down to stand in line for the doorbusters. AJ
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    Friday morning I called support again. After a 15 minute call, the final resolution was "you do not have Extended LTE because you have exceeded your 100mb roaming limit." I knew this was the wrong answer, so i decided to make a nuisance of myself. I continued to call customer support over the next half of the day whenever I had the chance. I was always presented with either the "exceeded roaming limit" answer or I was told "there was a tower down" and that I should call back in about a week. I was always polite and patient, and I feel I educated several reps as to what Extended LTE is because most seemed to have no idea. I must have called a dozen times. Then Friday afternoon I received a call from someone at the OKC support center, asking what the problem was. They called me! Now this was different i thought to myself. I explained that none of my lines were no longer connecting to Extended LTE, specifically B12 via Appalachian wireless on any of their towers (this was what I had been telling support reps all day). She said "That's strange. Let me send this upstairs, and I will call you back when I find something out." Upstairs? They have an upstairs!? This was great! Within 2 hours all of my lines had Extended LTE again. Problem solved. However I have no idea what the problem was. Moral of the story: If you do not get resolution on a support issue, call support repeatedly until someone that doesn't have to follow a script notices you?
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    [PSA] "GEN 3" Magic Boxes Incoming Will be called ASPANMBGN2 or GEN2. Really Generation 3 if one goes by chronological order of ASP540 GEN1, ASP 545 GEN2. Biggest change is exterior looks, display (LCD), and external portable battery pack like the GEN1 MB 540.
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    That's too bad considering he has definitely been a positive and consumer-friendly personality at Sprint. Saw, not so much. But as far as technical skills, Saw came from Clear, and has probably the most extensive experience in the high band realm.
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    Free hulu deal seems to be working on all unlimited plans, not just limited to newer plans.
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    I made a VoLTE call without a WiFi hand off. We are getting closer!
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    I think Sprint is testing VoLTE or Calling Plus in my area. While I was on my way home I noticed I was still connected to LTE on my iPhone 7+ (iOS version 11.1 & carrier 30.1) one thing I did notice though it only worked if I was connected to band 41, I couldn’t replicate the “VoLTE” connection if I was on band 25 or band 26. I wasn’t connected to WiFi prior pretty cool.
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    Very much so. What's funny is the Tmo Reddit is ripping it apart saying it's an inferior service.I personally like Hulu more than Netflix. I'm sure if John offered Hulu it'll be the best move ever. I even saw one comment that TMo doesn't need to hand out free things...umm sir where have you been?
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    This might explain what's going on at HQ at Sprint. https://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/exclusive-marcelo-claure-s-full-memo-explaining-sprint-s-new-management-reorg
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    This has dragged out a bit so I want to keep everyone else in the loop.. just about everything is ready for release. However, I discovered a significant bug in a permissions library that SignalCheck uses. I am working with the developer of that library to get it fixed before I push out a public update. Without the fix, some of the ongoing issues with Android permissions will continue to persist. -Mike
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    So I'm on Framily plan with unlimited data. I didn't think I would be eligible for Hulu but I saw it when I logged into my account. Nice!
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    Yeah. I really hope someone steps up into the consumer-friendly role he established. That's something T-Mobile does very well. Neville Ray (https://twitter.com/NevilleRay) is very active on Twitter, as are many other T-Mobile executives. When customers tweet network questions to Neville, he readily responds. Sprint needs that. Dr. Saw isn't on Twitter as far as I know. He does have a "Facebook Page" though: https://www.facebook.com/Sprint-CTO-1060594950693311/
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    FYI, I moved the Sling/Netflix/Hulu/Youtube discussion to its own thread. This thread has a lot of topics, but that was just a bit off the path. See here >>
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    The Configuration 2 update happened on Boston. Where I used to get 30Mbps down and 12Mbps up, I'm now getting 50 Mbps down and uploads are 6-7Mbps. I'll gladly trade the few megabits per second in upload for an extra 20Mbps on the download. That combined with the 2xCA Band 25 is giving me the experience we should've had all along on LTE. I'm rarely experiencing speeds slower than 15-20Mbps. Even on Band 26 I'm getting speeds in the high teens on Boston College's campus.
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    Yeah, they'd all be like "Hulu rulez. Netflix sux." Some salty folks over there!
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    I had to do the profile update after I selected it in my sprint account, then hit the hulu.com/sprint site, in which it saw it and I was up and running, took all of 5 minutes friday
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    Prwireless is born. The merge between Sprint and Openmobile.
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    I have B5 as 17/27/37/47/57/67 (dec) from @Trip but that's the only confirmed B5 data I have received. The 15.. 16.. 18.. 19.. examples do not conflict with anything else I have noted, so all of those might be accurate. Have you definitively confirmed each of those? I can't wait for the day when every device reports EARFCNs.. @david279 mentioned above that Samsungs are reporting on the Oreo 8.1 preview which is huge. Keep me updated.. I just have to be careful to assume that something deployed in one market is going to hold true elsewhere (i.e. T-Mobile's mess). NSG is not a good comparison, because they do not use native Android API methods, they communicate directly with the modem using routines not available to anyone else. It results in great data, but for now it's not the type of information within my reach. But I should be able to do anything CellMapper is showing -- could you give more details? SCP should show the same data. Sure, so GCI like FAxxxxxx / FBxxxxxx? Can you confirm any other details? PLMN 311480 I assume? Nobody has mentioned them. -Mike
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    I think if you are totally dependant on wireless, it might be best to carry two phones that use different networks. This would not only give protection against outages but possibly for service gaps. Cost of the backup phone could be reduced by using a MVNO If money is no object, get a satellite phone. Of course even if you have a satellite phone there are times and places you won't get coverage (deep valleys, too far north/south, no satellite overhead). Let us not forget Wi-Fi calling and femto cells as alternatives for mobile phone service in certain situations. Sent from my LG-LS980 using Tapatalk
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    Covered in last conference call. It is part of the April 2017 expansion where they purchased the Sprint sites / customers in the Cumberland/ Frostburg area (part of Sprint Western PA market), Marietta, OH/Parkersburg, WV and Gallipolis, WV (Sprint West Virginia Market), and Portsmouth, OH (Sprint Columbus Market). My guess is the remaining counties of the Sprint West Virginia market will be merged back into the Columbus Market. A few sites in this area may already have been upgraded equipment-wise, but it may not have been turned on yet (one found, others checked, some photos still being reviewed). There was discussion of adding / upgrading 88 sites in the prior conference call. They said they will release their capital expansion budget once they decide on the details. Currently each one of the areas is being handled differently.
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    Funny because I haven't found a thing to watch on Netflix in months and everything I wanna watch has been on Hulu.
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    Spent the weekend in Savannah and spotted some band 41 coverage downtown along Bay Street. However, dropped to 3G around the Savannah Mall & Armstrong - that whole area seems like a coverage black hole for some reason, even though everywhere else I really didn't have any complaints.
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    Sprint running band 25 10mhz on I-10 heading west towards Las cruces Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Exactly. It makes no sense at all. They thew a fit even when John said to get the FREE netflix, You had to have the One plan. But I wonder if this Hulu deal is not just limited to UF but to the other plans like UMY and ED1500. If so that right there makes what Sprint is offering better. *edit: the forum topic has been locked on the Tmo Reddit page. The mod threw a jab saying, If you want to talk about it there's a page dedicated to 100% Sprint... lmao.
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    Software update incoming. Finally had this pop-up. Update: after installing the phone shows its on the October 1st security patch. And calling plus now displays instead of wifi calling.
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    Lol that has to be fake. *sarcasm* I've never seen sprint go faster than my home wifi. I have FIOS 100mbs set up & usually I get around 110. But Sprint putting out 200+, that is INCREDIBLE. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    sprint is doing much better then i thought which is great! lets see what they do in the near term....i am very hopeful they can improve and compete.
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    That doesn’t seem right at all. As long as you’re on an Unlimited plan, it should add to the account and there shouldn’t be a charge. Go back to the online chat and tell them to add it to your line. Try doing a Profile Update on your device after it’s added. Then turn off your WiFi and go to the Hulu sign up page on your device: hulu.com/sprint
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    Some do some don't. Mine didn't but I paid it off and it automatically UICC unlocked a day and a half later and works fine with my tmobile Sim now. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    I'm thinking the avatar issue was the primary cause of the loop that was getting us blocked. But there is likely other Tapatalk code that is used less often than the avatar that is also causing a loop. Since Tapatalk admitted they have been building their app on lots and lots of old code, there could be many issues there. From here moving forward, try to keep track of what activities are happening preceding any new blocks. Maybe we can detect a trend to help them focus on another solution. Thanks! Robert
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    @mikejeep, a few things: I'm starting to notice in my area (Chicago/NW Indiana) that Verizon is deploying Band 5, but SCP doesn't display it as such, but without anything other than LTE. The ones in my area are using 16, 26, & 36 (decimal) and was confirmed on my Nexus 6P with NSG and matched up with my Galaxy S7 Edge (no EARFCN ). However, I've noticed elsewhere while browsing CellMapper that B5 has several other sectors such as (15, 25, 35), (18, 28, 38), and (19, 29, 39). Unlike B4 (and maybe B2?) where there are second carriers, these appear not to be as such as I haven't seen any sites with two different B5 sectors. So far I haven't noticed any correlation on the assignments but as soon as I find more data, I'll hopefully see it. I've also noticed while browsing that there are sectors assigned (72, 82, 92 - B4) and (74, 84, 94 - B2) along with the normal macro-style numbering in the San Francisco area, which appear to be a small cells. To what I've notice so far a site can have three different eNB numbers, but are seem to be treated as sectors. For example, I've found 3 cells with different eNBs but the same PCI (38032, 338032, 638032). The only difference is the starting number (0, 3, 6). Along with the B5 issue, I'll be doing some research on this as well. Last thing, would it be possible to be able to get the cell data in SCP without being actually connected to the network, much like NSG or CellMapper does? I'm using a Nexus 6P that has a SIM issue and in those apps I can still see cell data, although from different carriers. I use it frequently along with NSG to lock bands to determine which carrier(s) are at a site, although it can be unpredictable. Adding the ability to have SCP do this as well would be extremely useful. Maybe, have it be an option to turn this feature on/off. Thanks as always, Mike! EDIT: I also forgot to mention that there's also something that could be added is Verizon's Network Extenders (femtocells). So far the ones I've found all start with the hex FA and FB. Many units share the same eNB but have different sectors. Could those be added as well?
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    Pretty much. Dr. Saw is as smart as they come in terms of working with high frequency bands. Dr. Saw hasn't interacted with customers much at all since I've been following Sprint. I've heard him chime in on Earnings Calls from time to time. I do hope he becomes more consumer-facing. He needs to start with getting a Twitter account! Sprint: Please don't get a "Seth the Blogger Guy" type like person AT&T used.
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    EDIT: This thread is split from the Marcelo thread to try and keep it from going too far off the rails! Off track here... but I thought Stranger Things was great! I'll probably use the Hulu deal too, waiting for the Marvel series to come out.
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    And fast lol. I would've had fun with that rep asking is there a timetable as to when it will be available in my area? lol.
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    How is this handled for accounts with multiple lines? Does each line need to sign up to get its own Hulu subscription?
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    For the price of your typical lunch you can become a sponsor and have access to all our LTE 1900 and 1x800 site maps and discussions, site equipment photos, etc for a period of time. We like to keep our detailed information secret as it costs money and time for us to get and organize it, plus keep the site operational. http://s4gru.com/index.php?/page/donation.html/
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    I switched to DirecTV Now streaming a year ago along with Netflix and Hulu. DirecTV Now was unreliable for the first 6 months but it has been quite good since then. It has a very good channel selection and I get a discount with my wife's AT&T mobile unlimited plan. At the moment it is still limited to two streams at a time but early next year they are planning to offer DVR functionality and additional streams that may be premium add-ons for additional money each month. Two streams at a time is not really a problem for my family because many of the network apps work with it such as HBO Go. The streams on the network apps do not count as one of your active streams. The picture quality is excellent but it eats a lot of data to get high picture quality on a television. They recommend a minimum 12 mbps download speed to watch the highest quality as the app streams the video in bursts greater than 6 mbps. If you have a slower connection and you are using your connection for anything else at the same time, the picture can buffer and switch you to a lower quality.
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    Slingtv, in my opinion still Trump's all live streaming services. With a great selection of cable networks. Supports most, if not all major devices, more simultaneous streams per account (5 people in my family use it and it supports upto 4 streams at the same time with blue+orange package) and they have most of my local stations as well. Plus the price is excellent compared to the competition. Also as a bonus, they have a ton of on demand for network and cable TV stations. Missed a show previous day, just do a search of that specific show, and more often than not you will find that they have it on demand posted next day. If Slingtv has any minuses it's streaming quality. Generally lower resolution/bitrate than it's competitors. (and it compromises bitrate/resolution for higher fps) where as Hulu tv and Youtubetv tend to have a slightly higher resolution, but they are so far behind in the content department it's a moot point. Also, none of it's live streaming support anything other than stereo audio. Try the free trial, def worth a look, especially if they have the networks your looking for.
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    I can't wait for real VOLTE like the other carriers use. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Page is up! https://www.sprint.com/en/shop/services/hulu.html?ECID=vanity:hulu&linkId=44752369