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    For me...I believe unlimited and prices are the most at risk for a merger. They will likely make promises to regulators not to scrap unlimited or raise price for one year. They won't offer it initially when presenting for approval. But it will be one of the things they offer early to help anti-trust issues. And if they get desperate, they'll offer more than a year. I don't think prices will double overnight, or anything. But Tmo cancelled unlimited before. And it was only Sprint who held firm. Not that Sprint is some holy protector of unlimited. They did it only to differentiate and try to compete. In a Triopoly world, if the new Tmo drops unlimited again, AT&T and VZW would follow suit quickly. They can't wait to go back. It will only be a mere Legere business decision to end unlimited in the USA. Maybe forever. I personally don't use much data anymore. It's not a big deal to me, all things considered. I like unlimited data because I hate constantly keeping track, and having to constantly meter my behavior over a remaining period. I hate that.
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    Because Sprint has couple of substantial debt payments over the next couple of years and their cash flow is not healthy enough to make those payments and also maintain Capex. Unless they can reschedule their payments, those loom large in their financial picture.
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    I am 100% against this merger. Sprint and Tmobile should remain separate to keep the competition at 4 players. If currently there were 7 semi major players in the wireless industry, I would agree with you that consolidation of a few more players would be beneficial for the industry due to LTE and 5G going forward requiring high amounts of spectrum bandwidths. However we are now down to 4 players which to me is already a good number to maintain nationally. Comparing how it looked in 2003 doesn't matter back then because we didn't have LTE that required at least 5x5 , 10x10, 20x20 MHz bandwidth. It would have sucked if we still have 7 major players in the 600 MHz auction with only 70 MHz available for purchase and each buying a nationwide 5x5 block of spectrum instead of fewer players buy a bigger chunk of spectrum to deploy larger bandwidths. Sprint needs to be worrying about getting itself into gear and try to deploy its B41 LTE in small cells and densify its network instead of looking for a bailout in Tmobile to save them.
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    You literally said #2 carrier ahead of AT&T. They're #2 not because of network metrics but because of the amount of subscribers they have. Nationally, they're still ranked last in terms of overall network performance because despite their square milage, they still lack in call and text reliability. There is zero doubt that they have one of, if not the fastest network in the country but that is far from the only metric to measure a network, even if it's the most important to you. All you have to do is look at the recent reddit thread that suggested T-Mobile might stop their program that gives people those Cellspots to see that a lot of people were ready to switch because the only thing keeping them on was that device giving them service indoors. At least we know Sprint is going all in on the Magic Boxes and they treat it as a part of their network instead of as just another device.
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    There are positives to be had if there is a merger, for sure. I don't believe a merger is bad in every way. And if it happens, there will be things that I will like. I just believe, at this time, all things considered, I'd prefer they'd be separate. Just my opinion, and I respect the opinions of others points as well. Because I considered them, and they are marked in the 'pro' column for me. I like where Sprint is going now more than ever in its past. And Sprint's road to "5G" is less capital intensive than the others because of spectrum and equipment deployed.
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    This merger would stagnate the wireless market it would stink almost immediately. You are pro-merger but already wondering if they would have capital to build and expand the network. Sprint now has positive revenue to increase CAPEX for additional B41, MIMO, and 5G why hault the improvements that Sprint has been making? You guys screaming pro merger really need to sit back and really think, are you willing to see less competition and increasing wireless bills? Not to mention that unlimited will be a thing of the past, after all it was Sprint and T-Mobile that made the big two offer unlimited. If this merger goes through I don't want to hear complaining I am taking names...
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    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-sprint-m-a-tmobile-exclusive/exclusive-t-mobile-sprint-close-to-agreeing-deal-terms-sources-idUSKCN1BX1EK “Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp (9984.T), which controls Sprint, will own 40 to 50 percent of the combined company, while T-Mobile majority owner Deutsche Telekom (DTEGn.DE) will own a majority stake, two of the sources said.” “Once terms are finalized, due diligence by the two companies will follow and a deal is expected by the end of October, though talks may still fall through, the sources said.” Legere as CEO.... Please don’t do this Sprint. Please.
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    From a quick glance there appears yo not be a spectrum issue but if the replacement also does not work it may be prudent to inquire about the S1000 NSC or Airave 3.
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    I keep a few phones around because of work and such. One of them is an iPhone 6. I was a bit hesitant but it was fine. The first few days of it are a bit sluggish as things index and so on. I'd give it a shot if I were you but if you want to be extra cautious wait for a 11.xx update. Personally I like the changes and find it much nicer overall. So seriously thinking about getting a new one for myself. A 7 I use often is fine as well, which we'd expect of course.
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    I noticed the same thing when I sent my airave back about 4 years ago. My bill decreased by approx $3/month.
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    While as a greedy consumer you may want to keep them at 4 with a weak Sprint competing strictly on price because they cannot afford to expand their network, as an objective observer you have to admit that this is a highly capital incentive industry and the more customers you can spread capex over the better. I do believe that a third strong competitor will be better for consumers than two large ones and two weaker ones. A combined t-mobile/Sprint can compete on network quality and not just price
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    How do you know 4 in 2025 isnt going to be the same as 7 in 2017? These companies are looking at this everyday and the market, which is alot smarter than both of us, has been trying to get the national carriers down to three for a while now. The fact is for The two years after this one sprint is likily to cut capex drastically. It is hard to see how they compete going forward. Would it be better to take a 3 player market because of a merger or risk a 3 player market do to a bankruptcy?
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    How is Canada's three wireless companies working out...
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    So I leave for a few weeks because AP calculus runs my schedule now, and... this happened? Huh. It looks pretty good. I'll get used to it.
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    GSM is dead, Jim. Not everything T-Mobile is GSM. People need to drop that misconception years ago. AJ
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    Oh gosh, not this again. I am more against this than I was before. Tmo and Sprint are getting more competitive and gaining market share against the Duopoly. Verizon is on their feet, having to actually compete. The wireless market has never been better for the American consumer. I'm willing to sit back and see what comes of this, as twospirits recommends, but I think the status quo is right where we need to be nationally with wireless. The path forward looks good for Tmo and Sprint. Prices will go up if they are allowed to merge. They are trying to do it now. It is the 4th competitor, the odd duck out, that pressures the market. Three roughly equal sized competitors just won't pressure much. Mark my words!