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    Technically Sprint has surpassed Tmobile in network quality just not actual coverage. But I’m hearing it’s also some LTE expansion in this. As both the CEO and COO have stated “cell sites in new areas” in some interviews. Don’t get me wrong extended LTE is cool. But it’s still roaming at the end of the day. I would rather them fill those extended LTE areas with native LTE. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Who’s mapping the Network on their Holiday travels? I wish Sprint had some kind of rewards program for Network mapping.
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    Hey everyone happy Thanksgiving! Regards Daniel.
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    Essential's reception to the reception issues was not very receptive because their reception at the time was poor and they did not receive full receipt of the reception issues. AJ
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    Oh that's right.. I have never seen one in New England so I always forget about that. Carry on! -Mike
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    I cut the cord today and got Sling. The retentions department of my cable provider seemed pretty mad. The person that I was speaking to kinda had an attitude the entire time. In total I am saving about $60 while also getting all of the channels that I love. I also have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Red. All I need to get is an indoor HDTV antenna to get a few missing channels and then I am all set.
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    I hope all the above. They really have their work cut out for them if they plan to do all of that next year. One thing I do want them to not do is to take the T-Mobile method and just slapping a panel or two up and calling it coverage. There are so many complaints from their users about the B12 rollout and how it was a rush job. By Sprint Adding all 3 bands on all towers alone will make them competitive, especially in rural areas and those users have another option to choose from. If Sprint can pull this network revamp off, they can easily surpas T-mobile in network quality. Sprint has the resources and spectrum to give the other 3 a run for their money. It's either put up or shut up now. I just hope John Saw makes this happen and fast. Time is against them with alot of it being lost due to putting their eggs in one basket thinking a merger was going to happen.
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    Just to follow up, I had no problem getting it at the store yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised with how easily the process went, though it did take a while. - Trip
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    [PSA] "GEN 3" Magic Boxes Incoming Will be called ASPANMBGN2 or GEN2. Really Generation 3 if one goes by chronological order of ASP540 GEN1, ASP 545 GEN2. Biggest change is exterior looks, display (LCD), and external portable battery pack like the GEN1 MB 540.
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    Maybe it's my cyber bully alarm going off, but shouldn't whoever leaked that memo, scratch off the direct office phone number for Claure?
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    Thanks. That's too bad. On a related note, despite having paid full price for my phone back in 2016 and Sprint's website telling me I'm upgrade eligible, Sprint "declined [my] upgrade" when I tried to check my eligibility for the LG G6 deal on the Best Buy website. Tried to ask Sprint's chat, who blamed Best Buy. I guess I'll have to go to Best Buy in person and see what they say. - Trip
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    Wait what? Tucson aka 100 miles from Mexico here, does this mean B26/ 800 1x is on the way? Link?