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Help! I cannot connect to sprint LTE with my m8!

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tyboxer12    10

Since I had to reset my phone for bugging out on me, the phone has not been able to connect to lte, even after cycling it and rebooting it. Can anyone help?

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mozamcrew    388

As always, make sure the SIM is securely inserted. Also, dumb question, you don't have the network mode set to CDMA only, do you? Do a profile update. That has fixed one time my M8 got hincky. If that doesn't work, I'd go ahead and call Sprint service and try and have them re-provision the line. 


Just my opinion. These are relatively quick to try and shouldn't erase/reset your phone.

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elidst01    10

Power off remove sim power on. Power of reinstall sim power up. Do a ##72786# Dial from your phones dial pad. If that does not work try again from a different location.



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    **or an Android device of equal or lesser value**


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    • I've had my Unlocked Coral Blue GS8+ since end of July and it's still going strong.  No software issues or weird shenanigans.  I attribute a lot of that to being on the Unlocked 955U1 firmware.  I still kept my 935U Galaxy S7 Edge and it too is going strong on the Unlocked firmware.   I think most of these issues are coming from Sprint messing with the ROM too much with their bloat and other crap. The only issue I've had so far was when Google updated their Google app, my battery began to drain a lot faster - ~5%/hr instead of the normal ~2%/hr.  A simple reboot took care of that.  Google is still my NUMBER ONE enemy for battery life.  I"m hoping Oreo will take care of Google.
    • FFS.      Now the power supply for our MB has seemingly failed.  When I first plugged it in, I thought the power supply seemed overly ‘noisy’ in that it made a constant hiss/buzz.  Woke up this morning to 2 bars of 1x, and the MB indicated it needed to be plugged in.  Receptacle tested fine.  Power Supply no longer makes any noise and smells a little suspect so Sprint is sending a replacement.  
    • you should get the phone! it has a amazing camera and the battery life ins phenominal!
    • I'm thinking they've closed off residential requests for now until they fill some of the orders. I know the link is around here somewhere, Google Sprint magic box, or try sprint.com/magicbox Currently, last I heard, it was business only...  
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