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iPhone 5 cannot connect to cellular data network

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Bobby    30

So for awhile now my iPhone 5 won't connect to 3G it gives me the pop up saying cannot connect to cellular data network. Been to a sprint store and they weren't much help switched the sim and same thing. Called and talked to apple and they didn't have anything to tell me. Spoke with a lady from sprint on my ticket and she said it was the SIM card cause my phone was using a 3G SIM card not a 4g card. It only a connects to 1x and lte when available. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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nahum365    611

The SIM isn't the issue because in the iPhone 5 the SIM only handles LTE provisioning, not 1x and 3G.

Shot in the dark here, but try reprovisioning it by dialing ##CLEAR#. If that doesn't work, I'd try "Reset Network Settings" in Settings -> General -> Reset (please note this will remove all your saved WiFi networks). And if that still doesn't fix it, a restore in iTunes is the only other option I can think of.

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Bobby    30

I gave what you mentioned a try and it worked for awhile until I got a phone call and then it started happening again. Trying to talk to sprint again. But still not getting anywhere with it.

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    **or an Android device of equal or lesser value**


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    • You literally said #2 carrier ahead of AT&T. They're #2 not because of network metrics but because of the amount of subscribers they have. Nationally, they're still ranked last in terms of overall network performance because despite their square milage, they still lack in call and text reliability. There is zero doubt that they have one of, if not the fastest network in the country but that isn't the only metric to measure a network.
    • Nothing to do anything about number of customers... How are they not on par with the big two?  TMobile is crushing it for data in all the major markets.  If TMobile can execute their 2017 coverage map goal, they will be on par with AT&T, which is considered to be in the same coverage league as VZW.  So yes, TMobile will be in this club come 2018. https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage/lte-comparison-map
    • This is a reach. AT&T and Verizon still have twice as many customers as T-Mobile and even if they added 2 Million customers per quarter it would take 8 years before they got to VZ and AT&T's current size, assuming VZW or AT&T don't have any growth at all. We can acknowledge T-Mobile's accomplishments without making it seem like they're nearly on par with the big two. In terms of data speed, sure. In terms of price, they're approaching it too. However, you won't be able to find the consistency of the duopoly's network nationwide on T-Mobile right now. That'll take quite a bit more infill sites. That's why given Sprint's "non-announcement" of 8K macro sites for expansion, I'm glad to see it's not a huge expansion because we know that they're going for reliability over square mileage.
    • burnout8488-   Probably about 30 minutes a day.  I mostly text and web browse with it. Galaxyguy-         I didn't add any other apps at that same time...  Of course, Samsung has installed a number of apps around then and in the last week that I have no use for-  I'll watch to see if indeed my battery rebounds or continues to suck.
    • And in terms of this, TMobile already does on many fronts.  They constantly prove to be #1 in so many data tests. Verizon and TMobile are essentially #1/2 in terms of data speeds and they are the most constrained carriers in terms of spectrum.  In terms of Coverage, TMobile continues to show us how they will be on par with VZW/AT&T soon and do continue to deliver with expanded coverage. TMobile is well on its way without Sprint to be equal to VZW/AT&T.  So that is three strong nationwide carriers with Sprint still being a forth option if absolute total native coverage is less a concern.  They are well on their way to provide fast speeds within existing coverage areas.  Honestly, with a little stronger rural coverage and less dead zones TMobile will be the nations #2 carrier ahead of AT&T.
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