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Network Vision/LTE - Upstate New York Markets - Central & East (including Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, Ithaca, Utica)

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mirskyc    192

Will it be 1x roaming or 3G roaming?


Not really sure going by past experience and sensorly and the coverage map. in the past i would of said 1x verizon but 3g verizon roaming has been more common recently but now ATT LTE roaming has started to pop up. Would be great if you let us know your experience.

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burnout8488    492

At the Whiteface Mtn. Summit right now, gf has Sprint LTE. I think that narrows down which site has it in this area.

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    **or an Android device of equal or lesser value**


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      I notice a lot of post regarding the markets in IL,FL,TX,PA,NYC.... but how about about the Los Angeles market? I THINK it was samsung doing the set up for the L.A market? Not sure though.... I'm not a sponsor member of the site so I can't really check... if I had a job I'd most definitely donate!
      Couple of months ago the local towers were all down and being upgraded to NV I assume since Larry from Howard forums said there was NV work being done my zip code. The speeds were better for a bit but now they are awful again.
      Can anyone (most preferred Robert) make a comment on if there is any LTE activity near 90255 area code?
      Thanks, great site by the way... I'm a Lurker.
    • By jakeuten
      Just a bit of insight. I live near UMD in Duluth, MN. Sprint's signal is clearly much 'dirtier' with a 1.0 SNR compared to T-Mobile's 20.4 SNR. I don't have a screenshot from the same time, but I get about a 22 to 29 SNR with T. I know that AT&T uses RRU's but I'm not too sure about Sprint or T-Mobile. Also, I didn't even know they had L2500 where I live, but I force checked it on my Samsung S7 (AT&T). 

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      Since we don't have an official spot for this little hotspot, I'd like to make one... meet the Karma Go hotspot. Running off the Sprint LTE network, the Go is a Spark/LTE Enhanced enabled, tri-band hotspot.
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      Did you know that with many Sprint (Uniband) LTE Android devices, the signal strength indicator at the top does not show your LTE signal strength? Even if 4G or LTE is displayed next to it?
      That's right!  This signal displayed here is your 1x (voice signal), and it is not your 3G EVDO signal strength, nor your LTE signal strength.  Regardless of whether it says 3G or 4G next to it. This is the cause of a lot of confusion.  Also, third party apps like NetMonitor do not show accurate LTE signal strengths. They also only show the 1x signal strength, even though they may reference being connected to LTE.
      The purpose of this thread is to help educate the masses, because many people think they have a strong LTE signal, when in fact they do not. And then they are unhappy, thinking that Sprint LTE is really slow, even with a strong signal. LTE performance is very signal strength dependent. So, when you have a weak signal, you can expect much slower than peak results.
      There is only one accurate way to get your LTE signal strength, and that is from your LTE Engineering screen in your Debug menu. And we will discuss the different ways to get that below.
      ...In HTC, Motorola & LG Sprint LTE devices:
      Go in to your phone app, and dial ##DEBUG# Select LTE Engineering Go down to RSRP. The number under RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength. ...In Samsung Sprint LTE devices:
      Go in to your phone app, and dial ##DEBUG# Enter 777468 for your lock code Select LTE Engineering Go down to RSRP. The number next to RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength. ...In the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5:
      Go in to your phone app, and dial *#*#DEBUG#*#* Enter 777468 for your lock code Select LTE Engineering Go down to RSRP. The number next to RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength. The LTE Signal Strength Scale:
      Now you have determined your actual LTE signal strength in dBms your device is receiving, you can use the following scale below to determine its strength:
      Better than -88dBm RSRP is a strong signal Between -89dBm and -96dBm is a very good signal Between -97dBm and -105dBm is good Between -106dBm and -112dBm is fair Worse than -113dBm RSRP is poor Feel free to link people to this thread for explanation. Hopefully, this will clear up some confusion out there!
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    • The smart road is to continue all work (or at least work in progress) as a substantial number of mergers fail in the final stages.  Even nTelos managed to put up a lot of LTE right before they were officially acquired.   Hopefully it will be different this time for Sprint.    This merger could be very much like the Verizon-Vodaphone merger to setup Verizon Wireless.  Softbank could end up with about 30% and Deutsche Telekom with 39%.  Will Softbank acquire more shares later or quietly cash out?
    • This morning 9/25/2017 Sprint blanketed the city with 10X10 B25-2   So far no speed increases. There's only two toweresthat they changed the RRUs the rest are transmitting 10x10 with original NV RRUs
    • Ultimately they will need to choose one of the  EPCs and integrate around that. Then each enodeB will need to be pointed to the EPC and each integrated site will need to be assigned to each enodeB. VOLTE and SVRCC/WCDMA fallback will be the voice solution but will take time. 
    • mine was taken on a rural back road...where i live tmobile doesnt even get close to what i got on my speed test. 
    • If we take Sprint’s Executives at their word, Sprint is moving expeditiously on the network now that the debt load has been addressed. Marcelo: http://www.seekingalpha.com/article/4107108
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