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  2. New Zealand First actually lost popular vote from 2014.

  3. I'm at Starbucks (สตาร์บัคส์)! https://t.co/As8mT5BMek

  4. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    3 There are no devices currently out capable of 4x. The only upcoming device with a 4x capabilities will be the V30.
  5. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Is that with 4 carrier aggregation or just 3 carrier aggregation
  6. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Is there a site similar to S4GRU for t-mobile? If the merger were to actually happen in the future, I’d love to know where the nearest towers are to see if things would be different. I doubt it as the death star was horrible here and I figure they wouldn’t have built out a rural area.
  7. Check out the new @FenSens Smart Wireless Parking Sensor on Amazon! https://t.co/3BcAGVGAnu https://t.co/actIV6V3TT #giveaway

  8. Apple Watch Poor LTE Performance

    It really seems like it - this whole experience is taking me back to the coverage when this area only had B25. It performs exactly as if B26 isn't working at all, but there's no way to know. Or, the radio is just poor. I hope others are able to chime in with similar findings.
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Update... MB is still sporadic at our house. Phones connect to it occasionally. Visiting family in the Ozarks this weekend so I brought the MB along. Phones grab mostly 3G and SOME B26, but never anything else. Plugged the MB in, told it to do its setup and went down to the dock. After 5 minutes, our phones have 3-4 bars and have 10-15mbps download and 1-2mbps upload. This is amazing.
  10. Just listed! Fully remodeled 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom corner unit. New cabinets, flooring, paint, and counters.... https://t.co/3FTtHfVg3e

  11. Apple Watch Poor LTE Performance

    I'm not an apple person, but is there a chance it's not latching onto B26? I could see how that could really limit your range. Otherwise, that's not good if its radio is that weak.
  12. RT @SportsCenter: Got 'em. #SCtop10 https://t.co/QgVWF0tEPB

  13. @ThomasRaffles @SeattlePD You being a snarky racist dumbass doesn't help anything.

  14. RT @abbydphillip: Trump, referencing Colin Kaepernick, says "Get that son of a bitch off the field."

  15. @rich_chou Were you having Noons Diaz flashbacks? lol

  16. @jeremiahg @PwnieAwards Perhaps create categories for the different kinds of Epic FAIL?? #toomanytochoosefrom

  17. Yesterday
  18. @scirto89 At 3lbs of hotdogs and 4 NY strip steaks. I'm on a hot streak and the night is still young #meat

  19. iOS11 - now available.

    So i guess you lose the dbm display out of the field test screen. could not get it to show at all on mine.
  20. @TrumpTalk930 @buffalopundit bullshit artist

  21. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    How about Expletive Skinny Jeans Dancing Millennial Effeminate Color Mobile? Oh, wait, T-Mobile by itself already has all that covered. AJ
  22. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Std-Mobile Which has double meaning. Sprint T-Mobile and Dish Mobile and STD, since having the other two will be like having a STD.
  23. [Proposed] Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    I don't like T-Mobint. How about T-Sproble?
  24. RT @TopherSpiro: This is a bigger scandal than the private jet charters. It's time for Price to resign. https://t.co/wxL1VbrLrE

  25. I'm a fan. =D https://t.co/gkDUbJ4tHH

  26. My day 1 impressions of the AW LTE is that it can't grab LTE very well. In my home with completely usable band 26 on my iPhone, the watch struggles to find a signal. If I go outside, it will manage to connect, but still doesn't have great signal strength. (Though it is usable) I'm hoping a carrier/modem update fixes this soon, but if it's inherent with the antenna design, I'm going to have to return it. It doesn't get LTE at all at my gym where my phone *does*, and that's the whole reason I got the LTE model. Is there an avenue where I can log this with Apple in the hopes for a fix?
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