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  3. RT @lukew: ok. iPhone 8 plus camera is insane. https://t.co/fU47oAaBqf

  4. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Archie Comics
  5. Network Vision/LTE - Columbus Market

    Sprint has changed its Band 41 configuration in Columbus to boost download speeds during the last week. For more information, become a S4gru sponsor today! (more details in sponsor and premier).
  6. RT @soonergrunt: I've got 4 combat tours, which is 4 more than you do. They can take a knee if they want, which was the whole fucking point…

  7. Essentially a sprint exclusive.

    It works on mines. I receive calls and sms from my starred contacts.
  8. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    Archie Bunker
  9. Yesterday
  10. @Dealer_Gaming https://t.co/p5cOCbg0wf

  11. RT @CBSSports: Great photo of Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson having a moment following Patriots win over Texans. https://t.co/rrgGu1DBed

  12. Z2 Force

    the battery life is incredible i went 9 hours before needing a full recharge!
  13. Z2 Force

    I'm leaning towards this phone because of the moto mods! I don't know why but this phone is calling my name despite the Note 8 and V30 coming up??....maybe it's the price point @50% off and the mods!
  14. 📣 I'm live on #IRL ! https://t.co/FwQEdAArj0 #wizebot #twitch

  15. Keep a Word, Drop a Word #6

    munitions bunker
  16. Yeah boy, #fatboystatus @ Dyre Ave Fish Market https://t.co/sFjFYWnOxy

  17. Trump blames Clintons for North Korea nuke crisis https://t.co/txJAUIm1CI

  18. Final: Patriots 36 Texans 33. T Brady (NE) 25 of 35, 378yds, 5TD, 0INT L Miller (HOU) 14 for 56yds (ESPN) https://t.co/TgaOm1GxOa

  19. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Dual Sim/Duos

    I've had my Unlocked Coral Blue GS8+ since end of July and it's still going strong. No software issues or weird shenanigans. I attribute a lot of that to being on the Unlocked 955U1 firmware. I still kept my 935U Galaxy S7 Edge and it too is going strong on the Unlocked firmware. I think most of these issues are coming from Sprint messing with the ROM too much with their bloat and other crap. The only issue I've had so far was when Google updated their Google app, my battery began to drain a lot faster - ~5%/hr instead of the normal ~2%/hr. A simple reboot took care of that. Google is still my NUMBER ONE enemy for battery life. I"m hoping Oreo will take care of Google.
  20. The latest Today's Beer! https://t.co/3lw0U3dhXP #craftbeer #beer

  21. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    FFS. Now the power supply for our MB has seemingly failed. When I first plugged it in, I thought the power supply seemed overly ‘noisy’ in that it made a constant hiss/buzz. Woke up this morning to 2 bars of 1x, and the MB indicated it needed to be plugged in. Receptacle tested fine. Power Supply no longer makes any noise and smells a little suspect so Sprint is sending a replacement.
  22. @JimIrsay I won't support a team that condones overpaid crybabies disrespecting the United States. Get a backbone and fire them!

  23. Z2 Force

    you should get the phone! it has a amazing camera and the battery life ins phenominal!
  24. Oh my gulay!! #FoodPorn #MakeYaWannaSlapYoMama… https://t.co/CaD5Qp48E6

  25. What the hell, Marcus Cooper, Sr.? You had ONE job!!! #MarcusCooperSr #BearsFail #CooperComeupFail #Bears

  26. @seacliff4 @CillizzaCNN You're deplorable.

  27. I’m so happy I could show my baby some of Cincy this weekend https://t.co/tOVrSvq2Qd

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