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S4GRU reconfirms June 10th Launch of the EVO 4G LTE

Posted by S4GRU , in Author: Robert Herron 24 April 2012 · 15,770 views

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S4GRU reconfirms June 10th Launch of the EVO 4G LTE by Robert Herron
Sprint 4G Rollout Updates

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - 2:00 AM MDT

Rumors are spreading like wildfire that the EVO LTE is going to be launching early...maybe even as soon as the middle of May.  However, S4GRU.com has received internal documentation from a source in Sprint's Product Development division that reconfirms the June 10th launch date for the new HTC EVO 4G LTE.

In fact, the EVO LTE is currently finishing up its stay in the Sprint Lenexa labs and was scheduled to complete lab testing on April 27th.  However, there are problems with the device that are occurring.  It is being reported to S4GRU that "LTE device connectivity in lab testing continues to be problematic due to under defined processes and complications around provisioning and SIM UICC profiles. Escalation of this issue is in progress."

This is not believed to hinder the previous schedules that S4GRU received from Sprint and reported to you.  Sprint is still proceeding with a May 7th Pre-Order start and device launch on June 10th.  And Sprint did take the EVO LTE pre-order site live last night.  

Given this latest information about lab testing issues, the rumored Mid May launch seems all but impossible.  Once the device can leave the lab, it will still take approximately 4 weeks for production runs and distribution.  Although some of you may be inclined to say that the EVO LTE has slipped from schedule and is now running late, S4GRU was the first to name a launch date for this device, and we said it was June 10th the first time.  So it sounds like even with the lab setback, it's still right on time.

Posted Image

Image shown on the Sprint EVO LTE Pre-Order Web Page.

goodandevo.net is also reporting the May 18th launch date. They have some photos of the internal marketing material which gives them some credibility. Of course, although the story was reported on 4/27, we don't know how old the information was that they based it on. The mystery continues...

Source: http://www.goodandev...-confirmed.html
@themuffinman Yep
Apr 28 2012 07:34 PM

@themuffinman Yep

oh ok
I certainly won't miss wimax cause I hate it but I have been using it more. Would be nice to have access to it until LTE is live but if they include wimax in this phone then that's just longer they will have to support wimax for.
I could see this go both ways. The marketing material could have been printed a long time ago. Sort of like how they print super bowl champion hats and shirts for both teams :) They would just need to reprint the materials for a June release assuming the delays in testing have been a recent event. Until I see a release date posted on Sprint.com I won't believe anything.
I am wondering if they'll announce the release date when pre orders go live. It seems kinda silly to pre order a phone that has no confirmed release date...which I fully plan to do, btw.

I am wondering if they'll announce the release date when pre orders go live. It seems kinda silly to pre order a phone that has no confirmed release date...which I fully plan to do, btw.

I'm going to order on 5/7 for my wife whether or not they announce a launch date. I'm sold! :tu:

curiously wirelfy is stating may 18th ship date

edit: bestbuy is giving out pamplets with preorders that also state may 18th.
I preordered, and my status on Sprint.com currently says:

Thanks for pre-ordering. A shiny new HTC EVO 4G LTE is waiting for you in our warehouse. Shipping starts May 15th and we will send you an email the second it ships. Delivery should occur within 1 to 3 business days thereafter. You may continue to track the status of your order on this web page. If you have questions, check out sprint.com/preorder for more info.

Looks like June 10th is a little less confirmed.
might wanna get with your "source" and give hima good smack
It's not a verbal report from a source. It's from official Sprint documents. To me, it appears that Sprint pulled the trigger on the device even though there is LTE Connectivity issues occurring. They probably decided it was better to get the device out there and fix the problem via OTA.

And since 99.5% of their customers will not be in a LTE coverage area anyway, there is no real loss to distribute with the LTE connectivity issue. Heck, it may even be the reason why they are blocking access to the LTE network. It will be interesting to see if a EVO LTE OTA comes out and then all of a sudden they start lighting up the LTE network.

We have an article up about the EVO release now, including some source documents: http://s4gru.com/ind...on-as-may-15th/


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