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Entries in May 2017
16 May What's in the Box? Oh, oh, oh, it's Magic. 21 Comments
Entries in December 2016
16 Dec Sprint's Technical Chief Operating Officer Günther Ottendorfer 2nd Reddit AMA live now! 0 Comments
Entries in September 2016
11 Sep Sprint's Technical Chief Operating Officer Günther Ottendorfer to be hosted in a Reddit AMA tomorrow 3 Comments
Entries in August 2016
18 Aug The RF evolution/revolution of the HTC 2016 Nexus 8 Comments
Entries in April 2016
08 Apr [PSA] The holy LTE trinity. A third Band 41 carrier now going live! 13 Comments
Entries in March 2016
16 Mar [Teaser] Life's Good with VoLTE? 17 Comments
04 Mar Not just with AT&T, Sprint swaps spectrum with T-Mobile and VZW, too. 25 Comments
Entries in February 2016
12 Feb "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" Sprint and AT&T tango to trade PCS frequencies. 25 Comments
03 Feb [UPDATED] Teaser: Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. One of "US." One variant each for all of the US? 34 Comments
Entries in January 2016
18 Jan Sprint enters the Relay race 19 Comments
Entries in December 2015
20 Dec S4GRU Gift Account/Scholarship Account New Year Fund Drive 2 Comments
06 Dec [PSA] LTE roam if you want to. Plus (+), it may count as native coverage. 35 Comments
Entries in November 2015
11 Nov HTC One A9: The first Sprint Handset to support uplink 2x CA 7 Comments
Entries in September 2015
28 Sep [UPDATED] How P for powerful is the Nexus 6P RF? 27 Comments
25 Sep [UPDATE 2] [Teaser] Is S4GRU 5X certain that this is the new Nexus 5X? 29 Comments
06 Sep Apple's new iPhone 6S has Band 41 LTE 2x CA on board for Sprint. And you could win one! 20 Comments
03 Sep Sprint's PCS spectrum position in Memphis goes from nothin' but a hound dog to Graceland 15 Comments
Entries in August 2015
10 Aug Sprint affiliate Shentel to buy regional wireless operator nTelos bringing customers and spectrum to Sprint 24 Comments
03 Aug Columbus, 8640. The Age of 10 MHz FDD Discovery. 30 Comments
Entries in July 2015
21 Jul Even More Guardians of the Samsung Galaxy 3 Comments
15 Jul [PSA] Carrier Aggregation Now Officially Live 52 Comments
07 Jul Teaser: Hello Moto (X)? 17 Comments
Entries in June 2015
30 Jun [UPDATED] EDITORIAL: Marcelo, that's not quite what we were thinking "All In" would look like 37 Comments
24 Jun Sprint LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation Discovered Live Today in Atlanta (B41 2xCA) 56 Comments
Entries in May 2015
08 May (UPDATED) Use the 4th, LG. May the 4th Be with You. 8 Comments
Entries in March 2015
12 Mar Take Two! Sprint offers BYOD for Apple Devices 16 Comments
03 Mar Summer of 6&9: Samsung and HTC Rock Out with Their Flagships for the Season 28 Comments
Entries in February 2015
24 Feb Sprint planning large network expansion adding 9,000 new LTE sites nationwide 83 Comments
Entries in December 2014
19 Dec BYOD FTW! Sprint to allow Apple Devices from other Providers on to their network 19 Comments
Entries in November 2014
13 Nov Cellular Cornucopia: A Sort of Sprint Holiday Shopping Guide 15 Comments
Entries in October 2014
15 Oct 800 Reasons in South Florida why Sprint is further delayed to deploy LTE on 800MHz 21 Comments
01 Oct Sprint's Galaxy Note 4 "All you need is scented candles, massage oil, and Barry White. Write that down." 31 Comments
Entries in September 2014
11 Sep Marcelo declares A New Day For Sprint and changes Band 41 priorities 48 Comments
09 Sep And the Band 41 marches on...in the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for Sprint 44 Comments
09 Sep Teaser: "X" marks the spot for the first Sprint CCA/RRPP fully compliant handset 28 Comments
Entries in August 2014
17 Aug Teaser: That Aquos Crystal is SHARP. Take the edge off. 22 Comments
05 Aug Sprint purportedly giving up on T-Mobile acquisition and Sprint CEO Dan Hesse to leave company 19 Comments
01 Aug LG G3 4G: It's a G thang. 9 Comments
Entries in July 2014
16 Jul Sprint is proceeding with a VoLTE network that focuses on interoperability with Domestic and International VoLTE carriers 28 Comments
10 Jul Will LTE service on Rural Roaming Preferred Program partner networks be native coverage for Sprint customers? 47 Comments
Entries in June 2014
13 Jun LG G2 mini: A Day Late and a Dollar Short? 9 Comments
Entries in April 2014
26 Apr Teaser: Samsung and Sprint 'Tri' again with the Galaxy S III 34 Comments
Entries in March 2014
09 Mar Teaser: Samsung Galaxy S5 gets a boost via Wi-Fi but not carrier aggregation 36 Comments
03 Mar Teaser: How does HTC M8 RF performance stack up? 23 Comments
Entries in February 2014
04 Feb Sprint Direct Connect Now Android App available on 6 smartphones 19 Comments
01 Feb "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" Interpreting your engineering screen. Part three. 4 Comments
Entries in January 2014
31 Jan LG LS740: Could it be a midrange RF powerhouse? 23 Comments
Entries in December 2013
19 Dec Sprint scores an 800 on the LTE! 28 Comments
Entries in November 2013
11 Nov Nexus 5 and LG G2 experience temporary Sprint LTE connectivity issues due to Circuit Switched Fallback technology 90 Comments
Entries in October 2013
21 Oct Teaser: Samsung Galaxy S4 + 2 = 3?! 32 Comments

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